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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Cancer Sucks - Apple Trees - Fireplace and Quilt

Yup... Cancer Sucks! 

We just spent a marvellous afternoon with my younger sister. She is going through all of the stages of breast cancer treatment. She had been spending the last 2 days in Green Bay, getting information on her upcoming radiation procedures. It was so good to spend time with her and her husband, now that we are all now fully vaccinated. It's been a long year. 

Life has dealt them both a tough blow. She was by his side during every step of the way with his cancer surgeries and treatments. Now he is there for her. 

We are wishing her the very best in a healthy happy outcome and the prognosis is looking very good. Her previous surgeries leading up to now have indicated that all of the margins were contained. She will now go thru this radiation procedure with great determination and success. She has a Schmootie Attitude!


We received a special shipment in the mail yesterday. Who knew that places would send you live apple trees in the mail? Our wonderful patriarch of the Pfundtner family, Pops Pfundtner, decided that we needed more apple trees for our yard. We are now the proud owners of 2 Honeycrisp trees and 2 Mutsu trees, which are like a Golden Delicious.

It will be a while before there are any apples to be eaten, but right now we are soaking the roots and getting ready to plant them tomorrow. They will be fenced in to get away from the deer and rabbits.



Steve found another little bargain on Facebook Marketplace. We talked about getting a second natural gas heater to put in the fireplace cavity in the living room. We are no longer going to burn firewood in that fireplace.  It is especially handy if the power goes out, because these natural gas fireplaces can still operate without electricity.

He found this really cute one and picked up for a very good price.  It has a blower unit to help spread the heat as well as a remote control!

It has realistic looking logs and two rows of flickering flames, just like our other fireplace

Once we got it home, we realised it would fit better in the available space in the She Shed. Then the other gas fireplace from the She Shed would fit perfectly in the recessed fireplace of the livingroom. 

In the living room, we will remove the old black fireplace doors and surround. The fireplace will recess back into the opening. Then we can put the pretty leaded glass screen back in front of it.  It will look like a nice custom job when Steve is done. 

I finished sewing together the blocks for my newest quilt. I added a pretty floral darker border around the edges and it's the same fabric that will also be on the back side, as well. I have it all rolled on to the quilting frame and ready to go.

Of course, with the hundreds of spools of thread that I seem to have on hand, I just don't have the exact color of what I want for the stitching. That will mean a stop today at little quilt shop, before I get any further along on this project. That isn't such a bad problem, is it? I mean, a quilt shop is a great place to pop into and look around for ideas and inspiration anyhow.  

It was a cold damp day, with some snowflakes falling. Yes! Snowflakes. We actually have more due for tonight again as well. I simmered up a pot of beef minestrone soup with vegetables and cute little bowtie noodles. It hits the spot! 

We had also stopped at the local Mennonite store. They happened to have these great big huge juicy hydroponically grown tomatoes.

The other little thing they had at their store was something I had on my shopping list for the motorhome. I had already had one but I wanted to grab some more of these silicon spatulas. They're little tiny ones, perfect for scraping out a can or doing a decorative frosting on cupcakes.

Today, we are grabbing a container of my homemade soup, some nice thick bacon from the Mennonite store as well as those delicious hydroponic tomatoes. We are heading up to visit with Pops Pfundtner, way up at the top of Door County, to have a little lunch with him. 

Homemade soup and BLT sandwiches should hit the spot. Nice way to say thank you for those apple trees.


  1. Safe travels! The soup and sandwiches sound delicious and I'm certain the visit will be very enjoyable too.

    I chuckled when I read the bit about the gas fireplace. The two of you never run out of things to do, or you find a way to create more work. Enjoy the fireplace.

  2. Running the Gas Fireplace inside the Chimney is Cleaner and requires less work but make certain there are no Holes in the Flue that will let Carbon Dioxide escape into the rest of the house.
    Lunch with Steve's Dad sounds yummy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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