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Friday, March 30, 2012

Another visit to our newest grandson

Yes, it's another gushy baby post!   Can you blame me? He gets more and more handsome every day, and he's only on his second day of being in this world!

First off though, we woke up to SNOW! ARGGGHHHHH!!!!

We got about 4-5 slushy inches of it, and it's still there tonight as I write this. Hopefully the temps will warm up this weekend to melt it all GONE!

Allegra and I trekked through it this morning, on down to Green Bay.  Our first stop was at the little florist shop on 9th St, (Parmentiers) as we try to keep our business local with small owners, rather than big chain stores.  While they were making up some pretty blue flowers and balloons, the nice lady gave little Allegra a pink carnation of her very own!  Now THAT is caring about your customers!

Allegra wrote a letter to her baby brother, Mason.  She put it in an envelope, licked it shut and decorated it!   Here is Daddy reading the letter to Mason, with Allegra proudly looking on.

Mommy gave Allegra a ride up and down on this crazy hospital bed!! Don't ALL kids love to do that? (and some grownups too?)

The little guy's toes are very very long, as are his fingers too.  Allegra had to check them all out, and count them, making sure there are 10 of each.  Daddy Dan is showing the keepsake footprints on the back of the hospital birth certificate.  How cute is that?

Allegra got to goof around in the baby basinette, 
doing a bit of luge racing.  LOL 
(the nurses let her do it!) 
And of course she got in some kisses for her baby brother too.

 And yes, Granmuddah never would pass up a chance to cuddle a sweet new baby....

After we said our goodbyes, Allegra and I went over to see cousin Jameson.  He needed a babysitter today for a couple hours because his regular sitter was on vacation.  Allegra and Jameson were learning new dance moves on some video game.. which worked them up into a frenzy before nap time.  Heather left for work and I had to calm down two crazy pre-schoolers.   (Thanks Heather, for doing that!) 

But Granmuddah worked her magic and soon had them BOTH napping, 
and the two cats too!  Whew what a day.  

Tomorrow Allegra goes back home to join up with 
her Mommy, Daddy and new baby brother!

Then waiting any day for Erin and Mark to go into labor next,
while Chelsea gets to come and hang out with us too! 


  1. A great post!!! It's a family affair, glad they were altogether so quickly.

  2. What a fun fun post. Thanks for sharing your day - well except for the snow that is.

  3. While every stage in a child's life is wonderful and important, including when they get to be 40, there is something special about a newborn.

  4. Very sweet! How nice that you get to help out while the new little ones make their grand entrance. Nice that you got both down for a nap at the same time...that's grandma magic for sure.

  5. You have truly been blessed with a wonderful Grandson, I know you will do all you can to spoil him as early as possible.We are so Happy for you. Sam & Donna..

  6. Hearty congratulations on your new Grandson! I was a bit out of the loop on your last several posts because my computer didn't alert me to new posts as it should have. Better late than never, eh? :)
    Each day brings you and Steve closer to your dream of retirement RVing. I really find your posts so very interesting with the various projects that you both work on......also happy that some of your weaving equipment went to good homes, too.
    Enjoy your ever growing family....but please continue to make time for your blogging, too! ;)

  7. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing how you spoil this wonderful new grandson. :c)
    Loved the pix of Allegra holding her new brother, hope they always stay close.


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