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Sunday, May 13, 2018

CAMPING VACATION - Day 3 - Buckhorn to Black River State Forest and Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there! 

This is one of my favorite pics of me and my Mom.  We were doing a craft booth together and we are looking at each other, just about ready to burst into laughter. I think my sister Linda took this pic. I love it! 

I heard from my mother in Florida, as well as from our two daughters and daughter-in-law back home. I am glad they are spending Mother's Day with their own children and we meet up sometime soon to have our time together. I really like it when our daughters and daughter-in-law can be the stars of their own day with their own children around them. I never wanted to be that kind of mom who would demand that everyone come and see me on Mother's Day. Especially when they are mothers themselves!!!

Daughters Erin and Heather, and Daughter In Law Heather

It was a lovely morning waking up in our camper knowing that the weather was going to clear up and it was going to be a beautiful day

We started out with coffee and amaretto sponge cake, and Steve gave me a beautiful card to go with the two gerbera daisies that he gave to me in advance on Friday. Now we could enjoy them for our entire vacation before going home to plant them next week.

The dogs were antsy and decided that we needed to take them for a walk after coffee. There is a nice little path that winds through the woods. It went from the campground down to the main recreational area.

The birds were singing and it was so calm and peaceful walking through the woods.

We came upon some of those little carts I talked about yesterday. These are for the people using the backpacking sites where they can load their gear into a cart from a parking lot and bring it back through the woods to their designated campsite. Those sites are inaccessible by vehicles and these little carts must make it easy instead of carrying everything on your back.

We wandered back to the motorhome and made a little lunch. The morning sure went quick.

Steve decided to do a little motorhome maintenance. He regularly checks our four deep cycle 6 volt batteries. He checks the water levels and he tops them off with distilled water, and he is very careful about corrosion on any of the posts or clamps. He took the time to scrub up some of it with some baking soda solution to make sure he has clean posts and good connections.

Our batteries are nine, yes nine years old!  With proper care and never letting them draw down below 50% of charge, we are able to keep them maintained and operational. Watching the water level is very important and Steve does it about every month.

Then we were looking at the map and thinking about moving on to another state park further to the North and the west where the weather was going to be a little nicer.

We drove 60 miles to the Castle Mound Campground in the Black River State Forest.

When we got here, we unhooked the Tracker and looked around. There are many sites that are pull through and some have electric, we didn't really need it, but for only $8 more, we took one with electric.  Boy oh boy are we getting spoiled!  We usually boondock or rustic camp with our solar panels supplying our needs.

We talked to the ranger a bit about some of the other campgrounds within the same State Forest. We figured we would just stay here for tonight and maybe go explore those tomorrow in our Tracker. This campground is okay, but it doesn't have any real features other than you are in the woods and it's only a few miles off the interstate. If it's really quiet we can hear the highway sounds. There is only one other tent in the entire campground so it is very peaceful. Nobody is even at the tent, and we saw a car drive off hours ago. We pulled out the lawn chairs and relaxed in the sunshine for the afternoon.

We whipped up a supper of roasted veggies and some nice juicy burgers on the grill. Topped off with a beverage of our choice, we were totally satisfied.

The dogs didn't let us sit very long, they were begging us to get up and get moving and take them for another walk. It's amazing how well Binney likes to walk now and to sniff things in the woods. It's a lot easier on her than when she walks on city sidewalks with cars and people around which scares her and distracts her. Now when he we ask her to go for a walk, she comes to us with her tail wagging. What a change!

We sat around in our lawn chairs for the evening until the sun went down. 
The temps are perfect on the skin, no jacket needed.
No bugs (other than one woodtick that landed on Steve) 
and peaceful quiet woods..... 

Yup.. this vacation is all about relaxin! 

We debated whether or not we wanted a campfire tonight. But I think instead we are going to go inside, take some hot showers, and crawl into bed.

I got some fun jammies to wear (available at Walmart) 

53 miles travelled today

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