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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Little Red Camping Chairs


ahhhhh FINALLY!!!    i have saved this for a long long time!!!

Yesterday, we hauled up the two little red camping chairs!

 valentines weekend 201040



These were Erin and Heathers little red personalized camping chairs from 25 yeas ago.   I got them in the 1980's by saving babyfood labels from Heintz babyfood jars. 

valentines weekend 201050


They have many many miles on them, and many many little butts sat in them around campfires.... not to mention all the Some-Mores, Pudgy-Pies, hot dogs, and PuppyChow treats (a.k.a. Garbage) .  We would even bring them to restaurants as booster seats, as there is another strap that can go through the bottom legs and strap to a chair seat. 

 valentines weekend 201049 

So I brought them up from storage .... and we will keep them now in the motorhome.  


Jameson thought he would try out the one Chelsea was sitting in, and is checking out their construction, durability and if he can make it fold. 

They lasted 25 years, here is to hoping they last 25 more!

  valentines weekend 201053valentines weekend 201054


The chairs will now enjoy a whole new slew of little grandchildren butts~!!


  1. So cute, amazing you kept them that long. Good sturdy chairs! They don't make them that way any longer.

  2. Oh. How. CUTE! The grandbabies... not the chairs! :-) They are absoulutely adorable...

    The chairs are cute too, though. So great that you saved them... shows how well things used to be made. I hope they see many, many more years of little bottoms, campfires, S'mores and roasted hot dogs... :-)

    Kerri in Alabama


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