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Monday, June 11, 2012

Gypsy departs, Copperfest and Grandtots

Saturday morning we got up early and enjoyed some coffee and muffins with Gypsy (aka Marty) from http://gypsy97.blogspot.com   We sure had a nice morning while it was still cool and pleasant.

We took the doggers all back down by the river, hoping Gypsy's elegant shepherd dog Lady would take a dip in again so we could snap some pics this time. We took our cameras along as we ambled through the woods.  It's been so dry around Wisconsin that even the mosquitoes were not even out.

As the dogs went down to the water, we held our breaths to see if Lady would go in again.  Sure nuff, she went right in and enjoyed wading around, up to her belly.  Lapping water and cooling off.  She even swam a little ways!   The current is very gentle, so no worries about her being carried away.   Duchess came in too for a dip, just to prove she can be a water-collie dog too.

What a great morning for a little dip in the river, and 
Marty was so happy to see her Lady having such a good time! 

I got into the river too... and it was refreshing and cool on the legs. 
Then all three doggies had to have a good romp around on the grass by the shore!

Duchess and Duke sure enjoyed the company of Lady, and both had to take a time out for a good "Lassie pose" for my camera while I was still standing knee deep in the river.

With a smile on her doggy face, and a faraway look in her eye, Lady was remembering some times playing in a stream in her puppyhood.  I am glad she was able to relive her doggy memories in our river!

We walked back up through our cool green woods towards the house up on the ridge.  Whenever I see the house from down here in the woods, I think of that John Denver song "Cool and Green and Shady"   The air was heavy with dampness and humidity, and a scorcher of a day was on the rise.

Lady dried off on the deck for a while, but soon it was time to get loaded up in the SUV to head west, back to California.  We made our promises to meet again on one of our journeys.

Marty has been having a hard time getting Lady into the SUV back seat due to her aging back legs.  We had a plastic step stool that might work, so here is Steve and Marty getting Lady accustomed to the stool and helping her into the SUV.  I think with a few more practices, it might work out well for her.

Once she got in on her mattress, she was all set to ride, and stretched out in her space while we all said our goodbyes with Marty.  Lady did manage to sit up, turn around and let me kiss her on the nose for our own little "Good Bye"  awwwww

We waved as Marty and Lady headed on out down the road, going west to find more adventures.  Travel safe, dear Gypsy!

Once Marty was on the road, we met up with our daughters, Erin and Heather, along with three of the grandtots, Jameson, Chelsea and Clayton to watch the Copperfest Parade in town.  The kids made a HAUL of the candy being thrown from the floats, along with some frisbees, beach balls, water bottles, mardi gras beads and even a Beanie Baby TY stuffed turkey toy!     Clayton didn't care so much, but he did march his feet up and down in his stroller to the passing school band as they played music.

After the parade, it was getting hotter and hotter. Instead of making the rounds of the Copperfest kiddie rides and vendors, we headed out to our house with the kids and grandkids to cool off and make some lunch.  Watermelon and hot dogs were the order for the day.

Heather needed new brakes and a muffler on her Saturn.  This car has served us well for a long, long time.  We owned it first, then son-in-law Mark bought it from us and ran it for a few years.  Then we bought it back from him for Heather a few years ago and it's still going strong!   LOVE those Saturns!    She is also going to "inherit" our newer Saturn once we hit the road full-time.  Both have over 200,000 miles on them, but work well and only seem to need routine maintenance.   When I came to snap this pic, Heather grabbed a big screwdriver to make it seem like she is "helping"  hahahaha

Brake pads $15, muffler $38, Thank You hugs from Heather to Steve = PRICELESS!!!

Chelsea and Jameson donned their little swimmy suits, and pranced and splashed around in the kiddie pool I set up on the shady part of the deck.  They had 2 big purple drink containers that were given away in the parade.  They proceeded to empty the kiddie pool, one container at a time, across the deck and over the edge to the patio below!  Delightful splat sounds as the water hit the cement below, fits of giggles, and squeaky clean kids... ahhh summertime!

This is probably the last time they will playing on our deck, and having a family gathering around the house.  We are starting to pack and load up things in both of the girl's cars to take back to their houses.  All our treasures are going to be dispersed now on a weekly basis till the house is cleared out.  We are putting all our "good stuff" in the motorhome and getting rid of the second choice items.

Soon all of our events here at the house will be "the last time...."  but we are excited about moving on to the future too.   Here are the girls and grandtots, on the last deck picnic under the canopy!

RV readers, I promise you the next blog will be about RV modification stuff! 



  1. Great blog. The canopy is a great touch for the patio. We are so thankful we came by last year. We can't wait to meet up somewhere in the future.

  2. ins't it all just bitter sweet!!! the g/tots are adorable..glad lady had a cool off swim before hitting the road...nice that you and Gypsy got together...

  3. Sittin' on the patio, makin' memories to take with you = priceless.

  4. You know you will always have a spot at the Weeb Ranch when you cross the country,Looks like the little ones really enjoy the water sports. Both of my Shepherds would only go in the water up to their bellies too. They love chasing and snapping at the water coming out of a hose though. They could do that for hours if you let them.Glad to see Steveo got the Saturn fixed,My sons girlfriend has one and it seems to be a good car.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  5. I had a telescoping ramp for Lizzie as she got older and less able to jump up. It worked very well. I keep it my truck should the day come that Jack needs it. Glad Lady got a chance to swim.

  6. I relate to Lady. Us older ones move with less pain in the water than we do on land. :)

  7. It's just as nice to hear about your "last days" at the ole homestead as it is to hear about RVing stuff, or crafting stuff, or making socks. I enjoy it all..... :-)

  8. I agree with Jeannie, it's all interesting. The kids look like they were having a blast. Not last memories, just changing memories. Everything changes and it's all for the good!

  9. Just goes to show how a little TLC and cars will keep running and running and running.

  10. I so enjoy your blog posts, Karen, and all the comments from your readers. I am way behind on posting. Had very poor connectivity on my Mifi at most of our stops and I can't type for beans going down the road.


  11. Howdy Karen & Steve,
    Y'all are the goodest!! Friends, kids, g-kids and the two of you!! I was reading an article today that had the Saturn in the 10 WORST CAR LIST!!! Folks
    I know that have them are like y'all; going-going-going!!! In fact 7 of the worst cars were GMs!!! Ford had 2 !! & YUGO!!!
    Getting the kids to haul off 'their' stuff is the hardest part of moving!!!
    I thought y'all were going to live in the motorhome while waiting for Steveio to finish serving his sentence!!

  12. Just found your blog-enjoying it very much! Have a great time!!!


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