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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wade

On a lovely fall day, our daughter Heather married the love of her life, Jesse Wade.  It was a gorgeous day with absolutely perfect autumn weather.

The Wedding Chapel in Green Bay was the site of the ceremony.... and getting ready was half the fun!

A reflective moment between our daughters... 
as Matron of Honor Erin helps the bride, Heather, into her dress. 

Heather's rose bouquet has an antique handkerchief tucked in between the blooms.  The handkerchief was crocheted and embroidered by her Great Great Grandmother Kafehl, 
and then used by her Great Grandmother Kafehl, 
and then her Great Aunt Lois gave it to me on my wedding day, 
and passed on now to Heather on her wedding day (Erin got one too)

Also tucked in Heather's bodice was another momento handkerchief.  It was from Jesse's mom, originally shaped as a christening bonnet... just snip a few threads and it unfolds into a hankie for her son's bride someday to wear at her son's wedding.  How sweet and wonderful to pass that on to Heather!  What a great family to welcome our daughter into their arms.  And maybe when Jameson grows up, it can be used for his future wife and their child too.

Here is little Jameson getting dolled up for his very important task of being the Ringbearer at his mommy and daddy's ceremony.  And Daddy is doing a great job of decking out the little dude in all of his finery.
(He kept the tie and vest on all the way till after midnight!)

The two 2 year olds as a part of the ceremony were a hit... Aubrey the flower girl made it down the aisle to the bribery of M&M's I was shaking in a bag from up in the front pew.   Jameson started to come, but hightailed it back towards Mommy...  and he tried to scoot around Steve, Heather and my ex Glen coming down the aisle.  Glen grabbed him around the waist and hoisted him up on one arm... to be carried down the aisle with his Mommy and Steve on the other side.  So it turns out that all three men in her life escorted her down the aisle!

(didn't get a pic of that yet, waiting to see if someone else had a camera taking that shot)

After that excitement, the rest of the wedding went on cue....
 vows were said, rings were exchanged, the unity candle was lit and music was played.

Jameson enjoyed his gummy treats on the bottom step, and didn't mind the attention at all

Time for photos.. and kisses! 

The bridal party:  (left to right)   Shana, Deanna, Erin, Heather, Jesse, Tyler, Josh and Nic

Two sisters and two brothers--
Erin Matron of Honor
Heather the Bride
Jesse the Groom
Tyler the Best Man

During the unity candle ceremony, the flower girl Aubrey shared her M&M's with Ringbearer Jameson

Our Princess now has her Prince Charming for Happily Ever After

Her dress was lovely and Jesse looked so handsome in his tux

The darling bride taking out a little bit of time 
for some special Mommy/Son time with Jameson after the photos were done. 

(I just LOVE this photo!)

This IS Green Bay, ya know, so the bridal party has to stop off at Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers!   In the atrium area is a pub dedicated to Curly Lambeau, a legend in Green Bay.

The *theme* for the wedding reception is "Mario and Princess Peach" of the video game era.  
Lo and behold, in the atrium  at the Stadium were two Mario Cart video games, side by side, 
just perfect for a bride and groom! 

And Heather WON! 

 Some Jumping for Joy at the base of the Curly Lambeau statue out in front of the Stadium

 The photographer will use her shots of these antics on some interesting wedding photo artwork

The reception and dinner were held at The Stadium View Banquet Hall just down the block from the big Packer Stadium...  What a great place.  We had about 180 guests on hand for fun, laughter and celebration!  Many came from out of town... luckily there was not a *home game* or nobody would have been able to get a hotel room for 50 miles around!  Personalized champagne flutes are flanked by personalized shot glasses and beer steins...  PACKER beer steins, this IS Green Bay, ya know!

Being a Mario themed party, the table decorations were wooden Mario Question Blocks made by Jesse and Mario Mushrooms made by Heather to hold the table signs and numbers.  The center tray held little gift boxes of buttermints, and flower petals were strewn around with tiny flickering votives in star shapes (no candles allowed)   These photos were snapped before the wait staff set the tables with dinnerware.  Little Aubrey helped me set all the tables, and Jesse came to lend a hand while the bride was getting ready.

Of course, the cake needed to have Mario and Princess Peach to adorn the top! 

What a lovely cake it was!  Red velvet!!!   
Plus other little Mario figurines were ascending the stairs around the fountain... 
We had to keep little fingers off the cake, they all wanted the figurines BEFORE the cake was even cut!  

