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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Score --- Steve 2 vs. Mouse 0

Oh Mr. Steveio the Mouse Master Man has caught two of them little meeces in his traps (one snap and one sticky)   But three of the other sticky traps had been moved around and disturbed.  So he loaded them up again with more peanut butter and reset the snap traps too.   We think they are coming in through the unused furnace ductwork somewhere they found an opening.  That is where we found lots of chewed insulation fuzzy stuff coming out of the duct up front.

Wish him luck, because the damage that can be caused by mice in an RV is just horrible.  They can chew through the insulation around wiring that can cause shorts or fires. They can chew stuffing out of built-in seating or padding around windows and valances which you would have to do a complete remodel to fix.  They can gnaw into the grey plastic water lines and cause leaks.. especially in hard to reach places for repair or replacements.

Using D-con is out of the question because once a mouse eats it, they sip some water and crawl away and die.  Don't want any stinky dead mice to crawl into the vents, walls, behind storage compartments and start to stink.  Ewwwww

I have one other thing we bought for the motorhome this week that I forgot to mention. For our house, I have a larger crockpot that is too big to fit in the cabinets of our motorhome.  We used it last weekend with Mel and Paula so I could do some Calico Beans.  But it had to ride on the floor next to the table enroute.

I told Steve that we should get a smaller one, but it still has to have a removable crock for refrigeration and ease of cleaning.  I don't like the all in one units where the crock will not lift out.  Had one like that years ago, and I was kinda glad I broke it.  HAHA

Lo and behold, Fleet Farm (the Man's Mall) had one on sale last week!   It's a Proctor Silex three quart crockpot with 3 settings, and a removable crock.  Plus it has a glass lid.  My big one has a plastic lid that looks kinda grungy and scratched up looking after all these years.  So Steve picked it up for us to add to our rig.  It is oval shaped and it fits nicely in a cabinet.  Smaller and more suited to 2 or 4 people.

Many motorhome RVers will leave a crockpot setting in the kitchen sink, while plugged into the power and using the inverter to power the outlet.  So it can cook while you are driving down the road!    I have done this once in our last rig, and it sure smelled good.  We had supper all done when we got to the campground.  I am not sure the draw of this new one on low or high or the keep warm settings.  Don't wanna run out in the rain to go check the label.  My big one is 180-250 watts, so I am sure this smaller one will be less draw than that.   I am gonna dig up some good crockpot recipes for taking it along next time.

It's a dreary rainy Sunday here.... and going to rain most of the day I expect too.   Packer game won't be on till 7:30 tonight, so I guess I will wander down to the loom room and find some mischief to get into.



  1. I loved it! The title of the blog today...with a picture of the crockpot....LMAO!!!! Go Steve...

  2. We buy boxes of moth balls and punch holes in them and put them in our "basement" mice, snakes and other nasty creatures hate the smell and stay away. I don't like using D-con either. I love the crock pot in the sink idea. Thanks.

  3. I have that very same crock pot! It has served me well for the last five years. I'm sure I don't use it as much as you will. :)

  4. Good Luck Steve, hope you get all those little critters. We have a crockpot real similar, and glad I have it.

    Stay warm and dry!

  5. I have a smallish one but really don't like it because you can't take the crock out. I rarely use it. I have been trying some recipes with it to see if I might want to use it more once we are on the road. If we do, I think I'll get a different one. "Last" yard sale item for sure.

  6. Love our crock pots, we carry two, a monster one for crowds and a small one for the two of us. We too do the cook in the sink.

    How did we live before without crockpots and microwaves?

  7. Karen..the title and the picture..did make me wonder..lol

    About the question for your stuff selling..Yes..Yes..and YES!! Just use a current or past post..use that title in my Mclinky hookup..and walla la it will show up in "Mornin Glories"
    Out of curiosity..ya'll living so up North..have you heard the saying.."Mornin Glories" I was just curious.
    Looking forward to seeing some of your crockpot recipes and of course you selling some of your weaving.

    Cindy and Walker

  8. We love crockpot cooking while traveling! They do make 12V models. You can get them off of 12volt-travel.com or at a truck stop. The crock does come out as well. Ours is 110 though so yeah, we use it with the inverter while driving. Works very well!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  9. For the mouse problem try and find what I describe as a mouse squealer. Up here in Canada you can buy them at Canadian Tire. You may find them in Walmart. They plug in and produce a very high pitch noise that scares the mice away. The noise doesn't seem to bother any thing else. I know quite a few people that use them and think they are the greatest.

  10. Ya can't beat a good crockpot! In fact, that's why I'm getting an RV - so I'll have a place to put my crockpot when I travel. Well, that's one of the reasons ... :-}

    P.S. Enjoy your blog very much. Your enthusiasm is wonderful!

  11. ACK, ACK, ACK Has to be one of the best comments we have ever had Karen love it. Thanks for reading our blog

    Brenda Brown (John and Brenda's Incredible Journey)

  12. Hope that was all the mice you had and that you now have them all. Steve is a good mouse hunter.

    Like the modifications that you made on the weekend by the way. Those lights look very nice.

    Kevin and Ruth

  13. One thing I've seen mentioned on one of the blogs I read that I would like to try is thermos cooking where you heat the food then put it in a thermos to continue cooking. It may be a bit more limited than a croc-pot, but you don't need something plugged in when traveling.


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