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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting Ready for Halloween

Oh, it's been crazy lately....  seems that horrible Big C has touched two members again in our family.  Considering their privacy, but we appreciate all prayers and gentle thoughts if wish to send them.  It sure is hard to know how horrible the battles they are fighting against cancer and not much we can do but pray.

Our grandkiddos are gearing up for the Halloween festivities.  All of them will be coming to High Cliff park for Saturday.  The park holds a big event with costume contests, pumpkin carving, spooky walk in the woods, hay rides and then trick or treating among all the campers in the campground!  They close off the roads to traffic, so it's all pedestrians on the six campground roads.  Host Rosie said last year she went through 600 pieces of candy!  We are stocked up and ready for the little Trick or Treaters---- and have decorations to put out too.

Last weekend little Chelsea and Clayton went to a pumpkin farm:

A pony in the petting zoo wanted to eat Clayton's shoe!  And he said "Sure!"

They had cute John Deere rides made from old barrels.  
(that is not a cigarette hanging outta here mouth, it's a sucker)

and our little Chelsea is sporting a new tattoo!

Little Allegra and Mason are having a blast, 
I swear everytime we see him, he has a big grin on his face!

They grew their own pumpkins this year in their garden!

I think this is Allegra's "Scary Face" 

 Grandson Jameson was put to work....

And he comes from a totally crazy family of Super Heros! 
(Heather, Jesse and Jameson)

Halloween is going to be a fun celebration this year, and spent with family.  Also it's my birthday so that makes it extra special!   But even with all the fun and frivolity, we will keep those we love who are hurting, near and dear in our hearts.


  1. Howdy K&S,
    So sorry, to hear about the sick folks; they are on our prayer-list and here's hoping!!! There is no way to make those 'cute' Pfun grands SCARY!!!
    Maybe their 29 y.o. grandmuddah, is another thing!!! Hope the week-end is a GREAT one!!! Hugz
    for you and Steve!!!

  2. Prayers for your family members. Life can be so short and unexpected. Jim got a call this morning, his best fishing buddy in Montana died this morning while out hunting with his sons. Must have been his heart. We need to take time to appreciate those moments with family and beloved friends.

  3. Sounds like Halloween will be a wonderful event in the park. Love it!

  4. I didn't know camp grounds had Halloween decorations and Trick or Treaters. Something to look forward to! We have almost always lived in houses that were off the Trick or Treat routes of most kids. Even when we lived on a busy street in Milwaukee our house was set back quite far and the little ones went right past to the houses that were easier to get to!

    Now we are down a private road, and in 23 years we have only had a few kids come. That was several years ago when we had a family with kids living down the road from us and they stopped because they knew us!

    For years I would buy candy just incase, and buy stuff that I liked because I would then get to eat it!

    Does someone go around and tell the campers there will be Trick or Treaters?

    1. Yes, this is a big event in all the local papers, and even the state park websites have information about the event. Most of them are sponsored by "The Friends Of" whatever park you are in. They are a volunteer group who does a lot of wonderful things for the state park system. When checking in, there are handouts given with schedules of all the events and locations, plus they are issuing passes for your car if you need to drive in or out of the park during the trickortreat times. They are advising you to stay put if you can, so the campground roads are free of traffic. Every site in the park is reserved for the event, and we were lucky to get one when we booked it a couple of weeks ago.

  5. Cane Creek Campground in our area does this. People set up for the entire month of October getting ready for Halloween. It's great for kids and adults. Everyone votes for best campsite. They had over 4000 visit last year. They ask for $1 donation and all money is used to fund projects at the campground for the year.

  6. Those grandkids are Super Cute (a new kind of super hero).

    Our thoughts are with you and your loved ones when it's rough for everyone involved. We wish for the best outcome that can be had.

    Karen, enjoy your birthday. (I know this is early, but we'll be traveling on Halloween.)


  7. Prayers for your family, have a great Birthday and enjoy the festivities with the kiddos.

  8. Halloween's a fun time. For kids and grown-up kids. :)

    So sorry to hear about the folks with the big C. Tell them to get some raw, bitter, apricot kernals and start eating them. Start slow and build up. They're available from Amazon and other places. There is lots of anecdotal and research evidence that they can be very effective. Of course our FDA forbids their use as "C" treatment, but they pretty much forbid anything that would reduce the profits of big pharma. Just Google laetrile and/or apricot kernals to read up on it. There's also a very good book, "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin. Quite eye-opening. My best to your loved ones in their fight.


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