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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meeting other Safari Owners on the Road

Last weekend when we were heading up through Escanaba, MI for my newphew's wedding... we happened to stop at Walmart for a couple things before heading to Gladstone. We pulled in and saw another Safari Motorhome parked there!  We pulled in behind them and had two things to pick up in the store.  When we came back out, we saw the owners outside their rig, walking their dogs.

We introduced ourselves .... Their names are Lu and George and they are from Canada.

So we chatted for a bit... it's so nice to meet other Safari Owners around the country.  Our rigs are now approaching the 19 year mark, so they are considered "vintage" I should think!  haha  But we still see a lot of them on the road, going strong.

Soon we were showing the insides of each other's motorhomes, comparing dings and dents, and sharing stories of repairs.   Their large glassed in shower features an etching of a big lion...   and I especially liked the reflective grid over their florescent light fixture in the kitchen.  It was like little golden tubes of metallic plastic that diffused the light and made a pretty pattern. Very retro.

They had two dogs on board, as did we.... and we both remarked how nice it is to travel with the family pets inside and part of our lives.  We then examined our back custom painted murals that Safari's are famous for.

We told them somewhere on their mural is a small hidden animal.  The Dame brothers were artists who painted each mural at the factory as coaches were ordered.  Here is a website link to more info if you wish to read about them: http://www.arcatapet.net/travel/murals.cfm

(We couldn't locate their "hidden animal" but I am sure they will keep looking) 

Here is a photo of the back of our rig, with our tiny mouse highlighted ....

We had to say our goodbyes and get further on up the road to our nephew's wedding location in Gladstone.  So we exchanged emails and informed them about our Safari Group on Yahoo to join up and interact with other Safari Owners.  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SafariCoaches/

This weekend we have our rig parked at Columbia Park in Fond du Lac on the shores of Lake Winnebago. Our patriarch of the Pfundtner Family is here with us.... Steve's Dad, Paul.

He has a Rexhall RexAire motorhome ...  he pulled into the site next to us for the weekend.  I told him from the front of his rig reminds me of the little ladybug rides at the amusement park with the little antennas hanging down over their faces!  LOL

We were able to pull into our campsites so we face each other, and enjoy our sites by using the area in between our campers.  Soon our awnings were deployed and our lawn chairs placed outside. Let the weekend begin!

Last night after dinner, we set up the tv outside of the rig so we could watch the Packer Game.  From time to time the larger tv signal would cut out, so we had the smaller one next to it as "stand by" haha.  They are both the same brand of tv, but the smaller one we keep in the bedroom seems to pull in stations better.

The tv reception in this area is quite spotty, and it comes and goes.  We were pulling in signals from Green Bay which is 50+ miles away.  Not too bad for our tiny Jack King antenna on our rig.   At least we got to watch the game!

We had a few fellow campers who couldn't get the signal at all in their rigs, stop by to check the score or watch a few good plays.

Even though it was only a preseason game, we got to watch our favorite players in action, and see a few of the new guys putting on a good show.  The team roster final cuts are coming at the end of the month, and we want to see who stays and who goes. They won, over the Raiders, 31 to 21.

And this is how I enjoyed my Packer Game....

This morning is kinda cloudy and hazy, but it is going to be hot and humid again. We are happy to be camping with electrical hookups at this park.  We are able to use the air conditioning in the rig, especially later today.

Steve and Pa Pfundtner headed into Fond du Lac for a few items at the RV dealer and are going to do some RV maintenance this afternoon.    I think I am going to crank some socks.  Ahhh the camping weekend life!


  1. I downloaded and enlarged the picture of the mural on your friend's coach, but could not, so far, find any hidden creatures. Let us know if you find out what and where one is hiding.

  2. Lu just emailed me: "Hey Karen
    Thanks for sharing and including us in your RV adventures!
    Nicely written & Photos are great!
    Keep In Touch!
    Lu & George p.s. We still haven't found our hidden animal - even had
    some neighbours searching over a little shot of moonshine!!! ha ha ha"

  3. One of my friends purchased a 40 foot 2002 Safari and it was so very beautiful and luxurious, that it made me melt! All his friends moved him in by using a fire line, and got the work done in an hour!

  4. Enjoy searching the murals for the hidden animals. Such a unique idea.

  5. Pretty darn nice feeling being out & about in the Motorhome again eh. I did count 5 possible birds in the background with one appearing to be something like a Tundra Swan.

  6. Sitting at Mickie Ds in Port Huron trying to catch up on all my blog post reading.....am so far behind. Read all your posts I missed. A neat idea with the hidden animal on the murals. Bet a lot of people are out looking after reading your blog post.
    Traveling with the Longdogs (Blog)

  7. Every time I see a Safari I try to find the hidden animal. I never find it

    We considered Rexhalls when we were looking, but never found one that nice.

    Cranking again. You know how to hurt a person, don't you?


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