(the cake serving utensils were from my wedding, 
and used by Erin at her wedding, and now Heather at hers)

 Each table had a different video game character's name and guests were directed to their tables from the large seating chart printed up by Shana, and place holders to help the non-gamers remember where they sat.  What a fun way to find your family's name or group to get to your seat!  We had 22 tables of eight.

This huge poster helped folks find out who, what, where and why! 

After a wonderful meal served sit down family style of broasted chicken, BBQ ribs and all the fixens, 
it was time for dancing!!!!

The bride and groom were magical and joyous in the sparkling lights

 Heather and Steveio shared a special moment in their own Father Daughter Dance

I am in the far back corner, videotaping their dance together as the floor was cleared for them alone.

Heather also had a special dance with her father, my ex.  
She is lucky to have "Two Daddies" as her DJ friend, Elvie announced 

Jesse and his mother, Lisa, had their own dance too.  Such a wonderful lady to raise such a great son! 
Kevin and Lisa Wade have welcomed our daughter into their fold, with open arms and loving hearts. 

Heather got in a POLKA with Granpa Wankel (my dad)   He was all spruced up in his best suit and tie, and talked about wanting to dance with the bride and someone take his picture in his duds! 

I think she made his day... hard to tell who is happier?

After a grand march, filled with silliness and goofy sunglasses... it was time for the garter and the bouquet toss.  I missed photos of the bouquet toss, as I was still filming.   But here are shots of the antics that were untaken to get the garter from the bride.  First, she sat on the Best Man's lap.  Her husband had to *DANCE* over to her.... and if he didn't dance good enough, he was not allowed to get the garter!

To the tune of "Tequila" --- Bridegroom Jesse did his best Pee Wee Herman imiation....  what a hoot!

and yes, he was allowed to get the garter from her leg.... (whoever started such a strange custom?)

 And now it was time to throw it into the gaggling group of single men... 
Heather helped turn him around and around and directed him where to throw it! 

We danced late into the night, when little Jameson and Chelsea both konked out. Then we did the "Grandparent Thing" and brought them home with us.   40 miles later, we arrived home and both of the little buggers woke up with a second wind!  They played and played, while we were exhausted and hoped they would go to sleep!  Chelsea dozed off at 12:30am, and Jameson at 1am!

We brought them back at 10 am to the hotels where family was staying at, and they later did the water slide fun at Tundra Lodge's indoor water park.  We were exhausted so we came home and took a long nap!

In case you want to see more???   

Here is a link to an album on facebook.. 
you do not have to be a member of facebook to view them

Still waiting to see if anyone took pictures of Steve and I or when we posed up front with Erin and Heather?   I was busy taking photos, but didn't get any of us!   I know the photographer got some, but those will take weeks.... anyone?

Cheryl?  Joann?  Linda?  


  1. What a beautiful bride, a handsome groom, and a lovely wedding! Congratulations to all.

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all! The bride and the gown were beautiful!

  3. The shoes the men in the wedding party wore are a hoot! Are they KEDS?

  4. Great photos Karen--looks like a good time was had by all!

  5. What a beautiful bride! In fact, the whole wedding party looked beautiful. Thanks for sharing this amazing day with your readers. The pics were wonderful.

  6. You were blessed with such a beautiful family and day.The pictures are great these are the family times you savor for the rest of your lives, now if I could just get my single sons married off. Glad to see all the dancing and fun times, very creative,your our kind of people, We send our best wishes to the newlyweds. Sam & Donna.

  7. Beautiful wedding... everyone looks so happy! Her dress was lovely and she looked radiant... I love the bops the guys were wearing... too funny!


  8. Her dress was beautiful I love the trim on it!
    what a beautiful wedding. I know you are exhausted!! The pictures were really good.

    Try to get some rest.

    Cindy and Walker

  9. What a great day! Amazing theme, so well done and Jamison eating candy during the ceremony...PRICELESS!!!

    Thanks for sharing a very special day for you all. :C)

  10. Congrats to the Newly Weds! Very cute couple and great pictures! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  11. What a beautiful wedding and a beautiful bride. Her dress was really beautiful. I also liked the guys shoes...much more comfortable than your typical wedding shoes! Can't wait to see a few more pictures of you and Steve!

  12. Looks like a beautiful day was had by all. Bride and Groom are wonderful, the bride really looked like a princess.

    That was quite the cake!

    Glad the wedding went so well.

    Kevin and Ruth

  13. Now THAT looked like a really fun wedding. :)



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