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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brrrrrrr it's time for our first fire in the fireplace for the season

Brrrr the temps dropped in Wisconsin, back to what is *normal* for this time of year.  We had winds today of 35 mph gusts and dark grey heavy clouds.  It was such a shock from what we had the last two or three weeks.  I think we forgot what October is normally like?

I had been out on the deck replanting some outdoor plants for taking inside.  When I was done, It seemed like I just couldn't warm up.   The winds have died down, but I am still chilled to the bone.  Hope I am not getting sick? 


Soooo it was time to put a fire in our fireplace!




While it burns and warms the room, we are sitting here, side by side in our easy chairs like some old-timey couple….except we are sitting here with our laptops!!!  LOL

side by side

I think WINTER is on it's way....



I had wanted to go camping again this weekend, but the weather forecast looks like rain rain and more rain.  I suppose we could still go, and hope the weatherman is wrong?

We will see. 


I suppose I could spend some serious time in my studio this weekend, and won’t even notice the rain outdoors.  But honestly,  I would rather be camping.  Time is running out!  We are soon to be buried under snow and ice and cold!!!   Perish the thought.


  1. Yeah, I vote for camping while you can! That certainly is a beautiful fireplace.

  2. We know what you mean about snow, ice, and cold. We were residents of Michigan for 30 years until this past summer. Your fireplace looks warm and inviting!

  3. That fireplace & cozy chairs make for a very comfy looking place to be in the inclement weather. It is the warm inside upside of the cold outside downside:))

  4. Won't be long and Donna will have Andy making a fire at our place in MO. but for now I see where it was 76 yesterday in Dardenne Prairie, as compared to 53 in Scranton Pa. I know we will have snow here before Thanksgiving tonight it will be in the 30's again. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. still summer here in Texas - 90 yesterday...

  6. If that's the kind of weather that was blowing in as we drove into Iowa yesterday, we need to head south fast! Things look nice and toasty and your house. Enjoy the change of seasons!!

  7. First fire will be soon here too. We have a "rule" the temperature must be 50 or below at supper time before we can have a fire in the evening. The overnight low has been down to 53, but no lower yet.

    We are going to do the fall chimney sweep on Saturday. Because we run a very low banked fire overnight we usually clean the chimneys twice each season. Now and in about March.

  8. We're waiting for our first wood delievery for our fireplace. We love it, but we still have sometime before we have to winterize the RV, I usually do it after Thanksgiving.

  9. I finally finished reading your entire blog, from the beginning...what a wonderful trip it has been. I feel like I have been with you in each place that you talk about. Hopefully, next year, my husband and I will get to experience some of the same. I do have a question for you..when you upgraded your windshield screen, you took off your drapes. Are you still trying to sell them? If yes, I may be interested! We bought a 1987 Honey Class A, and the windshield drape has seen better days :(...New ones are not in the budget right now, so please let me know! Thanks. Bye the way, our pot belly stove has been busy too, since in Connecticut, the temp was in the low 30's last night! BRRRRR


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