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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

MOTORHOME MODIFICATIONS - *S* is Steps and Stained Glass RV Window

I am going to start off the new year with posting some of our motorhome modifications, a few at a time. I will post repairs, modifications, or neato things we have found for RVing.  I have lots of pics in my files so I will do them in alphabetical order.

Underneath that stuff, I will post my regular daily stuff..... kinda sorta fun, eh?

So here it goes, we are up to the letter S now!


Steps Updating:

Steve had removed the icky fake indoor/outdoor carpeting covering our steps a few years back. Not only did it look terrible, but it traps in the moisture and makes the metal on the stairs rust. 

Look at how icky they are! 

I ground off all the loose metal and rust
using a special grinding wheel and tool 
for paint. (we used it on the logs of our house)

Using a foam brush,
and Rustoleum paint,
I put on two thick coats of paint,
letting it dry in between coats.

Steve installed two nice polished aluminum 
stair tread/bull nose pieces 
ridged for traction on the stairs.  

It matches with the aluminum lower portions of our motorhome and works very well. But the black portions do need the touch-up every other year or so.  It's a real improvement of what we had to begin with. 

Stained Glass Window Insert:
We were down in Arizona in 2011, and took some day trips into Mexico at Los Algodones for some dental work.  

While there, we found this wonderful vendor stand of stained glass panels for RV door windows.  We know some other RVers have gotten panels in the $70-80 range.  So we knew her first price of $130 US was negotiable.  In Mexico, everything seems to be negotiable. 

We walked away, promising to come back after the dentist was done.  She REALLY wanted to make her first sale of the day she said, and dropped it to $90 US.  But we left.  We told her we had a dentist to pay for first.  LOL 

in mexico day 21

She had some lovely patterns
and we mostly liked the blue oblong design
over her shoulder

in mexico day 23

The variety of patterns and colors was amazing
just about any subject or style.

in mexico day 20

I got my dental work finished, and next was Steve’s turn. While I was waiting for him, I ran to the drug store and shopped at a vendor with some souvenirs for the grandkids.  But then I went BACK past the stained window gal.  I said I would come back, right?  She now dropped the price to $70 US because I came back when I said I would.  But…. I told her I still had to pay the dentist, and would not know how much extra cash money I could spend.  I walked away again.   I wandered a bit and explored one more block around on my own. 

On the way back to the dentist, I again saw the stained window gal.  Now she dropped the price to $60 US.  This time I said yes, I would buy the window that we had looked at.  

As she was wrapping it up, she looked closely at it and saw a crack in the corner!   OH MY!   I am so glad she saw it and was honest enough to tell me.   

So now I had to decide on another window…   and she dropped the price to only $55 US because of my dismay!  She was so worried to lose a sale, and knew I could go to one of other vendors and might find that blue one I had my heart set on.   We settled on another, same pattern but all clear, no blue.  The $55 US exchanged between us, after starting at $130.00.  She carefully wrapped it up in sturdy cardboard and thanked me twice for coming back.

Darling Steveio went to work putting in our stained glass window!   He used some clear Pro Flex rv caulk and we bought a sheet of unbreakable polycarbonate clear plastic to reinforce it from a hardware store.  

mexican souvineers0_1  mexican souvineers2_1

mexican souvineers3_1

mexican souvineers4_1  mexican souvineers0

Once he fitted it into place, 
he screwed the framing back on to hold it. 

mexican souvineers15

It sure looks pretty!  It is patterned enough for privacy, but also lets in light and sparkles in the sunshine.  The one with the blue would have been nice, but settling on the bargain price we are happy with the clear border just as well.


  1. Hi Karen:

    A comment and a question. Comment: We have a leaded glass eagle in our door. I assumed it was a option at purchase. Now I have another thought about that - eespecially since I know that our Serengeti made a number of trips to Texas from California in it's earlier life.

    Now, a question: We have been to Algodones a number of times for dental work. What dentist did you see and how was the experience?

    Roland Hyatt
    Fallon, Nevada
    1995 Serengeti 35, 300hp 6CTA 8.3, 6 spd.

    1. Our friends recommended this dentist, we were very very pleased. The work he did was better than what we were going to get at our local dentist in Wisconsin, and about 80% cheaper! what we saved paid for our whole vacation! I had a five tooth bridge and two root canals done, and Steve had two ceramic inlays instead of crowns. It was done 7 years ago and still great to this day!

      Dr. Roberto Arce at


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