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Monday, December 12, 2016

Steve's Countdown and Dog Transport

Steve is down to the final seven days before retirement!~  Next Tuesday the 20th should be his last day. His official retirement date is Dec. 30 but he is burning up vacation days before that to use them up. Last night he grabbed a clip board and some paper and a pen. He started making his OWN list of projects he would like to get accomplished around the house. This is no way a Honey Do list, because he is the one making it for himself. I take no blame.

I am trying to feel better with this danged cold. I did a bunch of sewing today... and was finishing up the two more rows of 10 inch blocks on a quilt. I had it all rolled up and clamped to my frame to sew the fancy swirly stitches on just the two last sections of blocks (one row on each side)  when I ran out of thread!   OH MY....

Normally this wouldn't be a problem.  But the thread is variegated with four or five particular colors. It's not like I can just grab a spool of single color thread to finish it up. I didn't buy it, it was in a gift box of threads from a friend. I have no idea the brand.  The nearest quilt shop who might have something close is 22 miles away.  I debated driving 44 miles round trip today to just get a spool of thread....  geeesh....  but then I got a message that the Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue needed someone to transport 2 dogs in the morning to the vet to get spay/neuter visits prior to adoption.  And the quilt shop happens to be on the way!  hahaha   So it will be a double duty task here, one for helping the rescue dogs and one for me!

Steve took the car over to the gas station tonight after supper and filled up for me so I didn't have to do it in the cold frigid morning.  What a sweet man!  As it is, the temps are dropping fast out there, now it's about 12 or so degrees. Later on in the week it will be well below zero and wind chills in minus 20 to minus 30 range!  brrrrrrrrrrr

We did get a bunch of snow on Sat-Sun.  The world looks much softer and prettier with snow. I stayed inside and took pics out through the windows.

The flakes kept floating down on Sunday,
all day long. 

It looked so wonderful out there.

The dogs think so too! 

Romping and playing in the newfallen snow,
with flakes sticking to their fur. 

They soon tired of the snow play 
and wanted to come back in to warm up.
Me too! 


  1. Crikey ..... I sure would like to go romping in the snow like that!! It sure looks like fun. I guess I'm NEVER going to know. there's no snow here EVER. Suppose I'll just have to be happy with the beach. Mum never gets tired of looking at snow pics. So beautiful!! AND she LOVES those last two pics. It must be nice to curl up in the warmth after being out in all that snow.

  2. I bet Steve is getting pretty excited about his retirement!

    We have had cold but not much snow here in Eastern Europe but in a couple more days we will be headed back to Ottawa where they now have a fair bit of snow and by the time we are there, freaking cold temperatures! Looking forward to seeing family but those temperatures.

    Your snow scenes do look pretty and so do the dogs with the snow sticking to them. Keep warm!


  3. I remember my retirement countdown and know that Steve actually wishes it were here. When work stops being enjoyable it's time to pack it in. Good Luck Steve.
    As for the snow it sometimes is pretty to look at but through someone else's eyes and blogs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Congrats to Steve! If he's anything like me, he'll be busier after retiring than he was when he was working. :c)

  5. I remember both our countdowns. Enjoy the new adventure. We are in Florida right now and will be heading to the UP for Christmas. Not looking forward to the cold.

    Celebrating the Dance

  6. Your babies are so beautiful, snow and all. The snow is beautiful but I'm glad I'm only looking at it on line and not out the window. Retirement - exciting time.

  7. Love all the snowbound photos! And the pups...
    Stay warm up there!


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