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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CAMPING - High Cliff State Park - day five

Hmmm the heat must be getting to me, because the last 2 posts BOTH were titled for "Day Three" ...  so I fixed it now so they are in order, and now on Wednesday, July 4, we are on "Day Five" here at High Cliff State Park, on Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin.

We like it so much here that instead of leaving tomorrow on the 5th, we added one more day to our stay to enjoy the shady wooded campsite and electric hookups for the AC.   It's better than being parked in our driveway back at the house, in the blazing hot sun with no shade!

Last night there was some trouble with the breakers on our loop of the campgrounds.  The host worked on the breakers until he could get them to not flip, and cautioned the folks in our loop about their usages and how to help minimize the problems.  We thank Dick, the host, for staying on the job late at night to get power restored to all of us!

Today Steve was over there looking at the service panel with Dick, and they swapped out a few of the weaker breakers to new ones, so hopefully we will all stay connected tonight?

This park is scheduled for a complete electrical upgrade from 200 amp to 800 amp and redoing the pedestals for the campsites that carry electric hookups.  What a treat that will be to have such good service and not deal with flipping breakers all the time.

The historical feature of this park has to do with the limestone bluffs.....  The park is a myriad of bluffs and cliffs all around among the hiking trails.

Many years ago, the limestone was chopped out and fired in these huge kilns to make cement and plaster.  At first it was shipped out on boats... and later railroad tracks were added to haul the freshly created lime by the carful.  The remains of the kilns are still in the park and add to it's history.

We took a ride over by the kilns and checked them out.  It was interesting to see some more information in the park's main office and nature center about the process.

Later, when the state bought the land for the park, there was a dance hall, amusement park, and even ferry shuttle service to the park from the larger cities across the wide expanse of water of Lake Winnebago.

Speaking of Lake Winnebago, today's heat and humidity has added to the growth of what is called Blue Green Algae and its coated the NE shores of the lake where the winds blow it ashore.  It can be very harmful to folks who are allergic to it.  Also the E Coli readings are up in this section of the lake, so they closed the beach today.  It will not reopen until the readings go back into safe zones. 

Good thing the grandkids didn't come to swim today with us, eh?


Well, it's 9 pm and it's still hot and muggy and icky out.  We didn't even subject the dogs to the heat during our evening walk.  Instead we walked by ourselves and left them in the motorhome.  We came back and took them just for a short jaunt up and down the path behind our campsite to do their duty, and then back inside where it's cooler. 

Tomorrow I have to run into town to mail out some more packages, and maybe I will take them along for the ride in the AC of the Tracker.

The booms of fireworks are going off across the lake, but we are staying inside where it's cool.  Guess we are old fuddie-duddies but we just can't take that humidity no more....  




  1. I think there are a lot of us staying inside tonight out of the heat. Not much humidity here but the mosquitoes are enough to drive me indoors.

  2. Hope they have your electrical all fixed and ya'll are nice and cool. Let's see park or driveway... doesnt sound like a hard decision to me either LOL
    Happy 4th

  3. Winnebago could have been named Green lake if the pioneers had arrived on a hot July day and the you might have the Green Lake Packers. Sorry about that.

  4. I like the picture of the limestone bluffs. And give me a shaded wooded campsite anytime. Enjoy your stay.

  5. Karen,When I was driving truck I used to deliver rebar to a 4X steel corp. in Neenah Wi. So I used to drive by lake Winnebaqo & made round trips of it when going home. Nice lake also good fishing hole for white bass that's also in the wolf river which I have been to twice to fish for them. fun to catsh & good eating. Catch Ya Later (Shiloh)-Rick

  6. As we sit here baking in front of the metal doors of Trans West Trucks (our 6th day here), we are trying to let your beautiful pictures put us in a wooded and shaded state of mind.... Hmmmm. Well, it didn't quite work, but we enjoyed them anyway!

    Blessings & Shalom,
    Richard & iona, Baby Snooks, the dog & Jasper, the cranky old man cat
    Full timing RVers in a '95 Ivory Ed, 40' 300 Cummins DP pulling little green toad (2012 Ford Fiesta)


  7. You can't be losing track of the days yet, that has to wait for when you hit the road fulltime.

    Then that will be an acceptable practise. :c)

  8. Well, I'm an old fuddy-duddy too. The humidity does me in worse than the heat.

  9. Ahhh, I am finally caught up reading your post! Whew, so you are hot too. I am weary of seeing temps over 100 degrees! Your camping trip looks mighty nice! So happy you two are having fun. We are going to be in WI in September for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival...this year as shoppers and campers. We were pleased to meet Mike there last year.


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