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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Catching up on a couple things… addendums to past blogs


Okay…. this past weekend I posted about Steveio cutting down a big rotting tree.  Seems Mr. Woodpecker wasn’t too happy about Steve removing his favorite pecking tree…. so he came to check out our suet block on the back deck!


now that you cut down my tree2  now that you cut down my tree1

This guy is just HUGE!  He takes up almost half the height of our deck railing to the ground.   They are normally a very shy bird according to my bird book, and rarely come to a feeder or around houses.   So I managed just a few shots before he flew off.  Guess the suet block isn’t as good as the tree full of bugs!


Let’s see… next item

The table loom that Steveio was restoring for me,  now it’s all warped up, tensioned off and ready to weave!

          (winding on the warp)                                                       (ready to weave)

warping up ready to weave

Some weaving folks don’t like the whole process that is necessary to get the loom ready to weave.. but I do.  Each time I touch the fibers, measure the strings, plan the project, it is all a labor of love for me.  The FUN part is the weaving… but the warping is the WORK.   Let’s just say:  “I enjoy going to work”    LOL


Last night Steveio left for his union meeting about 5:30pm   it was snowing lightly when he left.  WOWZER by the time he came home at 9pm, it was about 10-12 inches of fresh new snow!    I kept the lights on out on the deck just to watch the snow coming down. 

snow 20109  snow 20108

I snapped these last night about half way through the storm

snow 20102


Now this morning, it’s starting to blow around… the winds are picking up and making a real mess of what Steveio already snowblowed outta the driveway and sidewalk.   I snapped these shots before the winds blew it around too much…  The poor  birds are digging around in the snow trying to find the seeds underneath!


snow 201019 snow 201016

snow 201017 snow 201018

Today my little Chelsea princess will be here, and perhaps I will weave a bit during her naps.  I think its bread baking day too (in the bread machine)    Life is good!


  1. mmm homemade bread whether by machine or hand..yummy!!!

    Snow pictures are lovely!! I think I need to visit during the snow time..hubby would hate it..but i think he needs to experience once!!


  2. That's a pileated wood pecker, Karen!!!!
    Wow, I can't believe he came that close to your house, and you got such nice shots of him.
    I am so envious.
    I agree with you.....I like the process of putting the warp on too. I do most of mine sectionally, but it is still a lot of work. I kind of get into it.
    Weird, I guess.

  3. Cindy- you just come and get all the snow you want... we have plenty!

    Hilary- I looked him up yesterday in my bird book, and they said they are sooo shy! He came around today again but flew off when I moved near the patio door. Those pics were taken from about 10 feet away through my patio door glass!

    Karen and Al- same to you as for Cindy, you can come get it!

    (Spring seems soooo far away now)

  4. Oh Hilary.. Yes.... warping sectionally is my favorite too, and ALL my looms are sectional, even my other table loom. This is one I just picked up and wanted to weave a bit on it before I sell it... It's cute, but I LOVE my Tools of the Trade table loom more.

  5. Those pics of the woodpecker were fantastic! Thanks for sharing them. By the way....please keep the snow! :)


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