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Friday, March 9, 2012

and moooorrreee house stuff!

Oh my, I have spent the better part of a whole week being sick with a crud that just didn't go away!   It sure slowed down the  efforts on house prep for selling.  ARGGHHH   But I am finally on the mend and just about over it.  Only the nagging cough left behind.

We are experiencing some amazing weather here in Wisconsin. Sooooo strange for March.  We had over a foot of snow last week, and in one day it warmed up so much, wind blowing, and sunshine that it's almost all gone!   Just a crusty snowbank here or there, but that is about it.  We are due to hit high 60s and maybe even 70 next week!

On the home prep front, we have one last room to finish up, the downstairs bathroom.   We ripped out the the sink in prep to replace the vinyl flooring.  (after fifteen years of teenager use, the floor needs it)   Tore up the mop board trim and here Steve was unhooking the toilet.  THAT was a fiasco in itself, because he didn't drain it all out before removing it, so I had to help carry a sloshing wet toilet out of the room, around the corner, down the hall, through the guest bedroom and into the storage room... to let it finish draining over the floor drain.  ARGGHHH  

We had decided to replace the sink, but at the same time, the vanity wasn't much to speak about either.  So another shopping trip to Menards and we got a new sink and vanity, and new vinyl flooring.  Will take a pic when it's all done,  hopefully by  this weekend.

This upcoming weekend, we have some other events taking place.  Tomorrow (Saturday) will be a Baby Luncheon for our daughterinlaw Heather and son Dan.  The new little boy will be born soon, (April 6th is due date)  and we are all gathering for a fun day at their house.  All the grandtots will be there, so I am sure to get in some hugs and kisses and cuddles.   Erin and Mark are due April 12th with their son, so it's going to be a VERY BABY APRIL for us!

On Sunday, my lady is finally going to get here to load up the biggest loom.  We had to delay due to the storms and over a foot of snow here last weekend.  They are planning to haul the loom on an open trailer, so slush and snow are not good for that situation.  

Next week holds a huge event for me-----   my friends Rosie from Missouri and Linda from Tennessee are due here on Wednesday.  They are staying for a week and helping me sort and organize fabric, yarn, tools and looms.  Rosie is taking home my 4 harness Union Rug loom, and Linda is taking home the drum carder for processing fleece into spinnable roving.  And then we are stuffing every square inch of empty space with fabric and supplies for them to haul back to their studios!   tee heeeeee   We will get in a lot of laughter and gabbing and eating and probably not much sleeping.  It will be a like a week long sleepover pajama party!  Didn't you wish for things like that when you were a kid?   We will be three big kids, and ignore Steve and let him up to his own devices for his own entertainment. 

The hens will be cackling and the rooster can go hang out somewhere else.. tee heeeeee

Daughter Erin sent me a photo this morning that I just HAVE to share....  yes, little Chelsea chooses her own wardrobe.  She was helping to wash the baby bottles in preparation for her new baby brother to come. 


  1. Chelsea is such a cutie pie!

    Yes, next week is going to be so much fun! I can't wait!!

  2. I could use a helper like that cutie pie. Things are wrapping up here too. Doesn't it feel great!!!

  3. I remember those pampers days, and you have two more to go through as these get bigger. Tell Linda hi from Donna, Sam & Rigg's. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. What a darling picture of Chelsea.

    You'd better hurry and get that house finished...it sounds like it's about camping season up there!

  5. I hope you get over your cough sooner than I am getting over mine. It's still hanging on and is driving me crazy.

  6. What an adorable picture--definitely a keeper!


  7. I'll bet Steveio will be hiding in the RV! You girls have fun!

  8. Glad to see that Chelsea is learning early to keep her head and feet warm up in the North woods! :)

  9. Arg! Your going to be selling an even more beautiful home. Why is it we fix things up so nice for the next owner? They are going to be lucky people.

  10. I'll bet Steve was in big trouble for that 'water in the toilet' ker-fuffle.

  11. I can't figure out why we wait to sell the house before fixing it all up nice and new. We did the same when we sold our house. It sat for years needing some new paint but Kevin didn't do it until we were ready to sell, so now the new people get to enjoy the fruits of our labour while we sat with old painted walls. Too funny!

    Looks like everything is coming together nicely. Enjoy your week with the "girls". and a weekend with the grandchildren. I can't believe our grandson will be 1 year on April 1!

    Kevin and Ruth

  12. Still can't believe my friend Lisa, from over 20 yrs ago had an inkling for buying a loom. It is going to a great home.


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