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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today’s Motorhome Modification – removing our step cover


Soooo the new catalytic heater is in place, but we are thinking the air flow to the rear of the motorhome might be blocked somewhat by this crazy step-cover device, (which we never use anyhow)


removing the step cover BEFORE1

 removing the step cover BEFORE0

 removing the step cover BEFORE2

removing the step cover AFTER1_1

The hinge portion removed easily, the carpet layer was cut with a utility knife, and the trim strip removed to lay the edge of the carpeting underneath.  Put the screws back in the  trim strip and it looks great, like original factory install.  Easy Peasy!


Also, it’s Valentine’s Day… we woke up with fresh ground Jamaican coffee beans from Erin and Mark, brewing in the coffee maker.  I baked some cinnamon twists with pink icing from a Pillsbury roll,  and Steveio had brought me a vase of lovely flowers!

(the vase can come apart to eat the candy hearts, and be refilled with other items for various holiday themes… cool!  

valentines day 2010


(p.s. Steveio got a pair of musical boxer shorts… playing *YOU’RE STILL THE ONE* )


  1. Musical shorts, whatever next?
    Good job on the MH.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Heh heh... actually it was only the cardboard box that makes music when you open it up and take out the shorts to wear.... tee heeeee

  3. No, our Beaver didn't have that step cover thing, it looks great now that you have removed it. We love our new heater, it keeps the rig nice a warm.
    Musical underwear???

  4. Karen & Steveio, We took your advice and have started a blog,Sam is using Blogger and Livewriter, the url is http://samdonna-5thwheelvagabonds.blogspot.com/ if you get a minute take a look and any feedback would really be appreciated, like you we are still a few months away from Donna's retirement so I will have to scrape for news but this looks like a great and easy way for family and friends to keep up with whats going on in life. Thanks again for your help, Sam & Donna


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