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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Soooo far behind!

Hello bloggers and readers... I am SO SORRY that I am sooooo  far behind in posting!  (and reading other blogs too)

It's been a whirlwind of activity here, with a bunch of crazy stuff going on.   Besides finding a rental for us to live in for the winter months (Steve doesn't want to winter over in the rig in Wisconsin temps)  Then we also found storage space for the motorhome and some studio space for me to work on things over the winter too.  Been running around doing leases, keys, setting up utilities and planning what goes where and when.

That plus handling a few other details here, that I won't mention till it all comes about.  That way, if it doesn't, then I don't have a zillion questions to answer.  So in a holding pattern.....

The woods here are all yellow leaves left, and many are blowing down... soo the trees will be bare and the skies will be dark and we will get some of that dreaded white stuff.....  ick! 

We do have some vacation time accumulated from this year to carry over and add to next year's vacation time.  We are thinking of sneaking off for 6-7 weeks down to perhaps Texas.. leaving maybe in later January and be gone all of February, and into March before coming back.  Escape the worst of it.  Then my blog will be more interesting with some travelling and places and things! 

We are still staying here in the park for the upcoming Halloween celebration they have here. Pumpkin carving, costume contest, spooky trail walks and trick-or-treating among the campsites.  The host Rosie said she went through 600 pieces of candy last year!

Jameson helped us decorate up our campsite last week... and we have a few more things to put out on the actual day of the event.

This week our good friends Paula and Mel are here camping in the site next to us.  We are going to go to a quilting "Shop Hop" this week where we go from quilting store to quilting store, taking part in their drawings and seeing what each shop has to offer.

I have been putting together some quilted hot pads and coasters, to test out different patterns next... Paula brought me a bunch of new ideas (and more supplies!)  to work with.

Yesterday we hit a few thrift stores, and I found some books and little quilting sample bags of fabric, patterns and designs.. each for $1.25.  So I have a lot to work on over the winter ... to learn and play and create.  I got my rug loom set up and have some rugs to do, and now set up the table loom and have some more towels to weave off.   So while the winter winds will start to howl in Wisconsin, I will be weaving away and getting more socks done too in the evenings.

Life is good.


  1. Glad things are falling into place for your winter stay. Was worried when ya hadn't posted...glad it was only busy work. I have gathered up some fabric for the pot holders but as yet been to busy getting the RV ready to pull out in November. Promise to send photos when I get at least one completed.

  2. Yes, life is indeed good! And busy!! We're thankful to be wintering over in warmer climes... although it does get down to the 30s at night in the dead of southern Nevada winter. Thanking of you during your transition,

  3. Glad to hear all is well and that you have shelter for the winter ahead. Your Halloween decorations look great!

  4. So much for slowing down when full timing, eh? I hope that you do get away in Jan and Feb so you can rest up!

  5. Howdy Karen & Steve,

    I thought y'all had a house for the winter!!! Jameson is so cute and growing like a mesquite tree(we've been 'thinning')!!! When you get loose and come this way, the boondockin' area is 'saved' for the Pfun folks!!!

  6. You guys will really be looking forward to getting out of Wisconsin in January & heading for Texas. I've heard the weather people are predicting a rough winter:((

  7. Glad you are getting things all lined up for the cold months you can't escape but glad you are also planning for the cold months you CAN escape. Maybe we'll get a chance to meet when you come to Texas.


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