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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Day in the Park at Bottomless Lake State Park in New Mexico

Oooh it feels so good to sit in one spot after five hectic days of traveling! Although it was cold when we woke up, at 29 degrees, the sun was shining and a warm day was ahead of us.  It got up to 77 today, and might hit 80 tomorrow!

Smells of perking coffee in our old fashioned pyrex pot on the stove, and after the first cup, we pour the rest in the plastic carafe (thanks Erin!) to keep it warm for refills.  Nothing smells better than perked coffee, except the scent of frying bacon!  Steve cooked up a great breakfast of eggs, american fries and bacon, which are rare for us to indulge.

Steve wanted to get a few repairs done around the rig.  Finnegan helped him fix the bolts on the bottom of the passenger seat.  He's a great helper unless he is licking Steve's ears, then it gets a bit more difficult.  

Once the seat was fixed, then we set about with some household cleaning here and there in the rig.  I scrubbed the bathroom while he hauled out the vac cleaner. It's amazing how fast the housework goes when the house is only 38 feet long! I also sorted all of our cords and cables  and chargers, and labelled each one for it's intended purpose.  Funny but the plug ends can be the same, like on my tablet and my cell phone, but one will not charge the other unless the exact right cord is used.  All are now in order and back in the cute picnic basket by the counter. 

We took a walk around the park and snapped a few shots ... the dogs posed so nicely for this one!  Don't worry, they are not on a cliff, it's only a foot down to the water.  We let them dip in their paws, but neither one wants to be a water spaniel, so they came back out.  A few indignant shakes of their paws, and we were on our walk again!

We decided to take a ride down to the visitors center and get more information about the area.  We saw some fellow camping folks who are a few sites down from us. We asked them to take a photo of us by one of the deep "bottomless lakes" ... they are really deep and do have a bottom, but it's wayyyyy down deep!

(little did those neighbors know, but we did them a favor before we left the campground.  They had left their awning out on their fifth wheel.. but some winds had come up and were making it difficult for the awning to stay in place.  Actually one of their supports had slipped and soon the awning was billowing up and threatening to rip free and destroy the entire frameworks.  So we went over and rolled it up  -it is the same make and style as ours-   and we stuck an anonymous note on their door saying that the winds had kicked up and their awning was in danger and added smiley face to the end as a signature!)

We drove on around the park. There is a whole series of deep holes that are made from compressed gypsum and salt deposits that later wore away and left holes in their place and collapse.  When filled with water, they are deep rich cool pools of interesting colors.

The park is nice in the winter, about half full of campers now for the weekend.  The rangers said it's very very busy in the summer!  I would imagine with it being one of the few lakes around in the desert, that people come here to cool off.  One whole side of the beach is lined with rows of palapas, and they rent paddle boats and canoes too. Being so cold at night, the water doesn't warm up as much one would think in the winter months, even if the days get up to the 80's.  We saw a few brave kids splashing around today, but they weren't out too deep and not submerged and further than their waists.

 We drove up in a back road that surrounds the park from the east and could see down onto our campground.  The red arrow is pointing to our little tiny speck of a blue motorhome.

All afternoon I had the crock pot going with scalloped potatoes and ham.  By the time we got back from our ride, supper was done!  Man oh man, eating while on the road is tough, isn't it?

I whipped up a couple trays of chocolate chip cookies for my sweetie on Valentine's Day.  Even though we bought each other the replacement tv for the coach as our gift to each other, he still got his obligatory pair of silk boxers with XOXOXO all over them.  hahahahaha (he is gonna kill me for putting that in the blog)

We shared some cookies with the neighbors too.... our microwave convection oven finally bakes things evenly, after the first three or four years of nothing baking right or evenly at all.  Suddenly, one day, after a very rough ride, it worked good and doesn't make a tinny rattly sound any more.  Hmmmmmm   it seems to have fixed itself! 

Oh, we have had the wonderful honor to peek inside our youngest daughter's belly and see our sixth grandbaby at 12 weeks old.  Notice how well advanced and intelligent our grand child is??? It is so smart and coordinated, and already waving!  

And now it's time to get cuddly 
in our jammies and 
say "Goodnight"

(a quick clarification to yesterday's blog post...
 Craig mentioned about the fuel spill perhaps being diesel is not so flammable,  and I should clarify that it was gasoline that the guy has spilled all over, not diesel.  We were waiting for a spot to pull in the same space at that station because the diesel pump and gasoline pumps were side by side on the same drive in a small station.) 


  1. The scalloped potatos look so good, as do the cookies! I'm giving a big wave back to your grandbaby.

  2. Your doggies are so sweet! We travel with our 5 dogs and the cat... one of the reasons we love to travel in the motorhome is that everyone gets to come along! Looks like you're having a great time. You're going to spend some time in Arizona, aren't you? Tony and I lived there for many years... and it is beautiful, especially this time of the year. I would think the wildflowers should be blooming there. Have fun and stay safe!

  3. You two have the most fun. Kudos to you.

  4. I wouldn't care what kind of fuel it was. I'd get as far away from it as I could!

  5. Glad to see you're getting to where it's warm during the day. That Bottomless Lake area is pretty. Dolly and I stayed there last year. Love those two dogs. They are so cute together.

    Glad you got away from that gasoline spill. That was a dangerous situation.

  6. I don't know which picture I enjoyed more, the dogs or your grandbaby waving hello! Ok, both pictures are adorable! :c)

  7. I love reading your blog. The places you visit are beautiful, in fact the desert areas are similar to where here in Australia. We take our 21 ft caravan on trips of 3 months into some fairly remote areas but stay on the bitumen and take our 4wd on the dirt tracks to see more of the outback.

  8. I especially like the comment about Binney being a great helper except for when he is licking Steve's ears!


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