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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brush On --- Wipe Off ---- AHHHHHHHHHH

Bet you wonder what that title means?  LOL

Right now, I am doing the final "frosting on the cake" ... the fun part of redoing the kitchen cabinets!   After all the work and prep and sanding, now I get to see the glorious wood come alive with STAIN!

We were shopping last week at Fleet Farm (for our food safe paint for the interior of the cabinets) and Steve saw some reddish mahogany colored stain in gallon buckets on clearance.  FIVE BUCKS a gallon!

We weren't sure if it was the right color or not till we could get it home and touch a dab on the backside of a cabinet door.  But we had to decide to buy one gallon (enough for the cabinets) or buy all four gallons because it was such a great deal?   Muphy's Law would cause all the remaining gallons to be bought up by the time we came back for them.

Steve was thinking I was crazy to want to buy all four, but I reasoned with him:

Well, when we rip up the linoleum floor of the kitchen, we are not sure what condition the hardwood flooring is underneath it.  If it needs refinishing, then we will have the extra stain to put on the floor.  All the flooring in the three upstairs bedrooms is this color, and the closet on the main floor is this color, so we are figuring in all probability the kitchen will be same color too.  Steve even pulled up a corner of the dining room carpet to see if there was hardwood in there, and yes, it was and it's the same color.

Thus---  all four gallons were put in our cart, and I am sure happy we did, because it matches what I wanted.

It's a "wiping stain" so it has to be brushed on liberally ... wait 15-20 minutes....

and then wipe it off with a cloth! 

(the flash seems to make them look uneven, but they are all the same) 

Not sure if I am going to do a second coat or not.  Going to look at it in good light today to decide.

I also got some of the smaller cabinet doors done too. 

Got five more doors, 2 bins, 8 drawers and the cabinet frames to work on today.  This is really FUN!



  1. Glad you're enjoying the "fun", it sure looks like work to me! ;c)

  2. They turned out really nice. Can't wait to see the finished product. Glad you're enjoying it. Looks like work to me! I love the header picture by the way.

  3. Beautiful! Staining is my favorite part, when the wood comes alive...

  4. It sure is looking good. You did a great job. I am sure that extra stain will not go unused.

  5. The cabinets will darken with age. I do love the color.

  6. Great job, we have some cabinets that need some work if you are available.:)

  7. I agree, staining is the best part, except for using them once they are all done.

  8. Beautiful! cant wait to see them in the house!

  9. A project that has it's own reward, the finished product.

  10. they are gorgeous but not my idea of fun :)...enjoy...you work too hard my dear

  11. They are going to be beautiful! I look forward to seeing them "in their home". ;)

  12. You are having way to much fun! Although, you are creating an awesome home. I just can't wait to move in!!! LOL!

  13. Howdy Karen & Steveio,

    Really, I thought y'all just sold that beautiful place so you could retire and travel in that gorgeous Safari motorhome; whatz this buying and remodeling another house, GIRL YOU JUST WORKED YOURSELF TO DEATH getting your house in shape to sell, and they are probably redoing it, YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO RELAX!!!
    You are doing a very good job at what you're doing, tho!!! Pretty lamps!!!!


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