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Monday, August 23, 2010

It was a Fiesta Bridal Shower kinda day....

Our youngest daughter, Heather, is getting married on October 8, 2010.

We held a bridal shower in her honor at her fiance's parents house, Lisa and Kevin.  They live out in the country in a lovely home with a great patio area.  The landscaping is gorgeous and they have such wonderful surroundings, graciously offering their home for the party.   We gathered more tables, chairs, decorations, and party favors.

We decided on a theme of a Mexican Fiesta, complete with decorations, food and fun.  We even made her an honorary Fiesta Bridal Sombrero!  (with a serape and pink bridal flip flops too)  Glue guns are just GREAT--- what did we do before they were invented?

We all prepped and planned, cooked and created, bought and borrowed till the party was ready! 

Goofy decorations were strung up, and neato table centerpieces were later used as prizes. 

What is a fiesta without a pinata???

Even the eerie looking tree faces got decorated in Mexican finery....

The food was all ready, and margaritas were served as guests came to the party.  Lisa made a huge batch of strawberry margaritas that were enjoyed on a lovely sunny day.  We had horrible humid weather all week long, but the weekend was great as the humidity dropped and the rain clouds went away.  We sure lucked out on a great day, and didn't even need to set up the extra canopy I had brought along.  Nice breezes kept the flies and skeeters away.  We got all the food set up in the house, a taco bar with shredded chicken or beef, spanish rice, cucumber sandwhiches and lots of dips, chips and treats. 

The guest of honor took her seat

Note the pink bridal flip flops to match her sombrero?

Erin, our older daughter is the Matron of Honor for the wedding, 
and also the Mistress of Ceremony for the party

Many aunts, cousins, great aunts and even one great great aunt to my girls was there 
(that makes her a great great great aunt to Chelsea, Allegra and Jameson!)

All the girls got together and admired each other's fashionable dresses
Chelsea and her soon-to-be cousin Scarlett

After a bunch of tacky games and laughter (enhanced by the margaritas?)  
it was time for opening presents.  

My sister, who could not attend, sent this one: 
her traditional shower gift of wine glasses, candles, candlestick holders and a bottle of wine...
(Hey, you are supposed to save that for your honeymoon with your husband!) 

We had a large cake made up cupcakes (thanks Wal-Mart)

which the grandkids enjoyed too

and of course, I got in a quite a bit of Granmuddah Hugs too....

It was a lovely day, and Heather was showered with 
nice gifts, good wishes, and congratulations on her upcoming nuptials.   

Next:  the WEDDING!



  1. Fun, fun--looks like you folks up there in Wisconsin know how to throw a bridal shower.

  2. Looks like the girls had a fantastic party, I wonder what Stevio and the men were doing. Have fun, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


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