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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gypsy with a Lady

Our RVing blog community is great to share information, stories, photos and places to go.  But it's even greater when we can meet up in person!   http://gypsy97.blogspot.com

I have been following Gypsy (a.k.a. Marty) for many years now on her blog, back when she was a single gal in a big fifth wheel doing camp hosting at Lassen campground in California.  Since then she has tried apartment living, pickup campering, then to living now in a mobile home park in California.  She is currently journeying in an SUV with a tent and sleeping bag--- all the way across the United States to visit family.   Accompanying her is a wonderful lovable shepherd named Lady.

On her way back to California from out East, she managed to swing north yesterday after visiting with her brother in Milwaukee.  Instead of finding a hotel or campground, I offered her a "moochdocking" overnight here in our driveway, where she can rest her head in the quiet countryside instead of the big city.

As I type this, she and Lady are snoozing away in our guest house, (the motorhome) and soon she will be in for fresh baked muffins and coffee!

Yesterday we had a great visit out on our deck, with all three doggers sniffing and checking each other out.  Soon they were all plopped on the floor, snoozing away the afternoon.  Lady is truly a lady, and well behaved with social skills of a well-mannered dogger.

We shared stories and dreams, places and parks...  with those wonderful tips and tricks that only RVers know about at this place or that.  Later we walked down along the river, and much to Marty's surprise, her dog Lady jumped right into the river!   She waded along, with her tail trailing behind her on the surface of the river, lapping water as she walked.  She went up and down a few times, just wading along belly deep, and enjoying her cool dip in the river.  When she got out, she was loping around in the grass like a youngster!   Marty said she hadn't done THAT in years!   There clearly was joy on the elderly dogger's face, and a bit of youthful puppy exuberance in her gait. We didn't take along a camera at the time, but perhaps this morning we will walk back down there again to let her dip in?

We drove into town to show Marty the sights, leaving her wet dogger enclosed on our deck to dry. We drove over to Copper Culture State Park for a little look see.  It's only about 4 miles down the river from our house.
 The remains of the village and people that are buried here in mounds 
date back before the Native Americans! 

We strolled around the grounds a bit, past a big beehive in a hollowed out tree.  The bees were swarming around the honey hole, and we expected to see Winnie The Pooh come ambling along.  Nope, all we saw was the flash of a deer, and a fisherman coming up from the river. 

From there we drove through our tiny town of Oconto, once a bustling lumbering town with sawmills and rivermen all over the place.  Now it's a sleepy little town on the shore of the waters of Green Bay, where it flows into Lake Michigan.   We took Gypsy out along the Breakwater Park to see the views.  The tip of the breakwater is driveable with a car to go out to the end.   We snapped a few shots.....

Gypsy  &  KarenInTheWoods

Just as we were ready to head back in, we saw a nearby fisherman skillfully work his catch into the shore.  It was a Northern Pike, and a nice size too!

As we were pulling off the breakwater, I managed to snap a few sunset shots from the moving car...

We came back to the house to enjoy a snack of ice cream... and freshly picked strawberries that had just been growing in the fields that morning. The Mennonites up the highway grown wonderful strawberries and sell them not too far from our house.  How could we resist? Yummmmm

The doggers all relaxed together on the floor .....

And we yacked the night away until 11p.m. before we all turned in for the night.....  

What a wonderful visit!   Today she will head on up to the U.P. of Michigan and head over on U.S. 2 towards Duluth, her next destination.   This morning we will start her out with some coffee and muffins.... if I ever get off this danged computer and get them in the oven!



  1. Nice you got to meet Gypsy after all these years. I have been following her for a long time as well. Made me so happy to hear about Lady enjoying herself in the river. Westward ho with Muffins to go....now how great is that:))

  2. What a nice visit....you are all having...I also follow her..and so enjoy her posts....nice to see the doggies all got along so well...I can smell those muffins from here...have a super weekend

  3. We had a great visit with Gypsy last year in Montana. Sure hope we're somewhere along her way this year also. Love to hear Lady is having such a good time. She is such a great ole girl. Our girls are not good in social situations. They are just obnoxious.

  4. What a neat opportunity! So happy you all had a good visit.

  5. It's great to have other RV'ers come together whereever we are. I'm so glad she spent some time with you guys. We were honored to meet her on her way to you. I hope the muffins turned out well. Thanks so much for posting.

  6. What a pleasure to meet Gypsy and join you all on your outing. Your blog is such a treasure!

  7. What a nice visit...we are hoping to do that someday!

  8. What a wonderful visit with this special lady, and Lady! So glad you finally had a chance to meet up. Thanks for sharing your visit with us.

  9. Always nice to enjoy time with like minded People let alone Bloggers. Glad you all had a pleasant visit.

    It's about time.

  10. Glad you are having fun with your company. We always enjoy meeting up with other bloggers and blog readers. Nice to have a pretty sunset at the end of a great day.

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. You, Steve, and pups are perfect hosts! A very enjoyable read this morning. Thank you! ;)

  12. It is always so neat when you finally meet a blogger you have been following for so long. I have done it a couple of times and I always get very excited


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