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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finally a post for my Fiber Friends - my Loom Room

As we get organized and arranged in the new-to-us-house... there has been a definite lack in my Fiber Fun posts!   Soooo today this post is for you!

My Loom Room is located on the main floor, and I also have a Fiber Storage Room up on the second story near the back servants staircase.  The Fiber Storage room has funky linoleum in it, probably from the 50's... so I decided to keep it because it is in very good shape!  

At first, the door to the Fiber Storage Room was just a folded accordion style wood slat door from the 1970's and I was quite disappointed.  But lo and behold, when exploring down in the basement, we found where two doors were stored away in a front corner of the old stone basement!

One was for the swinging door to the butler's pantry (presumably removed for more space for the fridge in there) and the other door was for my Fiber Storage Room!  Testament to having a dry basement, because they were both in great shape and not ruined by any dampness, mold or mildew. Whew!

 By the second or third day of living here, Steve hauled my door up and we popped it right back into place, with the hinges still intact on the frame.  Voila!

We had removed some basic shelving from the walls of the livingroom and master bedroom, which we re-installed up in my Fiber Storage Room.  It is working out great for folded rugs, hats and socks in my inventory. I put up some of my items just to see how it worked out, and it's wonderful!  

Then there is plenty of room on the floor for 10-12 totes, and four big trash cans of loopers for rugs.

So that is it for the upstairs Fiber Storage Room... 
now let's go back downstairs to the main floor for my 
Loom Room!   

I had assembled the parts of the 4 harness Newcomb Studio Rug Loom that we bought a few months ago from Hidden Valley Fiber Farm http://www.hiddenvalleyfarmwoolenmill.com/  It's the same as the ones I sold off last spring.  It went together without a hitch, and I just have to replace the cords with some sash cord (doesn't stretch like clothesline or macreme cord does)   and Steve is going to shorten up the reed a bit for me.   

The 2 harness Union Rug Loom was hauled over fully warped.  We took off the front beam, tilted the castle, and struggled to get it through the back door.  In hindsight, I should have just dismantled it.  It would have saved me the bruised/broken foot I am limping around on when Steve dropped it on my foot!   ACK!   Not sure if it's broken or just bruised, but ice bags and soaking in the hot bath have helped.  It is a pretty color of purple and green though......

We had moved the hutch from the dining room last week (so we could use the other buffet and hutch that match my dining table and chairs)  This one now gets to house my precious weaving tools, books, supplies and yarn skeins.  The big window faces south and lets in lots of sunshine.  Steve is thinking in the summer we might put a crank out awning on that window to keep the heat down.  I found the old wooden crate in the garage that has some warp  tubes in it next to the hutch.  On top are my quilting boxes and in the front and center is my Grandma Groops old Singer sewing machine.  I don't have a sewing table yet, but the center island in the kitchen will suffice.  (Once we get the kitchen done) 

The ceiling fan is the one I repainted with the hammered metal spray paint, and now I added new glass shades to the light bulbs.  The room has heavy plush carpeting and I found even in my last Loom Room that the looms don't "walk" much because of the thick carpeting and pad.  But I did put some rubber mats down under the looms, because in my last Loom Room, the beater portion made rusty marks on the carpeting.  So this time around, I will protect the carpeting in advance.

The three overshot woven coverlets were hung today.  I used fancy curtain rods and was careful to measure and use a level to make them all even.  The one on the left was an antique coverlet that I was given, and the middle one (Lee's Surrender) and the right one (Orange Peel) are ones that I wove myself.  Above these I will hang my Loom-A-Tic sign that is undergoing a transformation by the original artist, Juanita Hofstrom located at:  http://www.vavningstudio.com/   

This room is located just off the dining room with an open doorway.  We bought a set of french doors to be able to close it off later, if we want.  I have not yet stained the doors, nor did we buy the swinging hinges yet, so that is a future project.  Ooooh look at that sunshine streaming in! 

Since I took these photos, Steve helped me carry in my Tools of the Trade 8 Harness table loom, which is on a rolling bench. I think I am going to place that right in front of the window to look out as I weave up some more towels.  It's warped for about 30 of them and I have to get them woven before the next Jason Collingwood Class in May, 2013. 

Any of you weaver buddies, fiber fanatics or heck, ANY of you blog readers who find themselves up in my area of the country, drop me a line and come over to sit and create something in my new Loom Room!!!


  1. I am loving all your house pictures! To think you found the original doors in the basement. What might you find laying in the insulation in the attic???

    Your grandmother's sewing machine, Is it a singer 99 model? If so I just purchased one a few weeks ago. It is getting refurburished. Mine is a hand crank model!

    Keep up posting those beautiful pictures. In fact I was telling my husband about your ceiling fan today and how you spray painted it. He has used that hammered metal paint before too. He restored an old meat saw and painted it.

  2. Replies
    1. Rug warp comes in 8 oz tubes (cones) and I found an old wooden plum box in the garage. I loaded it up with my multi-colored tubes of warp and set it on the floor next to the hutch.

  3. Excellent! I'm sure that most, if not all of us, are green with envy with having such a beautiful room for ones fiber "addiction" (using that word for myself only)......PLUS having another entire room for storage! :)

  4. I love seeing the pictures of your new house and loom room. The house itself seems quite interesting. I "know" you through the RugTalk group and also have purchased your DVD on sectional warping. In my studio I have my looms turned around so that when I weave I'm facing into the room instead of the wall. Do you pull the loom out when putting the warp on the warp beam? I'm looking forward to more pictures of your beautiful home. ~Doreen


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