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Friday, November 23, 2012

A Great Turkey Day....

In spite of all the illness and sadness going around our family, we still gathered for a nice celebration of Thanks with Steve's family down near Milwaukee.  His Aunt Nancy and Uncle Gordy hosted a family gathering at their church hall, with a wonderful meal catered in.  A special prayer was held before the meal, with everyone bowing their heads in thoughts of love for those of the family too ill to attend.

The food was great, and there was plenty to choose from.  The wee tots all ate up their goodies.

A special play area was furnished with toys for all the toddlers... who made the most of all fun stuff to discover and play with.

After the meal was over, it was time to celebrate Steve's dad's birthday!  Paul, the patriarch of the family has turned 80!   Aunt Nancy led the kids and family in a rousing chorus of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"  

All of the little great grandkids sure enjoyed their piece of that birthday cake!!!

JAMESON                                             CHELSEA

LUCAS                                                     CLAYTON 


We enjoyed visiting and sharing stories, while I held the video camera for a while to make a film to bring to Steve's mom tomorrow.  She can watch the dvd over and over and see the family gathered in love and thankfulness.

Aunt Nancy sent me home with a pumpkin pie!   I have had 2 pieces already, and plan to have more yet today I am sure.  LOL

Our drive home was lovely on a fall day of temps in the mid 60's  blue skies and sunshine... but overnight the temps dropped drastically down to the mid 20's.  Brrrrrrr    Today it's all dark heavy clouds, high blasting winds, and feels like snow in the air.  The wind chills are in the teens, and it sure feels like winter!

Today we avoided the Black Friday rush crowd, so we spent the morning in our warehouse space.  I am touching up little nicks here and there in the dining furniture we bought... and now all of the seats are recovered in the new paisley fabric I bought.  I had enough left over to cover a sweet little foot stool too.

If the weather were nicer, I would open the big door and work on the finish sanding and staining of the cabinets.  No go, as long as the temps are low and the winds do blow.... oh well,  I can rhyme it a little?


  1. wow! Steve sure resembles his dad. I'd love to have a piece of pumpkin pie, or pecan pie, or mince pie.....sigh....

  2. WOW! That is some huge clan! How nice to be able to hold Thanksgiving in a large space and nobody had to cook (except the caterers).

    A great family day, thanks for sharing. :c)

  3. what a great idea to host in a hall..lots of room and what a great idea to have a kids play area...Paul sure doesn't look 80...

  4. It sounds like a lovely get together to celebrate family. I loved the idea of the play area.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day, although I know you all missed Steve's mother very much. I'm sure she enjoyed the video you made.

    Great idea for a family reunion. Loved the play area!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like a great spread and a good looking family. I pray that Steve's mom is better soon.

    1. Thank you for your prayers, Harriet (and everyone) sadly this time around she is losing her battle against cancer and we are all wishing for a better outcome, but it is not to be. She is such a strong bond that holds this family together. We don't know what we are going to do without her. She is the BEST mom-in-law a gal could ever ask for.

  7. So wonderful you had family gathered together. Ours is so spread out that we were only with one granddaughter and some friends... but we were blessed and thankful for it!

  8. I wrote a comment and it took me away to sign in, then sent me back here but the comment is gone... Loved the blog. Blessins and Shalom,

  9. Glad that you had an enjoyable family gathering.
    Sounds like you may get some more warmer weather this week to work on your sanding, etc. with the storage door open. Never a dull moment, eh? ;)


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