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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gonna meet a fellow RV Blogger tomorrow

Looking forward to meeting with a fellow RV blogger tomorrow. It's GYPSY!   (actually Martha) from http://gypsy97.blogspot.com   I have been following her blog for years.  Admiring her get up an go power.. maneuvering a big fifth wheel and pickup truck, then later a pickup camper.  Now she did a hop skip and jump across the United States to visit with family in her SUV with her dog, Lady.  On her way back, she is going to stop by here and visit with us on Friday! 

Otherwise, news update on the home selling front.... 
We are doing the two required state tests: our well water and having our septic/mound system inspected.   The septic inspection was done yesterday and passed with flying  colors (we knew it would)   and I send off the sanitized bottle of well water sample to the lab next Monday.  They want it sent on a Monday to prevent it getting "stale" if setting in a post office all weekend.  That should come back just fine too, as nobody in our area ever had well water troubles of any kind. 

The kids are coming on Saturday and we are going to start loading up the smaller things that they are taking home with them... then as we get closer to the DDD-Day  (Delicious Delightful De-Mortgaging Day.... is that a word?)    the kids will load up all the larger things that are going out the door too.  

In the meantime, I am sorting and packing up yarns.. cones... balls... skeins... and wool roving waiting to be spun into yarn~   I am making packages and clearly marking each one as to it's contents.  Then when stashed at our kids houses, I know what I have squirreled away where when I want it. 

I have a few rugs that need to be woven over the next few weeks, and then I can dismantle the last rug loom for stowing away.  The table loom rides right in the livingroom of the motorhome, or can sit out under our awning when camped somewhere, and be stashed into the back of our toad for easy storage too.  My spinning wheel and sock machine are always in the closet of the motorhome.

Next step is that we rented a P.O. Box in Oconto.  Soon I will start changing over all our mail and billing addresses and accounts to the P.O address.  Most of our bill-paying is done on line, but things like vehicle registrations and insurance renewals will come in the regular mail.  Erin will check our mail box once a week while we are on the road, and she can open anything that looks important or scan it in for us... and the last resort is to actually mail it to us wherever we are at c/o General Delivery so we can pick up. 

Sunday or early next week sometime my parents are coming down from Michigan.  Lowell (my step dad but we don't use the word "step" in my family) is going to do some body work to our Tracker!   He loves to piddle with that stuff, and I will take lots of pics as he does the job.  It has some rusted spots around the wheel wells that could be filling in and touched up.  I ordered the matching paint already from Carquest.  Did you know they can put auto paint they mix into spray cans?   And make primer paint to match the car too?   And of course I ordered a can of clear coat for topping it off.  Should be fun to see him do his "thing" 

That will give me and Mom a few days to catch up, do crafts, go shopping or just hang out and be together.  They have been down in Florida all winter, and just came back up to Michigan in their RV for the summer. 

As you blog readers know, last weekend we took our motorhome up north for a wedding.  It was very comfortable to have the rig nearby for our family to come and hang out in between the meal and the dancing.  Plus, we kept the three grandkids overnight so their parents (and Steve) could party well into the night.  I was the Chief Babysitter in Charge. .. Like I really minded that, eh? 

Here are some pics from the kids in the motorhome and how cozy and comfortable it was.  At one point we had 9 people and 2 dogs inside to hang out in our Rolling Home! 

Jameson in my co-pilot seat                 Chelsea in Granfaddah's recliner

 Clayton (only 2 months old )          Jameson and Chelsea playing with my Tablet

Everyone hanging out in our motorhome! 

Chelsea getting the giggles with her Auntie Heather     
Jameson taking care of his face without a washcloth while Great Grandma Rita watches

 Me and my Mom... sharing my grandtots! 

