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Thursday, July 12, 2012



It won't be long now...  we have been busy taking things off the walls, sorting out what is going to who, and making the final piles of items that are getting loaded into my steamer trunk.

A few years ago, I found this trunk on the side of the road, destined for a garbage pickup.  I loaded into the back of my Heepie Jeepie (1990 Grand Wagoneer)  and hauled it home.   Here is what it looked like when I found it:

And when I was done with it, this is the final result:

It has been just waiting for a chance to serve it's purpose and now it's time has come.  I have planned to load it up with my most memorable keepsakes, and breakables. 

And here they are!   Included all around the trunk are things like my wedding dress, all my lace curtains, handwoven blankets and framed art prints. Photos, books, albums and yearbooks.  Plus the two urns that will be someday be used for our funerals!   Each item has been sealed in zip lock bags (thanks Norma for the extra BIG zip lock bags!)   and they are packed carefully into the trunk with not an inch to spare! 

And guess what???


It will be sealed shut with pallet strapping wrap and saved in our son's attic. We will open it again if we buy or rent another house, or the kids can open it upon our passing and dig through our mementos.  

Now we just have to 
lift it up 
and haul it out 
and load it up into a trailer 
and bring it down to Green Bay????  



  1. You can fit even more in if you get those bags that are made to suck all the air out of them with a vacuum cleaner..

  2. What a great idea on the Urns. I never thought of that, so no matter where you are, they'll be ready. You did a great packing job. Congrats, the time is almost here for a brand new life.

  3. Congratulations! This is so exciting. Can't wait to keep up with your new adventures.

    Keep us posted.


  4. It's getting so close and you have done a great job of downsizing. I know women who think they are downsizing into a motorhome and one look tells me that they are clueless about weight and storage. I'm glad you are both wanting to do this and that your families are equally supportive. Makes life so much easier and more enjoyable.

  5. Are you sure about sealing everything up in plastic bags? Textiles especially need to breathe. Sticking it in the attic where it can get amazingly hot & cold gives me pause too. Things like pictures can get damaged in that kind of environment. But, ah, the excitement of packing up the house & loading up the RV!! I have days when I would just loveto throw my important stuff into a camper, take off and see the country without looking back.

  6. With the packing job you did on the trunk I'm sure several moving companies would offer you work.

  7. I admire anyone that can pack a suitcase, or anything for that matter! Not one of my strong points. It's so exciting! A new beginning. I am happy for you. Can't wait for the posts on the new adventures.

  8. What a great trunk full of your life. Perfect.

  9. we have a truck very similar to that one but we brought it with us as extra storage and it serves as a very nice coffee table

  10. Love what you did to give the steamer trunk a new life.

    Isn't it amazing how you can make all the stuff in your house so insignificant and just end up with a small amount of very precious items that you want to keep in your life. Just goes to show, that most of our "stuff" is not necessary. We love our simple life.

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. We're not anywhere near the "urn" stage just yet, although it's a very good idea. Only managed to get our will sorted out about five years ago. Figured that was important.
    Our cr*p is spread out between two continents, so it would take a considerable effort to pare it down.
    Your energy seems to know no bounds. Good on ya.

  12. You are in for some exciting days. Then, some VERY exciting days! Enjoy it all!

  13. You did a BEAUTIFUL job on the refinishing of the trunk, AND the packing. So true about how the most precious and important things we own should be small in number. We are VERY excited that you will be heading out full timing soon. Enjoyed reading about the Safari Sleepover! :-)

  14. Karen, we need you to come repack the basement of our motorhome... you got packing skills, woman!

    Blessings & Shalom,
    Richard & iona, Baby Snooks, the dog & Jasper, the cranky old man cat
    Full timing RVers in a '95 Ivory Ed, 40' 300 Cummins DP pulling little green toad (2012 Ford Fiesta)


  15. Very excited for you guys. We are in the beginning stages of planning for full time RVing. We still have at least 10 years before we can retire.

  16. the trunk is gorgeous..I think you posted on it previously and I loved it as much now as I did then :) what a great job you are doing with the packing up..and how exciting!!!! you are so organized..very impressive...it won't be long now..and like Bob I'm not even thinking about the 'urn' stage yet...we do have the wills and all info done tho..

  17. Now that is what I call great packing!! I love the trunk!!! Mike and I have been looking for such a trunk for several years but haven't lucked upon one as yet!! Glad to see you gave the ole boy new life!! :-)


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