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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Some Saturday Projects

This may very well be our last weekend around the house...  as we are thinking of escaping to some warmer climates for a little vacation soon.  If we head out later this week to beat the upcoming storm, we won't have any more full days to fill up with "house-fixin stuff".

Saturdays are good days for working on these kind of projects.  Steveio was up and at em by 7 a.m. tinkering with a special remote control to install inside of our ceiling fan in the kitchen.  I know Steve is tall, but he is standing on a stool in this pic.  LOL


Since we moved the fridge to it's new spot, the light/fan switch for the fan is located right behind the fridge.  Rather than reaching in behind by the fins to turn on and off the light portion, we purchased a remote control kit for the Hunter ceiling fan.  Besides, that light switch was located over by the door leading into the dining room, but we wanted it located over by the back door when you first come in the room from outdoors.  Makes sense, eh?  Well the remote control comes with a cute little bracket that can be installed anywhere in the room.  And that's just where we put it.  The lights on the fan can now be turned on with a touch of a button as we come in the house, and dimmed or brightened for whatever task we are doing.

Next up on the list was my pull-out trash bin!  Remember the space we had in our bottom base cabinets after re-arranging their order and omitting one tilt out bin?  Well, for the space we bought a pull out trash rack device.  The oak door panel was bought unstained at a local big box store and was within an inch of fitting.  So Steve carefully cut off the edges 1/2 inch one each side.  I stained it and poly'd it and put on the cast iron pull.  Steve adapted the bracket on the bottom and we got it installed in less than an hour.  The instructions said only 15 minutes, but I think they were wrong.  LOL

Here is my Handy Dandy Man showing off his skills....

By now it was a bout 10 a.m. and we needed to hop in the Tracker and head up to Green Bay... there was a mirror on Craigslist we had called about earlier in the week, but the seller had been home sick with the flu so we waited till she called for us to come and look.    It was 66 inches long and 30 inches tall.  That would not fit in our car, so we had to take the Tracker and slide it in up between the front seats!
Being 30 inches tall, that meant leaning it over.  
And that meant since Steve had to drive, 
it meant leaning it over onto ME! 
For FORTY miles.....
(I snapped this with the front facing camera on my tablet) 

We got it home, safe and sound.  No seven years of bad luck for us, no sireee!   We leveled it up on the wall and hung it from the extra secure brackets on back.  Steve was lucky to find a stud on one side and a thick section of lathe on the other.  This fills in that space over the buffet nicely~! 

Not too bad for $80, eh?

I am not sure if we are going to put the small section of plate rail back up on the left side or not.  We have all the pieces yet from when we removed the other hutch,  and the curly cue piece is setting on the right side by the picture frames.  We will see.   

In the meantime, I like the mirror because it somewhat matches the various gilded picture frames I have all around the dining room.  They are all pics of our family, each cluster smiling at us from all around the room.  

Now, just in case you think Steveio does all the work, I put in my share of tasks today too.  First I baked muffins for with our coffee.  Next I was running around with a paint brush dabbing all the spots he marked up on my newly painted walls from replacing some outlets and switches.  I also put a new pretty coppery/metal switch plate cover by my copper sink in the kitchen.  I also have to switch, label and re-insert new DVD's to record my instructional videos that I sell on line about weaving and sockmachine knitting.  I need to reload the machines with a new blank DVD every hour. That way I can take a whole slew along with us on vacation and mail them out as orders come in online.  

Besides that, I did dishes and laundry, and ran around fetching things for Steve as he worked on HIS projects.  

Oh... last night he got the water piped into my kitchen sink too... so that is all functioning just wonderfully. 

As for weaving, I have been working on some rugs on my Union loom.  Maybe I will get a few of these done before we leave and get them listed in my Etsy store.   I had made three like this which sold right away as soon as I posted them.  So I better get more done, eh? 

I think I pooped out this afternoon for a while, and took a little nap.  But now it's time to get up and at em for a few more things yet this evening.  Plus figure out what to cook for supper.  Hmmmmmm

Tomorrow we have our friends Paula and Mel coming for the day to visit.  They are just back from an RV vacation down south, and we are looking forward to hearing all about their adventures! 



  1. The mirror looks great there! You sure do a good job of finding the right pieces for the right places - your place looks beautiful!

  2. The mirror looks right at home there. You have that place looking so good it's going to be hard to leave it. Head south and relax. You both have earned it.

  3. Great mirror. Such hard workers you both are.

  4. That mirror is gorgeous, and you have the perfect spot to hang it!

  5. I think its almost about time for some travelling there chicky your house is gorgeous and love that mirror...I know this has been fun for you guys


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