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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Steveio The Lumberjack – Saturday Project

We had a pretty nice elm tree that we planted about 10 years ago, in the front yard that died this past summer... and the woodpeckers were making a huge mess of it, stripping the bark off to get to the inside where the bugs are.  It was rotting out pretty bad.   
tree cutting 20100_1

Steve put in one cut with the chain saw and able to PUSH the tree over.tree cutting 20101_1

 tree cutting 20102_1

tree cutting 20103_1

Better to get it down in the direction AWAY from the house than towards ittree cutting 20105_1What a strong guy! 

We even got a HE-MAN grunt grunt flex pose outta him too!  LOL tree cutting 20104_1

tree cutting 20106_1

Added in March 2009....   We added it the birdfeeder to the stump and filled it up.  In no time a little chickadee came to check it out.  How cute is that? 


  1. We had an elm that had died last year..right next to the house. It was over 30 years old. It's dead..piece of cake..not..it took my husband 2 days with the use of our front in loader..chain saw..chains..and a lot of back breaking hand digging..roots ran under the house..(who knew?)to dig out the roots that were hanging on to life. Lots of glares..I thought a high wind would send it right into our guest bedroom..lol
    I'm glad yours was alot easier than ours !!

    The snow is so pretty!!

    Cindy from Tx

  2. Yah, this one wasn't that old, we planted it ourselves I think about 10 years ago. Instead of digging out the roots, we decided we will attach a big bird feeder my dad made us to the stump, and plant flowers all around the base. Hide it! LOL

    Today the biggest Pilated Woodpecker came onto our back deck to peck at the suet block, because the tree is now gone. I snapped pics and will post them in the next blog....


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