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Monday, August 17, 2015

Update on our baby Whitney and also on Dad

Well, our little grandbaby Whitney is holding her own.  Her visits to the doc are plentiful, and I am trying to go along with as many as I can to help our daughter Heather.

Whitney is gaining weight, but needs to gain more.  She isn't yet developing her own blood platletes, but will be going back again on Friday for more testing. All good thoughts, prayers and well wishes are welcomed for our sweet little gal.

We love her sooo much! 

As for my dad, while we were waiting for some tests on Friday, our nephew and his fiance stopped by with their two children for a visit.  Sometimes you just need a little laugh at times like this.... so we made a little movie clip in the hospital room:

We sprung Dad from the hospital on Saturday.  Once the doc mentioned discharge, he just about FLEW outta the bed, asking me to get his clothes!   Well, his IV was still attached and he had to wait for the paperwork to properly release him.

Once we got outside where he could breathe and walk and stretch, it was like letting an animal out of cage.  A smile was back on his face!  Just look at that smile!  (please, don't look at the worry on my face)

Our oldest brother brought him home to his snug little cabin in the woods. We helped him build this over 30 years ago, and this is where he wants to be. Who can blame him?

He got all settled in and my brother cut the grass and did some odd jobs around the place for him.  Then on Sunday our youngest brother, my sister and her husband (a cancer survivor himself) all went to visit and hang out and help with some projects.

They kept him occupied and he was happy to have company.  
I think this is a very good pic of my sister and my dad.....  

His phone was ringing off the hook of course, and he was glad to have contact with people now that he was sprung from the hospital.  I hope people keep contacting him to keep his spirits up.  No time frame, just knowing he will be home where he wants to be is good for him.

Steve and I will be going up on Friday to get him set up with his local doc and I am transferring all his hospital record stuff from the tests that were done (so he don't have to go through them all again)   Next week we meet with the county gal with info on hospice and other services available in the region.  She was so nice and helpful on the phone, and had a lot of information to give.

The bugger of it all is that I must have picked up a flu bug or virus at the hospital myself.  I am down and out here with fever, chills etc. and not doing so hot.  Today, I was supposed to pick up grandtots Allegra and Mason for an overnight visit, but I had to cancel, sadly.  I hate disappointing my wee ones....  I spent the day in bed, and this evening is the first I have wandered down to the couch and opened the laptop up. I think I am going back to bed....

If Grandma ain't doing good,
 she can't do good for others now,
 can she?


  1. I am glad he got to go home to his beloved cabin. I would be just like him, wanting to go home.

  2. Glad to hear that Whitney is holding her own and that she will keep on doing well. Nice that your Dad is out of the hospital, I am sure he will feel much better at home in his own surroundings.

    Hope you feel better very soon as well.


  3. Your dad looked so much better in the picture after being home in his own little cabin. Wishing Whitney well she sure looks like a little treasure

  4. That is a beautiful cabin and surroundings, and I can see why he is happy to be there.

    Baby Whitney is just precious. Grandma isn't letting her go, is she.

    Hope you feel better soon. No fun having to disappoint the little ones, but better that they don't catch the bug. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Karen, your dad's cabin looks idyllic. So cozy, lovely and peaceful. I hope you feel better pronto, but I have to say I'm almost glad you'll have to slow down for a couple of days. Take care of yourself. But you know that, right? Sending hugs (from afar, 'cause I don't need that flu-bug!)

  6. Sending you positive healing thoughts to Whitney and your dad. Hope you feel much better soon.

    So glad your dad is home. I can see why he wanted out of the hospital. it sure is a beautiful place. It sounds like he has plenty of people keeping in touch and visiting. I hope whatever he needs will be sorted and he can be pain free.

    Lovely photos.


  7. Hope it is a short flu. You are wise to not take the little ones, they don't need to catch what you have. Stress and strangers can often equal colds and flu. I keep trying to wash real good when out in public places. All those hand rails and door knobs!

  8. When you have any type of bug that is not a time to be generous. Staying home and getting well is the best you can do for everyone. I hope all of you continue doing well.

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon Karen! Hospice people are wonderful souls!


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