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Monday, March 12, 2012

Our busy weekend is over, whew!

We got a lot accomplished over the weekend.

First up on the order of jobs was to finish that lower level bathroom.  We had pulled up the old flooring, and got the new one laid out and trimmed to fit around the drain.  Once we were sure it was the right size and in the right position, we sealed it down with flooring adhesive and let it dry overnight. It sure came out nice, and we are pleased with the results.

Saturday morning dear daughter Erin came to pick me up.  Little Chelsea was thrilled to have Granmuddah ride in HER CAR to go to Green Bay.  She jibberjabbered all the way and we sure enjoyed the sunshine streaming in the windows.  It felt like SPRING!   We ran a few errands and managed a stop in the mall to do a little ride on the fun stuff for Chelsea while momma was in Office Max... heh heh

By noon, we headed over to the Baby Luncheon to welcome new Baby Pfundtner due soon to our daughterinlaw Heather and son Dan.  We had a nice time and showered the new mommy with some "Boy Things" as all their saved baby stuff from Allegra was "Girl Stuff"  So there was a lot of Oohhhs and Ahhhhhs over the adorable little things that Heather was showered with.  What fun!!!

Little Chelsea and Allegra hung out with cousin Lucas... who is ALSO expecting a new sibling in September!  Lucas belongs to Steve's niece, Jen and hubby Robert.   Just look at those curls!!!!

While all the ladies gabbed, Dan hid out in the family room to watch tv.  Hens cackling in the hen house for sure.   LOL   The girls were soooo busy practicing being Mommies.  They were giving Elmo rides back and forth in the little stroller, learning about how awful it is to dump your baby out on the road!  ACK!  

What a couple of cuties, huh?  
With all the boy cousins on the way, 
these two girls gotta stick together!

While I was at the Baby Luncheon, that Mr. Steveio Zoom Zoom Guy was at home putting all the bathroom fixtures back into place.  He got the toilet and sink reinstalled, and also hung the mirror and a new light fixture.  The trim threshold strip is the last thing to go on, as it was stained and is drying overnight. I think we are all done with any major home projects in preparation for selling!!!!!

Now the bathroom is all ready for our company coming this week... my friends Rosie and Linda will be here on Wednesday evening and staying for a week.  We are going to FIBERNATE!  And sort and pack up weaving supplies and yarns and fabric for trips back to Tennessee and Missouri.  "Stash Enhancement" for their studios!

On Sunday, we woke up to an amazingly warm day.  Wisconsin just isn't used to high 60 degree temps in March.  Almost all of the snow is gone and it was so warm that bugs were hatching and flying around!  Working in short sleeves and no jackets is just sooo foreign to us in March.  We had to wash the screens and put them up just to be able to open the doors and windows, letting in the fresh air.  Hopefully this is the last time we will ever have to wash and hang screens, right?

About 10 am on Sunday, Lisa and Troy came to pick up my biggest LeClerc Nilart loom.  It was sooooo sad to see it go, but I know it will be loved and cherished by Lisa in the years to come.   We went over the details and supplies, and some yarn and shuttles were purchased too.   The guys went to work on removing the patio doors so it could be taken out in one whole piece.  First we had to move the motorhome out of the parking spot in the driveway so there was room to get around the side of the garage with a vehicle.  That is the most the motorhome moved this month....  it is crying for more exercise!  Camping season is coming, never fear.

Steve hooked their trailer to the back of our little Tracker and backed down around the garage and to the lower level patio.  The guys loaded up the loom and carefully packed and tied and padded it for a safe journey south, about 60 miles.   The back beam folds up tight to cut the size of the footprint almost in half.  It fit in their trailer perfectly.

My goodness, look at all that space!!!   (and all the dust and lint that accumulates underneath a loom!) 

Luckily the ground is still pretty frozen, even if there isn't much snow left anywhere.  Like a little mountain goat, Steve drove the Tracker up and around the side of the garage, towing the little trailer and my loom away....

Goodbye Loom, have a good life.   
(sniff sniff) 



  1. With the house sale date 'looming' ever closer I'll bet you will be getting into some very mixed feelings about it all. Excitement mixed with apprehension. Happy & yet sad. Future unknown memories mixed with old familiar one's. Might just see you in Congress next winter eh:))

    1. Sad to see the old friend go to its new home. You days on the road full time will more than make up for it.

  2. You've really gotten a lot done in the past few months. Good-bye loom, but hello new adventures!

  3. The bathroom looks wonderful. Great job. It is hard to part with some of our beloved possessions but the end result is so worth it.

  4. Steve did a great job. Yes it's hard giving up cherished things but that's what they are, THINGS. Like everyone else said your giving up one adventure to start a new one. Can you feel the freedom yet?

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Looks like both of said goodbye to looms over the weekend. Just one step closer to our fulltiming! See ya on the road!

  6. You are an inspiration! I too have "things" that I need to part with! So hard to give up stuff you love! At least with the looms you know they are going to be loved, used and appreciated! The new bathroom floor looks great! All the hard work is paying off!

  7. Wow you guys are really making progress ~ I bet it was sad watching the loom drive off into the sunset...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  8. before you know it the house will be sold and you'll be on the road!! You sure had one busy week to say the least..hope your finding time in there to rest....!!! great pictures....


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