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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our Sweet Little New Granddaughter Whitney Sure Gave Us a Scare!

OH my ... .we have been UP and then DOWN ... then whirling in circles!

On Sunday night, our youngest daughter Heather and husband Jesse trekked on down to the hospital in the middle of the night to have our darling granddaughter!  Yes, little Whitney Wonder Wade was born at 4:46 a.m. on Monday,  5 pounds 8 ounces and 18.5 inches long.  Such a darling little tiny tot.... (and a happy momma and exhausted daddy)

Within a few hours, grandfaddah and grandmuddah Pfun were on the way to meet with her... awwww

We spent a few delightful hours enjoying the sweet baby, while exhausted Jesse slept in the background.  This new mommy looks so happy and proud.

We had the chance to cuddle and snuggle her.  
While Mommy ate breakfast, this grandmuddah got to do the magic of rocking her to sleep,
 and holding her close and loving her.

Soon though, things changed. 
We had no idea what kind of rollercoaster 
we were embarking on just a few hours later!  

The wee one had some issues, and off she was whisked to the NICU!!!

Her blood sugar levels were way off,
 then her hemoglobin platlettes were way off,
and soon our little wee angel was having a transfusion! 

I rushed back to the hospital to a whole different scene.
I close my eyes and can still see in my scared frantic head the 
image on her tiny body with all those tubes and hoses and sensors! 

She was having the best of care,
in the best neonatal unit in the area.

With the grandmotherly love that Jesse's mom, Lisa, and I poured over her in the NICU was warming and amazing.  Each time we spoke, her heart rate would jump up a few beats. Each time her mommy touched her, she would respond.  We gave her all we could. We touched her feet and caressed her arms.  We had the nurse adjust an IV line tape.  We soothed her and fawned over her.  She looked so helpless and tiny.  It was breaking our hearts.

On the upside, she was nursing well, and Heather was miraculously able to start getting milk within a few hours of giving birth, on top of colestrum she already pumped out that they were feeding her via syringe.  Heather is such a trooper, listening to the nurses and docs, and doing all she can.  Having nursed Jameson 7 years before, she was an old hand at this!  

Whitney's immature little system was rallying, and her parents' love is strong. All the tests and docs and nurses and care --- in and out of the NICU to help our sweet angel Whitney to get through this.  The strain and pressure in our hearts was immense, and prayers from family and friends flooded in. 

It has been a rollercoaster over the last 36 hours, but she turned the corner.  The blood sugar spikes and drops have leveled out. She underwent a blood transfusion, The platelettes went from only 13,000 up to 98,000. She had an ultrasound to ensure there wasn't any internal bleeding from the delivery and that showed everything would be okay. She will be released from the NICU in the next day or two.  

I could finally breathe.  I got the weight off my chest, and I can see ahead for many wonderful years with our darling little Whitney added to our tribe of grandbabies. 

Please welcome Little Miss 
Whitney Wonder Wade


  1. oh Karen! so terrifying. Am so grateful she turned the corner and all is well. You are right, a roller coaster. Sending prayers and good thoughts to all of you.

  2. Oh my, how scared you all must have been. Little Whitney is lucky to have so many loving people rallying for her. Wishing her continued improvement and prayers for her and the family. Becki

  3. so glad that all is well, give her a little kiss from me what a sweetie

  4. So happy to hear little Whitney is doing so much better. Your troupe of grandchildren keeps on growing!!

  5. How grateful we are that prayers were answered and your beautiful Whitney is on her way to a wonderful life filled with all kinds of love.

  6. You're right, that was a roller coaster ride...but not the good kind. Happy to hear Whitney turned the corner, but how could she not with all that love lavished upon her? I hope you continue to rest easy.


  7. Our youngest grandchild wound up in the NICU also. It is a very scary thing. I am so glad that your granddaughter is going to be ok. She is beautiful.

  8. Karen, as you know, the power of love and prayer is very strong and miracles happen. I am so grateful that Whitney is your miracle. Hopefully all of you who love her can now breathe and relax a bit and just enjoy this beautiful newest addition to your family! Positive thoughts and prayers heading your way!

  9. Congratulations to you and your hubby on your new granddaughter Whitney. Also congrats to Heather and Jessee.

    So glad Whitney is now doing well. What a wonderful gift for you, especially as it's so close to the anniversary of your sons passing.

    I hope you all have a wonderful life ahead filled with beautiful memories. Sue

  10. Thank goodness for expert medical care.....I'm so glad she is doing better.

  11. Whitney Wonder Wade ~~~ you are a precious little darling and so very glad God has placed you into this loving family! And praising God for answered prayers and know that you will be singing and singing and sharing your blessed gift with others ♥

  12. Here's hoping for continued good news about that sweet little baby girl's health--glad Mom is doing OK!

  13. Whew, what a rocky start for the little Wonder~ Keep up the healing touches!

  14. Congratulations of the birth of Whitney! So glad that she has pulled through and hope that she continues to do well. Best wishes to the whole family! She is a beautiful little creature. :-)


  15. You brought tears to my eyes. Nothing is so heart breaking than a baby or small child in trouble. Prayers and good wishes on the way.

  16. Congratulations on your newest family member!

  17. I can understand your worries, but thankfully little Whitney has pulled through. She's a little trooper, for sure.

  18. So glad things are looking good for her. Modern medicine and good doctors can do wonders. Glad it's 2015 not 1915!

  19. I'm so happy things turned around in the right direction. Welcome, Whitney!

  20. So scary when our new ones have trouble. Glad she is coming round now. Hope you are all breathing well again.

  21. What a scare! So thankful all is well with baby Whitney. God is good. Congratulations to all on her birth. Grandchildren are so precious!

  22. So happy all is well and congratulations to all. NICU's are amazing. It's hard to see those itty bitty babies with IV's and tubes all over them. Just had twin great grandbabies in June and of course being tiny they spent a few weeks in NICU. You are a great support team and Whitney will thrive with all that love

  23. She is already living up to her name, isn't she? So glad that she is so much better, and that your daughter is doing well. Prayers sent for all of you!


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