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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Whirlwind Visit From the Folks and Sky Diving Great Auntie!

Well, my folks made it safe and sound to Chilton.... I was in the grocery store and got a phone call saying they were sitting on my front porch!  So I drove home as soon as I could, and yup, there they were--- two little homeless waifs sitting on my front stoop... looking for a person with a key to get in the house!   There weren't any cars behind me, so I pulled up in front of the house, rolled down the passenger window and took this pic of them.

I pulled in the driveway and snapped another shot of them sitting there.  
They looked so gosh durned cute! 

We made up some lunch and caught up on all the newest, latest and greatest.  Then my dad wanted to go down to New Holstein to TSC store check out some farm equipment, and it just so happens that next door is a thrift shop... so Mom and I went in there!

We hit one more thift shop in Kiel and then headed on back to our house... soon Steveio would be home from work.  Relaxing out on the front porch is a good way to wind down his busy day... and enjoying some time with the folks too!

 (the Pillsbury Dough Boy Cookie Jar in the lower right corner
was her mother's day present I didn't mail because they were moving) 

Mom hauled out the photo albums she brought along and was showing Steveio all about their newest home in Georgia.  These folks change their homes as often as they change their underwear (almost) ....  Well, I can count six different places they have moved to in the last 10 years or so.  So she had to show us all about the newest place.

I made up a couple pans of lasagna, using the roll-up method.  One was chicken alfredo lasagna and the other was the tomato meat sauce type.  Both came out great!

Here is the Chicken Alfredo recipe... click to enlarge it in another window to read the words if it's too small on your browser.

Here is the way I make it, I added some Italian bread crumbs on top too.

We sat around the for the evening, catching up and enjoying the time with my folks.  My dad has a very sassy habit of sharing his Cheetos Cheese Puffs with Finney. (who is a very willing participant, I might add)   There... caught in the act!

And Mom is not much better!   Here she is this morning sharing a cinnamon roll with the pup!  ARRRGGHHH!   She also keeps a handful of doggie treats in her pocket, and both dogs follow her all around the house to see how many they can beg off of her.

After coffee this morning, they loaded up and headed further north to the U.P. of Michigan.  It was not a sad "goodbye" ...rather it was a "see you soon" in two days!   They will visit some of the other people we know up there, and then head over with the family to Escanaba, MI for the weekend. We are happy to have a family gathering coming up for my nephew Darren's wedding!   It should be a great time, and we have the motorhome loaded up and ready to roll.  Steve has to work till noon tomorrow and then we will head out.  So we will be seeing the folks, and siblings, some of our kids and grandkids, and friends at the wedding ...  Will take a LOT of pics! 

Speaking of family... 
my great auntie Bernice
(technically my second cousin) 
sure made a big headline 
in the local paper in Port Washington, WI!   
Check this out! 

Yes... she sure did!!!!   

You go, girl!  
Soooo proud of you, Bernie...
you have a LOT more guts than I do~! 


  1. Isn't that some kind of felony? Spoiling dogs rotten with all kinds of treats? :c)

    Wow, your aunt is one brave lady! Good for her, enjoying life!!!

  2. I particularly like the blue and white rug on your porch! I think the hounds like it too!

  3. part of grandparent job is to spoil whether 2 legged or 4 legged. as with human children you will just have to re-program when grandma leaves

  4. Glad you had a nice visit with your parents and I am sure you are looking forward to seeing them again this weekend.

    Love that picture of your Aunt Bernice! Good for her, you only have one life so you might as well do some of these crazy things. Looks like she really was enjoying herself.



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