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Monday, May 21, 2018

Busy Weekend and May Showers are Bringing the May Flowers!!

ACK!  After the warm lovely week of Wisconsin weather during our vacation, this week has turned cold and wet and rainy.  Right now it's only 51 degrees and wet wet wet. It's been raining most of the afternoon.  We turned on the furnace and also Steve lit the gas fireplace to keep us cozy this evening and chase away the dampness.

I am thinking we're going to need another vacation again! Since we got home on Friday we have been busy busy busy.  Of course my Mr. Stevieo Zoom Zoom wanted to get absolutely everything unloaded from the motorhome within 1 hour of arriving home.  We were in a flurry of unpacking, hauling into the house, and putting away the leftover food from camping--- plus the newest groceries we picked up on the way home.  We had the washing machine going, ran to get the mail that was being held at the post office, and carried in my quilting supplies of the newest project I was working on.

After supper I baked a few dozen cookies so I could have a box full to bring to the museum Saturday morning. Steve got together a cooler full of water bottles. We had a bunch of teenagers coming from the local high school history class to help with a cleaning day at the Calumet County Historical Museum.

This is my favorite recipe from my friend Hilary:

I split the batch into three portions, 
and mixed one with chocolate chips, one with Easter M&M's 
and the final third with white chips and sprinkles! (the favorite by far) 

It was nice to sleep in our bed in the house, but it's actually the same memory foam mattress that we now have out in the motorhome. I am glad we upgraded to that, because now it's comfy sleeping no matter which one we are in. The dogs were excited to be home, with their familiar toys and dishes, and to sleep on the floor next to my side of the bed.

We were up early so we could get dressed and over to the museum by 8 a.m. The school kids were coming by 8:30 and we still had to unload cleaning equipment and the Shop-Vac and find out from the other volunteers what needed to be done.

The museum has these two large buildings and....

a log cabin. 

Steve and the guys just replaced the cedar shingle roof a few weeks ago.
They had a chance to show a few of the others 
what a good job they did! 

The kids came and we set to our tasks. The buildings are unheated over the winter and everything was covered in a layer of dust and (dead flies) that needed to be sucked up with the shop vacs. Brooms were flying around, cleaning rags were busy, and the guys handled all of the heavy stuff that needed to be moved and organized.

Steve worked with the guys mostly in the other building moving around some displays and used our little trailer to move an antique sleigh from one portion of the museum to another.

The Museum recently purchased some used display cases from a store in Manitowoc. So we had an opportunity to move around some items and get items enclosed in glassed-in areas for protection and preservation.  The girls did a great job arranging all of the new displays, plus learned about a few things in the process. It was fun! 

I was able to mess around with my Fiber Department of spinning wheels, shearing equipment, and various fiber tools.   I got two new display cases in this area to start to set up as well.  More stuff to come, but for now it is taking shape.

There was a man's wool military uniform that I was able to seal up inside of a plexiglass display unit so it will be protected now from any moths or bugs

We worked hard all morning, and by noon we were winding down and putting away our gear. It was time to head on home and get in some rest after such a productive morning. Both of us crawled into bed for a nice long afternoon nap. I think we really needed it!

Saturday night I buzzed around the house for a while "de-kidderizing" because on Sunday we were due to have three of the grandkids come to visit. I put away my sharp weaving tools and scissors and electronics as best I can. I baby-gate off the tv and stereo/dvd equipment.  Once that was done, I filled up a nice big bathtub full of bubbles and soaked away the evening aches and pains.

Since we were gone camping during Mother's Day, we insist that our children (who are all mothers or married to a mother) spend time with their own families. I know that in the next few weeks I will get together with each of them for our own personal Mother's Day celebration.

I got a lovely handmade card and beautiful photo in the mail from Allegra and Mason while we were gone, that is now hanging up on the fridge. We will see them soon at one of Mason's T-ball games, but it was rained out tonight.

We prepared some food in advance so all we had to do was bring it out when they were here to eat. We chopped up all the makings for tacos, guacamole and salsa, I had shredded chicken with taco seasoning I prepared in the electric pressure cooker. Everything was ready for the next day. Less kitchen time and more grandkid time!

