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Monday, February 22, 2010

Campground Review - Morgan Park at Timms Lake, Marinette County Park

(this is one of series of posts of various campgrounds we have been to over the years... I am going through my files in alphabetical order and posting past camping trips in my blog.... something to do over this long long upcoming winter---- sigh)

This place is at Timms Lake, in the northern area of Wisconsin, almost to the Michigan border.  The nearest town is Niagara, WI .   The park is called Morgan Park, and it is part of the Marinette County Park system.


We camped here in October of 2009, and got such a nice site... only $15 a night and in a very nice location in the park.

The colors are starting to turn... fall is here! 

Our neighbors were setting up for a huge pig roast... but thankfully not at their campsite.  Instead they had rented the pretty log building down near the lakeshore for their annual family reunion party... they kept the noise down there.. and as it turned out, most of the campers in the park WERE for their party.. so the campground was almost deserted of people all day Saturday and well into the night.  They were all down at the building by the lake.   How nice for us! 

Of course I brought along the table loom and got in some outdoor weaving!   

And Steveio got in some outdoor relaxing...... 

Our campsite was surrounded by green shrubs and trees in all directions... and there was a nice border of timbers kinda making it a *deck* edging for our area.... 

Winding gravel roads led down to a trail....   time for a nice walk in the woods! 

We walked and walked a long time on the path to an overlook ...

THAT is our campground... wayyyy over there on the other side of the lake!  

Ducky gets a bit of the "Lassie Thing" going on inside when she gets to climb up on big rocks... makes her pretend she is her movie idol! 

Still some green here and there.. but the ferns are starting to turn yellow...

Someone thinks she is Top Dog here ... leading us down the trails...

After a peaceful night of quiet camping... .early the next morning we awoke to sunshine and misty fog burning off... So with coffee cups in hand, we took a nice morning walk

And of course the doggers had to go along too.... 

It was so quiet and relaxing....   we thought that the party-ers from the family reunion would be sleeping in late after their big doings... but no, they got up early and went back to the log building to clean it all up.  Everyone bugged out fast and we were left in a nearly empty campground again.   Sure didn't feel like going home, but alas and alack, it was Sunday.. and you know what that means..... tomorrow is Monday! 



  1. Beautiful fall pictures! I pray someday that we get to travel up North for fall. In South Texas trees go from green to brown. No fall colors. I get to see fall when I visit Wendy in Oklahoma..but Walker has never seen them!!

    Cindy from Texas

  2. Aw thanks Cindy... Fall is my favorite time of the year and I take TONS of fall photos. But I only put on a few on the blog, otherwise they all start to look the same. Tee heee


  3. We will second the motion and hope for some nice cool weather in places like this, I hope to get in your area someday for a visit and maybe we could all meet up at a state parl like this. See Ya. Sam & Donna

  4. Looks like a beautiful park. We like parks, when we stay in them, that are treed. We don't like parks in the middle of a field, or what feels like you are in the middle of a field.

    Duckie, sure does look like Lassie, she is beautiful. They both look like they like their walks, just like Whiskey!

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Looks like a beautiful park. We like parks that are treed, when we stay in a park, rather than in a field or what feels like the middle of a field.

    Duckie does look alot like Lassie. She is beautiful. They both look like they enjoy their walks, just like Whiskey!

    Ruth and Kevin


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