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Friday, November 16, 2012

Flurry flurry flurry~

Nope, not snow flurries... at least not yet.  

Just a flurry of activity in preparation for the big move into the house.  We won't be closing till the end of December, but since we have time and the empty space to store things in advance at our storage building.  Might as well go shopping, eh?

I am not a shopper, and really don't enjoy it.  But we are carefully watching the budget and finding good sales and deals and bargains.  Plus watching the ads for things that go on sale AFTER we buy it, so we can go back and adjust the price too.  I keep going out to the stores during the day, and finding interesting stuff, snapping photos of it.  Then I show Steve after he gets home from work, and we go back and buy it or find something else instead.  Works pretty well for us.

We have found a few used things on Craigslist, like my last blog post about the beautiful old kitchen cabinets and the gas log fireplace.  There are terrific bargains out there if you look, and much less $$$ than if we bought it new.

This week we found a kitchen island unit as a work surface height table and four stools, with cabinets on each end.  It will work as a great center island.  It's not "old" but will match nicely once I get all the cabinets stained to match.  There are four sturdy solid stools with wrought iron bases that slide underneath out of the way.  It's pretty big, about 3x6, and will work great in our kitchen space.  When the stools are pushed in, then it's a center work island.  These pics were from the seller's ad.

 (I can see the grandtots bellied up on the stools to the island and helping me bake cookies, can't you?)

Speaking of the cabinets----  because we saved so much in our budget by buying the old cabinets to restore instead of new ones, Steve and I decided to go ahead and order the sink of my dreams.... a copper sink!   We only have about a 30" space to work with between the two upper cabinets, so we ordered a 25 inch sink.  I think with the patterned countertop (kinda marble looking) that we are ordering, with this sink it will look very cool.

Then I ordered some new cabinet hardware for the kitchen cabinets.  The present ones on there were in rough shape, some broken and some not matching the others.  I also ordered extra pieces for changing out the ones on the cabinet that is in the kitchen right now.  I am going to refinish that later and move into the butler's pantry and would like it all to match.

Steveio is a person who loves to vacuum.  He won't admit to many, but I will tell about it on here.  Yes, he is compulsive about it and has to make the vacuum cleaner cover each and every inch of the rug, even making perfect lines in the carpeting.  And I am NOT complaining in the least.  Have at it, guy!  

Soooo he needed a new vac cleaner for the new house.  We got him some super duper model Eureka one.. it even has a fluffy fiber type of feather duster that you can pull out of a vacuum tube to use, then stuff back in the tube on the side, and the vac cleaner machine sucks the dust outta the duster! Oh my....  So of course he had to try his vac cleaner out in the motorhome tonight.
Whatever makes him happy, eh?

I was busy this evening working on my dining room chairs.  The original white damask fabric is in pretty nice shape on most of the chairs, but a few spots and dark areas made me decide that if MY grandtots eat on them, we need to have a change of fabric.

Off to the fabric stores I went, armed with my gift cards and coupons.  Wheeeee found some lovely stuff in rich paisley upholstery fabric that is soft and pretty.   I even had to buy a staple gun to get the job done.

There is enough of the fabric left to cover a cute little footstool I found at Goodwill, and maybe some to quilt into coasters too.

We are looking forward to the next step, the next adventure, the next project....  I think this weekend will be spent in the storage unit sorting and stacking and probably some more shopping.   I am keeping track of things on a spread sheet...  things we bought, things we need, and things we think of out of the blue...   trying to keep up with costs, budgets and stretching the dollar to get things the way we would like them as we go along.



  1. Having just gotten rid of stuff, you should have a pretty good idea of what you really need and what you don't. I hate shopping more than anything. I keep looking at our stuff and wonder if we should plan on more storage so we don't have to buy stuff in a couple of years. We do want to full time, but I can also see a small house in the future.

  2. I love the material you chose to cover the chairs. I think they look alot nicer than the white. You have accomplished a lot for short period of time. Happy shopping!

  3. Pretty exciting times scurrying around gathering up little treasures. Like you, I am not a shopper either but when it comes to gathering up things for a house, I rather enjoy it for awhile. For awhile that is:))

  4. That's the same exact sink we purchased to put in the little Avion trailer (Tin Tee Pee) we are remodeling. It looks great with the marble tile counter tops we chose. Love the fabric you picked out for the chairs.

  5. Love that island! Are you going to put a counter top on it or leave as is? The stools that fit under are great. What a find!

    1. I was thinking of doing that... we can order a matching piece of laminate when we order the countertop, so will see what the budget is by then. But I usually use a cutting board anyhow, and think this original surface of the island will last if we don't cut on it.

  6. You remind me of the squirrels outside. Gathering, gathering! Absolutely love the choices you have made!

  7. Please send Stevio over to my house. Jack and I will be glad to feed his obsession with vacuuming. :)

  8. Your choices are WONDERFUL! Love, love, love the upholstery fabric! The sink is AWESOME! I can see the grandtots and you at the counter making cookies, playing games even having hot chocolate on a cold winter night.
    You and Steve are really going at it. Although, all that shopping for "everything" reminds me of our fire. Man, I hated shopping for all that stuff.
    I'll wait here and watch what next week brings your way! ;)

  9. Love that chair fabric--looks dressy yet will hide a multitude of spills.

    And that kitchen island with its tuck-under stools is wonderful!

    If I ever buy the type of house you are buying I want you to come furnish it.

  10. I love paisley. I remember one time many years ago when I worked at Pullman-Standard, they painted a special covered hopper car blue and green paisley. It was the prettiest rail road car I have ever seen.

  11. I look forward to seeing everything all finished up. Sounds like your new place will look even more beautiful than it already is. Glad you are having fun with it all.

    Kevin and Ruth


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