Sunday was supposed to be dreary cloudy and cooler. So Steve and I figured out a couple projects to do with inside of the house with the kids. Imagine our delight when the sun poked out and it was getting warmer and warmer. It turned into an absolutely beautiful day!

Our daughter Erin and husband Waylen with three grandkids Chelsea, Clayton and Claire showed up at noon to spend the afternoon with us. Waylen and his buddy Jason wanted to go to an event, the annual Beer Fest taking place at the Calumet County fairgrounds. We have a microbrewery in town that sponsored this festival with hosting other microbreweries from the area. For a $40 ticket wristband you can sample as much as you wish of any beverage on tap.

We had a nice little lunch with the kids out on the front porch.  We left the grownups to eat at the diningroom table while the kids ate in the sunshine.  Little Claire, our youngest grandchild is now old enough to sit at the little table and chairs.  Chelsea and Clayton are now up to a larger table and stools.

Smart Finnegan knows exactly where to hang out
catching any dropped bits of chicken tacos! 

(Binney hides out in the corner until the grownups leave,
then she comes out to see Chelsea) 

We took the Little Red Wagon down to the hardware store. I wanted to get some geraniums and spikes for four of the flower pots around the house. We also needed a new bag of birdseed.  Loaded up little Claire so the kids could take turns pulling the wagon.  (I ended up pulling her back home!) 

 We did a little video clip of their walk:

We have such a cute little hardware store in our town, it even has a small Pet Department with fish, gerbils, lizards, and birds. The kids enjoyed looking around and their their favorite thing is to put a dime in the sample box and choose a piece of Brach's candies.  No hard candy for Claire... sigh.

We also went home with a great big purple ball
 for the dogs in the big backyard, 
because I think Claire took over the little blue ball? 

We kept the grandkids busy at the house with projects! Put to task with helping us to plant the geraniums and then help water all of the flowers around the house.

Grandpa even got into the act... we put in geraniums and spikes and ivy in the two new pots that I got last fall from Craigslist.  These are on each side of the garage door.

Then we put more geraniums and ivy and spikes in each of the big pots on the front steps too. Soon they will grow and bloom some more and the ivy will cascade over the edges of the pots.

We also planted my two Mothers Day gerbera daisies from Steve
and to top it off, my lilac bush is in full bloom! 

That lilac bush was pretty gnarly and twisted and overgrown when we bought the house 5 years ago.  With careful pruning each year and shaping it, a little more each year, now it's a nicely rounded shrub. It gets more and more blooms each spring!   I have started a white lilac out back, and hope it grows as well. 

The kids really enjoy doing the watering with the cans, drawing from the two rain barrels I have, one on the house and one on the garage.  Even Clayton, a kindergartener, understands the rain comes off the roof, through the gutter, down the pipe and into the barrel. He told me so!

The kids each brought me a hanging basket for Mother's Day, along with an assortment of their artwork for the refrigerator. Steve put up brackets on each side of the back door for the flower pots.

Clayton helped his grandpa with projects on the motorhome while Chelsea was was busy keeping little Claire occupied in the backyard. Erin and I relaxed in the sunshine for a while and just enjoyed unwinding.

They even planted the Easter Lily they gave me last month,
and each one earned a popsicle for their efforts!

After Erin retrieved the two guys from the Beer Fest (where they had a LOT of fun) it was time to have a quick dinner before heading on home.  Those stinker kids remembered these hot dog cutters that I had out in the motorhome.  So we got them out for some "play with their food" fun! 

Here is a silly video of them in use:

Erin loaded up the kids, 
the guys and headed on down our driveway.

As they rode past the house, Grandfaddah and I waved goodbye
from the front porch windows, as usual.  

It was a great day! 

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  1. Reading about simple busy lovely Wisconsin life is a great escape from reading news! I don't always comment, but your blog is often a sweet escape from some things that aren't nearly so sweet in the world. Thanks for writing.


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