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Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Dad P, Rescue Transport and Christmas Decor

On Friday, Steve's dad was having a Happy Birthday.  We made plans for taking him out for lunch, But first, yes, first, we foolishly stopped for a tiny bit of Black Friday shopping at Menards.  It was crazy, but we got what we came for (more on that in next blog)  and waded through the lines of people checking out and got on the road to Waupaca.

We were a bit late to get to the planned place for lunch, and missed out on an interesting buffet with pilots at an airport.  We did not know he had planned that. Sigh. We will have to go that another time with him. Instead Dad P chose a nice little lounge in downtown Waupaca called Simpsons.  It has a very rustic appeal, great choice of foods on the menu and the waitresses knew Steve's Dad well! LOL
The staff was stoking a cheery fire in the dining area fireplace,
so great on wet damp icky day! 

We were seated nearby and had such a nice long lunch. There was only one other table of people in the lounge area by us, and the food was served in a very fast manner. We enjoyed a long leisurely lunch with lots of fun stories and laughter.  On our way out, Dad P was chatting about birthdays with the other folks who were also leaving.  The lady said a quote that we repeated a few more times on friday.....  



On our way back home, we swung by the International Headquarters of Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue to do a bit of help. We picked up a transport vehicle with five crates to help pick up five groggy sleepy drugged up dogs that had been spayed or neutered at the local vet in Chilton. They were so groggy that we carried each one out and placed them carefully in their crates and transported them back to the rescue.  It was fun to do, and give each one a snuggle and pat on the head.  Soon they will be in loving homes to be spoiled and cherished. Homes with clean beds, full doggy dishes and a fenced in yard to be safe.  Never to want or need again.  They have NO idea what a great life they have ahead of them in a few short days as soon as each one is adopted.

P.S. the dogs are only in crates for meals and sleeping,
they have safe indoor and outdoor play areas the rest of the time at the rescue

The Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue recently took in 23 dogs from Michigan due to a seizure of someone with wayyy too many shelties and they were overwhelmed. We helped with the unloading of each of the dogs on late Tuesday night with getting them safe and sound at the rescue. Once they were all unloaded and Lisa evaluated them, the real work begins for her. The Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue chapter takes over with the vetting and rehoming.  Also grooming and bathing and evaluating for behavior issues. The job of our group is to help by relocating them to homes with approved applications. Some of these approved applicants have been waiting a year or more for a rescue sheltie that fit their home, style, personality and needs.  If someone is interested in adopting, an application can gotten by going through this website: http://www.wisheltierescue.com/    If you are looking to donate to a good cause, please check out their website too. 

Tuesday I am going to help transport two more dogs to another vet in the area.  With all these dogs needing spay, neuter, dental and other health issues, the trips back and forth to all the vets need to be coordinated and we rescue volunteers are appreciated.   Someone did all of this for our dogs back when they were rescued, and now it is time for us to repay that kindness--- with helping to pay it forward.


We had such amazingly warm weather on Saturday that we decided to start decorating the outside of the house. We had all of the decorations ready from the last three years, so it was easy to put everything up.  I even have the bows pre-tied in the exact sections of each scallop or garland. We have permanent hooks mounted on the house to hook them onto. I put those hooks on the first year and left them all in place. Steve takes care of the cords and timer while I arrange the garland and lights.  It was done toot sweet and we stood back to admire our work. 

Even the new little spruce tree I got for Mothers Day got some lights.

Once the lights were on the outside of the house,
we took a little break and then did the inside of the front porch.

Here it is all lit up in the early evening....

After a light supper (and a little nap)  I kept thinking about our tree.....  every year we always have done a fresh cut live tree. This year we are going to do something different.  Remember the blog post I wrote last summer???  Here it is:

Last Christmas, we ended up paying $45 for a live tree and all the needles were falling off in just a few days. We decided then and there that we were going to give up on live trees, and switch over to an artificial tree for 2016.  Got a nice used one for $20 from Craigslist.

I have never cared for the looks of fake trees before. This one has real looking needles and is the right height and width for our livingroom.

Steve brought in the stand and piece number one.... hmmmmmmmmm shaped kinda funny huh?  Not really a stately Christmas Tree.

after a little fluffing up
and letting the branches drop
 (they are hinged and already attached to the trunk)

He brought in section two
Now that looks strange. Kinda woman-like?
Could be an interesting Christmas Dress?

ahhhhh ruffled up the fluffles

this is kinda looking like Cousin It from the Addams Family?

Here comes my Brawny Lumberjack in his red plaid flannel shirt
to add the top section!
9 feet up but he is tall enough to do the job.

Star on top just touches the ceiling.
Yup.. it's a TREE!!!!
 I really like this one because it is narrow around the base
and doesn't spread so far into the livingroom.

''Don't smell like no tree to us''

We were just going to let it set for the night...
but someone had to start putting on the lights.
 (bit blurry but he was moving so fast!)

At 9:30 p.m.
Someone decided we needed MORE lights...
and a new toaster he found on sale.

We got the new LED lights home and they were TOO bright! Our original lights were from Menards four years ago and are LED but more muted and softer than the ones out on the market now. Menards no longer carries the ones we have had for the last four years. Steve just had to rearrange the ones we have to make them go far enough,  and I will return the new ones he just bought.

I found a lovely hand crocheted tree skirt a while back at a thrift shop.
I didn't use it with a live tree because of the sap and water which would stain it.

I hope the person who worked so hard to create it 
is happy it is going to be used and loved and cherished again! 

Last night I added the decorations.

Steve likes his lights because he can change them from multicolored
to all white with a click of his little remote.
Yes, remote controlled tree lights.  Sigh.

(he can also make them flicker, flash, fade from one to the other etc.)
Know as:  *Guy Holiday Entertainment*


In my next blog, I will write about the thing we just HAD to go and buy at the Black Friday sale....


  1. I love your decorations. Even though it's an artificial tree, it has good character. Maybe get yourself a pine candle, LOL!

    Love the crocheted tree shirt.

    Happy Holidays.

    Sew on ~ ~ ~ ~

    1. Thanks! I think I could hang little pine tree car deodorizers and hang them in the tree! (just kidding)

  2. I bought some pine scented "sticks" to hang on our tree. Your tree is pretty. I love ours with just lights. I believe it has 600 lights.

    1. Wow.. that is a lot of lights! The lights Steve bought 4 years ago are the larger bulb C9 I think and there are only 70 on the tree... two strings of 35 each.

  3. Your tree is beautiful! I bet it originally cost someone a pretty penny & you were lucky enough to get it for a bargain price. Your tree skirt is exquisite and the person who made it has to be happy that it's getting used & loved. Crazy story about the LED lights. Guess you could have gone back and bought all new ones & sold your old ones on Craig's List. :)

    1. Yes, we looked it up and it was $1,000.00 tree on sale for $659.00 or some outrageous price like that! But that was with all the lights working. We had troubles with some of the branches not lighting, so we snipped off all those lights and just strung our own. I did look on Amazon and Ebay to see if they had any lights like the ones we already bought 4 years ago. LOL


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