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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Steve 3 - Mice 0 and Halloween fun

Well, that Steveio is a madman with the mouse patrol. He rushes out to check the traps each morning, then as soon as he comes home from work, and again before heading to bed!   They are pretty sneaky and get the peanut butter off some of the traps without springing them.  So now he is putting 2 traps side by side, hoping they will set on one while nibbling at the other!  hahahahaha This is getting to be fun, he has also set traps outside all around the rig by each tire!  Plus moth balls and dryer sheets.

I still think we should just borrow the neighbor's cat and their litter box and set them inside the motorhome for a day or two?   Heck, it's just parked in our driveway, so the cat would not be far from home.

We are gearing up to Halloween here at our house.  It's kinda special to me cuz it's that big FIVE OH day for me too.  ACK!   Yes.... I am a witch, I do not just play one on tv, or in politics.  tee heee joke there.  But I was born on that trick or treat day, which ruined my big brother's outing.  Mom went into labor and it cut short his trick or treating event.  So I think he still holds a grudge, to this day.

I told Steve that for my birthday I want to go camping.  I told the kids all I want for my birthday is *Good Kids*.   That is what I always say.  Tee hee.

Little granddaughter Allegra is getting all geared up for Halloween.  She went pumpkin hunting with her parents and found the best one.  Don't ya just love her tie-dyed tshirt???

Granddaughter Chelsea is getting excited too and practicing her Pumpkin Grins

Now I need a pic of grandson Jameson in his puppy dog costume! 

As most of you know, some huge storms have been our focus the last few days.  Wisconsin kinda got hit pretty hard.  Lots of people are still without power on the 3rd day of storms, one of which is my dad.  It has him all wound up and excited about it.  He calls me just about every hour with updates on his power situation.  LOL    He has a generator at the cabin and has an LP heater we got him a couple years ago, so he is warm and has his precious tv.   But he is going through all his gas cans of fuel quickly.  The hard part is finding a gas station with power to run their pumps to get more gas. This is the third day and they might not get power till maybe tomorrow, according to the news reports. 

At our house, we have not lost our power.  We are not part of the big WisPublicService power company, instead, we are part of a small co-op power company that derives it's power from the little dam upriver.  Some times we are the only ones to go out in a storm, and other times we are the only ones that don't go out at all! Like this time.

We only lost one tree in our woods from the wind gusts, some which were clocked in excess of 70mph.  It sure made the house creak and groan and shudder.   But now, finally, on Thursday the winds are dying down to only 30 mph, or so the weatherman promises.  Our river is up a couple feet, but not near flood stage, so we are okay with that.

While I have been holed up here for a few days, I got ahead on some sock inventory and some orders for customers.   (For my newest blog readers, I have an antique circular sockknitting machine that is about 100 years old and I can crank out nice wool or acrylic socks with it) 


As soon as I got these socks done, I got an order for three more pairs last night, in different sizes and colors than what I had on hand.  That figures!  So today will be a cranking day if little Chelsea naps this afternoon for a while. 

I got a few more rugs woven too, and hemmed up the edges.  I have a few more rugs on the loom that need to get finished off.   I suppose if the weather doesn't get any better, I can get to those this weekend instead of camping.  Sigh.   As much as I love weaving, I would rather be camping right now.  There are only a few weekends left before the *SNOW* flies, and I have all winter to weave and play on the looms. 

Well, naptime is over and the coffee cup is empty.  On to my day, and hope you have a good day too! 



  1. Sorry to hear about the storms in your area, but glad you still have your power and fun stuff to do! The kids look cute already for Holloween!

    Good luck with the mice! Nellie and Johnathan went all high tech with their issue and now fry the little critters if I remember right :) Maybe you could try one of those setups, at least they can't lick the peanut butter off!

    Love that sock machine! Very cool stuff :)

    Stay warm & safe!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. Hmmmm,another Scorpio! Happy birthday coming up.

    Steve's battle with the mice reminds me of my war with squirrels when I live in the NC mountains. (The squirrels and bears won, and the bird feeders were finally destroyed.)

  3. So glad you are weathering the storms. Ah, to be so creative, your work is beautiful.

    Stay safe and warm!

  4. Happy early birthday. My grandparents eloped on halloween and didn't realized it was when they did it. Guess they were in a hurry. It was a big joke in our family.

  5. Seeing we probably won't have internet over the weekend, we'll say Happy Birthday to you Karen. Hope you have a great 5-0.

    Happy to hear you made out alright with the storm. We stayed parked up for the day in Seymour, Indiana. It was too windy to drive.

    Have a great Hallowe'en and that the grandkids have a fun time.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Hi Karen, Wanted to let you know my husband catches mice by pulling small pieces of cotton off cottonballs. Rolls them up and puts it on the trap, using a sharp pointed object to push it on so the mice have to work hard to get it off which trips the trap and are caught almost every time. The mice seem to like the cotton, probably for nesting material. Hope you try this and it works...just a tip from across the lake in Michigan!! Love your blog, always look for a posting everyday!! Have a wonderful Happy Birthday!! Diane :o)


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