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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My brother got a new RV--- a toyhauler trailer

My older brother, Butch (aka Steve, Beerman Butch, or Butch-a-go)  really suffered withdrawal by selling off his fifth wheel RV halfway through the year last summer.  He spent the rest of the camping season feeling down right miserable each time someone went camping and he couldn't!

His plan was to buy a toyhauler --- he has fourwheelers, motorcycles, and now grandkids getting older and wanting to come along camping.  So he was in the market...

He finally found the RIGHT one and a new truck too. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

We went and checked it out after the cleanup of the party on Sunday while we were up north.  Here are some pics... What a NEAT RIG!

It's only a couple years old and in great shape... 
The back flips down and there is a screen to keep out bugs.  

There is a full bed up in the front portion, and another full bed that raises and lowers in the back

The kitchen area has speckled laminate for the cabinets in a granite type finish, very durable looking!  He has started loading in his gear and getting it ready for camping.

Even the fridge doors are covered in the laminate.  That sure is nicer than the black plastic door panels we had on our Coachmen or Sierra fridge doors.     The bathroom is split with a vanity near the bedroom, and the shower and stool in a closed in room between the bedroom and kitchen.

 Boy, there sure is a lot of room inside, even with the bed down!  Both couches fold up against the walls, and the table folds flat too.  He can get a lot of toys in here, for sure!  Or ---  grandkids and porta cribs and tricycles and basketballs and kiddie swimming pools and strollers and rock collections ...
Well, you get the idea!  Even up high over the cabinets are meshed in shelves for more toys (or helmets)

 Plenty of headroom when the bed is lowered.  I think the extra mattress is for when the two couches are folded out, it goes across them for a more comfortable bed. 

He already mounted his Olympian Wave catalytic heater-- we were down to 36 last night in MAY..ack! 

There is an on board generator and a large gas fuel tank.  Besides the generator running off this fuel, the tank is also accessed by a hose and pump to add fuel to your toys!  How cool is that?  "Fill 'er up!"

Okay Butch-A-Go.... load er up and LET'S GO CAMPING!!!!


  1. I have always liked that Toy Hauler concept. The travel trailer looks great & should fit the bill for him perfectly. Often thought I would love to take my motorcycle to the southwest but would never think of hanging or towing it on the outside of the Motor Home. Kinda like the idea of a big multi purpose mud room too. So many useful purposes to a Toy Hauler. Makes the interior wheel chair accessible too.

  2. I have looked at toy haulers with an eye to having the back part be a studio to work in. I'd love to have the door open and do my art in one.

  3. Cool! Bet you guys are gonna have some fun times this summer.

  4. Looks great! And it doesn't look like ventilation will be an issue :-)

  5. You can definitely store more and larger items in this big travel trailer! It’s very spacious, and I think it’s quite easy to clean. I really like the idea that some of the furniture here can be folded. I also like the fact that the back can be fully opened, which is good for ventilation purposes and for the large stuff to easily fit in.


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