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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Painting a Toad - and Mason's Baptism

Yup, that's right. Painting a TOAD!

In RVing terms, a "toad" is a vehicle that is towed behind an RV... thus the name:  TOAD!

Makes sense, huh?

We tow a 1997 Geo Tracker behind our motorhome.  When we were up north 2 weeks ago, my parents saw that it had a little bit of rust around the wheel wells.   Well, that Lowell just NEEDS a project ya know!   So he offered to come down this week and do the body work for our Tracker.  That way Mom and I get in a nice visit for a few days... and also we can load them up with household items we no longer want during our Move N Purge Process!

We had horrible storms overnight, which extended into the morning hours before they arrived.  And just like sunshine, they came to the door with smiles on their faces.  Awwwwwww   We had a bit of coffee and then headed to the auto parts store for all the supplies he needed to transform our rust bucket into a thing of beauty!

The humidity climbed up after the storms, and the garage was sweltering in the 90's!  I kept telling him to knock it off and come in the house.  He did, for lunch, and went right back out again!  I brought him a fan to blow on him, but he didn't want it because it would blow too much dust around.  I brought him ice water to drink.  He took a break about 5 pm for supper, and then went back out again with Steve to work on it some more!


He finally came in and took a shower to clean up and rest for the evening.  Mom got him to sit down for a while and look through old photo albums.  Now that was a fun evening!   Finally about 8pm he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open, so they toddled off to bed in the Pfundtner Motel (out motorhome out in the driveway) 

Wanted to also mention our lovely Sunday spent with our kids and families...   it was the Baptism of our grandson, Mason Paul Pfundtner!   We were honored to be part of his special day...

Afterwards, we had a nice picnic dinner at our son Dan and his wife Heather's house.  It was so good to be around all the family... including all FIVE of our grandtots!  We also celebrated our Father's Day with the kids at the same time.  So Dan was doubly treated with the baptism of his son, and celebration of being a Father.  

Steve, our son Dan, daughter-in-law Heather with Mason, and Me

Our daughter Erin, son-in-law Mark, Steve, son-in-law Jesse, daughter Heather and Jameson

We had a lot of fun watching the little cousins interact with each other.  They sat at a traditional "Kids Table" ... the first of many more years to come, I am sure!

Five little apples of our eyes.....

 And of course there was time for a few pics, 
including one with all FIVE GRANDTOTS! 


  1. Hi to Rita and Lowell
    I am looking forward to seeing the finished body work on the "Toad"

  2. Glad to its not all work going on over there! Great pics of the family. Love the one with you and all the grand tots!

  3. Those grandkid photos with you are sure fun! It gets to be really something when the kids start getting older and then you have to decide who gets to sit at the kid table and who gets to sit at the big table. Sometimes we solve it with kids at the counter and they always love that one.

  4. You sure have a bunch of cute grandkids! So nice that you have family that can do body work. Hope your tracker lasts you for a long, long time. I always liked the looks of them. Never rode in one though.

  5. you have a gorgeous family...how nice of Lowell to help you with your toad....you are one busy lady...happy purging..

  6. And to think I was going to yell at you for harming a defenseless little living thing. ;c)

    WOnderful picture of your with all your beautiful darlings!!!

  7. I sure envy Steve's high energy level. I remember being like that years ago. Just don't let him slow down long enough to get old......

  8. Loved the grandma photo with you surrounded by lots of love and cute grandkids... :-)


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