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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Tale of Two Storms

Whew--- this is what it looked like last night as we drove home from a weaving meeting in Menasha....

We crawled home about 30 mph and underneath all the snow was a thick layer of ice, which made it even more treacherous.  Once home, we breathed a sigh of relief and curled up into bed. Ahhhh!  

When we woke up this morning, it was STILL snowing... and blowing... and no signs of stopping! Here is the view out the front window.  It kept on snowing all day long, and even now as I write this at 2:30 I can't tell if it stopped snowing and is just blowing around, or is it more coming down?

I think we need to change our scenery...  think we need a little GREEN? 

Our original plans were to leave on Friday to head south toward Texas.  But now looking at the weather maps, as soon as this storm passes, we might have a window of a day and a half to get out and get south as fast as we can!  So Wednesday morning will be a better starting date. 

We had hoped to stop at weaving buddy Rosie's in Bethel and also RVing buddies Sam and Donna near St. Louis, MO but are now thinking we better keep on going and get south as far as we can as fast as we can.  Last time we stopped at Sam and Donna's we arrived just after a big ice storm, and left just skirting ahead of another one by just hours---  Wheewwww!

So perhaps we will stop there on the way back instead.  Sorry guys, but I am thinking the next storm that is building out to the west will hamper us if we delay.  I think we are looking for sunshine and sand of the Gulf ?????    Maybe we will swing east and hit up Florida and see the folks too.  Who knows where the wind will blow us?

We have the neighbors watching the house on all three sides, a friend looking after the plants, and I have been loading up stuff for the motorhome all day.  I tried to trudge one trip through the snowdrifts in the backyard to the motorhome...  one trip was enough!   So now I will wait for Steve to get home from work and either snowblow a path there, or else back up the rig closer to our door to load it up.

Once the non-freezable stuff is loaded and stowed, we can go to bed, keeping a careful eye on the weather channel.  In the morning, if the roads are clear and the winds died down, we only have to toss in the last few things, the laptops, the tablet and our doggers... and off we go!

Oh P.S. to any potential robbers, there is nothing left in the house worth stealing, we even take the tv's with us in the rig.  LOL  plus the neighbors will call the cops in 2 seconds if seeing anything suspicious so don't even try. We live 2 blocks from the police department and 4 blocks from the sheriff's office.  Nuff said.

I forgot to get a post done since last Sunday... our friends Mel and Paula are back from their trip south and came over to check out our house. They gave it their seal of approval and decided we made a good choice.

Besides toting over a batch of tenderloins from their wonderful meat market in Wausau... they brought us a bottle of champagne!  

Can you imagine Steveio opening it up aiming RIGHT at the chandelier?????    I stopped him just in time and made him change the direction of the bottle while he popped the cork! Whew!

We enjoyed a wonderful meal of grilled steaks and all the fixens... and a cozy gathering around the diningroom table filled with good friendship, laughs, and warmth of being together again.

(sorry Paula, next time we will move the chair out of your face) 

I made up fresh berries over angelfood cakes and ice cream for dessert...  plus Paula brought Steveio a pan of rice krispie bars (of course)  which were gone by 5pm the next day! What a cheesy grin, eh?

Monday morning we had another delightful visit, from weaving friends Karen and Ellis York.  They had been up in Appleton to see a show their son was in, and stopped by to check out our house on their way back home.  We gabbed and did the loom-looking and fiber things, and gave them the nickel tour of the house too.  I forgot to take any pics!   After a cup of coffee they had to be on their way (too soon!) but left us a bottle of locally made wine from Galena Illinois called Niagara Grape wine.  Do all of our friends think we are alcoholics? LOL !   We will bring it along on our vacation and enjoy a glass from our lawn chairs, relaxing in the warmth and sunshine???

As we plan our escape, I am hoping to find time to stop in and see some RVers and weavers along the way... if we get close to your area, give us a shout at pfundt@gmail.com and we will see if we can do a meet up~!

Well, time to post this and say Bon Voyage!   
Touring in our land yacht as sailors on the concrete sea.... 


  1. If you make it to Florida, don't forget that Okefenokee is right above the border in Georgia!

  2. We've got the welcome mat out for you here in south Texas. We hit 80 degrees today.

  3. As much as we love your visits, I am afraid if you got here Wed or Thursday you would either arrive just after or during a major ice & snow storm, that is being predicted today, Dennis & Donna in Sandwich said they are supposed to get snow to so who knows what Illinois roads we be like I think once you reach Southern Illinois you should be okay maybe just wet & rainy,Depending when you guys are heading back we will be leaving the second week of April for Florida. We will just watch and see maybe you could stay a day or two and we'll hit the Anheiser Busch Brewery.Have a safe trip we will be following you on the blog. Be safe out there Sam & Donna.....

  4. Nice and warm here in Florida too. Safe travels.

  5. Hope the roads are clear, the sun is shining, and the wind is from your back. Safe travels, you have worked very hard this year and deserve a break, not a breakdown.

  6. We gave you the "golden seal of approval" on your home. You two did a fantastic job. Those cupboards are to die for. Love all the little and big touches you added. We felt right at home.
    We enjoyed the steaks and the conversation also.
    You have a wonderful trip and get those sandals dirty. The dirty they are the more fun I will know you had. When my son would come in from playing all dirty I would always know he a had a blast and you do the same. I want daily pictures of your sandals.....LOL!
    Travel safe, have fun and RELAX! You deserve it! Hugs!

  7. Is your motorhome blue or is it just that color from the cold? Hopefully you can get south quickly and find out what color it really is... ;c)

    Safe travels!

  8. Your home is great, the bones were there to start with buy you and Steve have done a wonderful job of fleshing it out. Remember if you get over Arizona way we have room here at Dogpound South for visitors.

  9. I always found it challenging to drive across country dodging the winter snows & sleet, but never with an RV. Safe travels.

  10. I wouldn't bet on you heading south on Wed. A storm is heading into Nebr. tomorrow & Thurs. and probably headed east & north after that. Don't know if you would be able to avoid it or not... maybe if you head out and don't dawdle but there are supposed to be severe storms in So. Texas and Louisiana to. Some wild weather indeed. Safe travels.

  11. Oh my gosh, just this time last year we were dodging the snow and ice in order to hit the southwest. Our only mishap was ice coming off a semi and cracking our \windshield...soooo look out for flying ice! Wish you could make it this far southwest, but alas....will have to be another year....

  12. Hope you can make it through here on your way back ... I have SO MUCH yarn that you need to take back with you now that you are homeowners again!

  13. Hope to.. we will see what route we are coming back on. Plus I need carpet warp for my Newcomb and that would save on shipping! LOL

  14. We are in nw Alabama right now, but hope to head out next week. FINALLY!!! I am beyond excited. :-) We are headed to south GA then down into FL. We think. I would love to cross paths with you and Steve - that would be awesome!

  15. If you come into San Antonio give us a shout. We'd love to meet you both.

    Our weather in San Antone looks like right around 70 degrees for highs until next Thursday (all subject to change, of course).

    Susan & Bob


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