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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting Plastered For New Years

It's not what you think....

We called a local plaster company to come over on the weekend for a quick skip trowel of plaster on our ceilings.  You can see in the pic below the long ridge lines of the plaster and lathe that is 100 years old on our ceilings.  It's all intact and firm, but Steve was thinking some texture over the surface would hide the ridges.   Byron Hickman and his partner Dave came over and did some good work for us.   Reasonable and polite and easy to work with.  

Byrons Quality Painting and Drywall
10313 Spring Lake Rd
Valders, WI 54245
Phone: 920-773-3939  

They spread the new plaster in a random fashion with their trowels (knifes) and did a great job!
And once they were done, Steve inquired about the handy-dandy plow on the front of Bryon's truck.  Seems for a $20 tip, he gladly pushed back the snow piles in our yard at the end of the driveway so we would have room to put the motorhome in the back yard, and also room to maneuver a moving truck and extra parking now that the ground has frozen.  ZOOM ZOOM it was done!

It would have taken Steve a long time to do all of that with the snowblower, for sure.

We geared up on New Year's Eve day morning to get our moving truck from Uhaul.  Picking up a 24 foot truck was kinda funny with the agent giving us all kinds of driving instructions.  Finally we told him we drive a 40 ft diesel pusher that is even longer and taller than the truck, he let us off the "training lecture".  HAHA

We had only planned on hauling the large items, and had Steve's brother Pete coming to help us.  Lo and behold, as we were picking up the truck, the phone rang and it was our daughter Erin and her husband Mark.  They said they were almost to Appleton and because we were "OLD" they were coming to help us!  We didn't want to impose on our grown kids, as most of them are working on New Years Eve day.  But Erin and Mark were both off work for the day, and the two grandtots were in the daycare for the day.  So along they came.

Well, once they took hold of things, it was load load load until EVERYTHING was packed!   I was going to haul small loads of items in the car or Tracker during the week, and had not planned to take all of that stuff in one load.   In it all went, with barely a smidge to spare...

We convoyed down to the new house in Chilton, where Steve skillfully backed in the truck up our driveway.  (note, he had previously cut down branches on our big pine tree for added clearance)

Within a very short time, they had everything unloaded!  Most of the items went into the garage, as they are my refinished cabinets, countertop, center island, gas log fireplace, a couple looms etc.  Things that don't need to go in the house right away.   Here are the guys hauling 1/3 of the cabinets... carefully!

They brought inside all of the dining room furniture and that was quite a job for sure!  The hutch and buffet were quite heavy.  I am amazed at how fast they got all the pieces in the house.  Plus all the boxes, bags, and baskets.  Of course, they are all stacked up in the kitchen, waiting to be sorted through and put away yet.

(The kids were heard to mumble something about me being nuts, but I am not sure what they meant?)

Once they were all done, we treated them to a lunch over at The Seven Angels restaurant in Chilton. It was very good and we tried to show our appreciation for all they did for us.  They all sluffed it off as no big deal, but it really really was to us!   What wonderful help and effort and saved us a lot of steps.

They all headed home to rest, and we returned the Uhaul truck and took a nap ourselves!

Note--- we are sleeping on an air mattress on the floor for five days until the store delivers the other furniture we purchased on Wednesday, the 2nd.  But I will write about that in the next post.



  1. Well what great kids...sounds like our kids..they would do the same thing...congrats on being in the house and yeahhh your bed comes Wednesday...don't wear yourself out..you will be there for many years so you have time to get it all done!! All the very best of the best for 2013

  2. That was a well spent twenty bucks! Good idea, but then you're loaded with them. :c)

  3. Now if you were still living in your RV you could have gone south for the winter. Don't you miss that type of life?

    1. Steve is still working full time... but we still might go for a vacation to Texas next month---not sure yet.

  4. So great to hear you got it all done in one day. Please take your time putting things where you want them. I can't wait to see pictures of the cabinets you stained. Stay warm.

  5. Can't wait until it's all done and we can see photos.

  6. Way to go. Cheers on your speedy move!

    I'm very happy for you.


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