Portable cribs are fantastic for RV's  -  Just ask Clayton!
(I made that quilt 30 years ago before Erin was born and now her children are using it) 

The next morning after we put away the blowup queen mattress, both Jameson and Chelsea were enjoying their treat of those little snack size cereal boxes!  That has become a tradition for us to stock up with them for the grandtots sleep over.

They love playing with the flash cards and alphabet games on my Galaxy Tablet, while they ate their breakfast fruit from Granmuddah.  See?  I don't give them ALL suger all of the time, do I ???

Granfaddah Pfun took the two off for a nice long walk around the fair grounds, and to wear them out a bit before their parents came to pick them up.  They are both looking tired and each needed another nap on the long ride home again (120-150 miles for them)

So our rolling home will be more than adequate for visits from grandtots over the upcoming years.  We are soooo looking forward to living in our motorhome full-time.  It's just a matter of 2 months or so and we will be starting our dream!   It will be a bit before Steve can retire, (May 2013) but we have some vacation time coming up and long weekends too.  

RVing in our BIG Backyard is coming TRUE! 



  1. Steve looked like he might have been a big worn out too. :)

    I know you'll be busy the next few months, but I know you'll get there.

    In a future post can you explain how you can live in the MH in a Wisconsin winter? I guess people do it, I'd just like to know how you get by without freezing everything.

    (not that I intend to winter in Wisconsin)

    1. We are going to sneak out for 6 or 7 weeks of vacation during the worst of it... And we will rent a friend's furnished cottage near Steve's work till things warm up. Then we will be free of it all as soon as he turns 55 in April.....

  2. If Wisconsin is like MO. they won't let us use a PO Box Address to register a motor vehicle so you may have to pick a kid's house and register it there, unless you change states to Florida, or S Dakota, or Texas like a lot of full timers do. Time is getting short for you, say hi to Gypsy from us. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

    1. Yah we have to remain Wisconsin residents for a number of years for the health plan with Steve's pension. We will be using Erin's address for anything that allow the P.O. Box ... It's only2blocks from her house so won't impose too much on har....

  3. Man I can hear the excitement in your writing '! Looking forward to more post as you go forward. Been reading for a frew months now and really enjoying your blogg. (THE Berry's RV TRAVELS ) is ours just started ". Live life to the fullest! !

  4. Wow...looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

  5. It's getting so close! We were there to hear the plans last year and you're going to do it next year!!! I'm so happy for you guys.

    It was so great meeting Gypsy. I'm glad she's stopping by to meet you guys, what a gal!!.

    I can't wait to meet you on the road again, what fun!!!

  6. how exciting :) your almost there and the time will definitely fly by...no problem to full time in a motorhome and have company for sleep overs..its been known to be done :)

  7. I have been following your great adventure and sucessful sale of the house. Congradulations! For some reason I was unable to enter comments here for the longest time. I am using my iPad now, it was on the lap top that I had trouble.

    I know I can just wait and see what you do, but I have been wondering how you are going to handle the winter. I know you will go saouth for part ...

  8. Isn't it fun when a plan comes together? Glad you are going to meet Gypsy. It's wonderful that Steve can retire at 55. You are young and have years of fun ahead of you. Yay!

    1. Yup, Steve has worked hard for 35 years at the same place, getting up at 5 am every day, never even taking a sick day. The only time off has been earned vacation time, or when he had his knee scoped one year. Even then, he went back to work earlier than they said he should. What a guy!

  9. You will just love Gypsy. And Lady. Your time is getting much shorter til you are out of there. How fun.

  10. I could feel the excitement in your writing! It got me all excited! Doug retires Jan 31st and I will leave my job in May! Reading about your life falling into place makes ready to begin our adventure. Yea full-timing!!!!!!

  11. We are so happy for you guys--you must be beyond excited!!!

  12. So excited for you. We have about 15 years until retirement, but I am already planning for it. Downsizing and learning to live a more simple life. If we make it to full time RVing it will be an easier transition, if we don't it will still be sweeter. I have had it with too much stuff.


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