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Monday, May 9, 2011

Day One of the workshop evening Show N Tell

(This happened on Saturday night, but I am just now getting around to blogging it)

When we gather at Vavning Studio, Juanita graciously allows us to have a swap meet and Show N Tell session in the studio during the evening hours.  Yes, Show N Tell, just like in Kindergarten!  Weavers that attend these rug weaving workshops are also talented in other areas of weaving.  We bring in our items to share, talk about, discuss patterns, structure, fibers or even the looms they were woven on.  We also swapped some items too, but mostly it's about the camaraderie and the sharing of ideas among those in our area of craftsmanship.

Many of us are members of a cyber guild, called Rugtalk which is a Yahoo Group---  we have not met in person, but have shared posts, blogs, photos and ideas over the amazing network of weavers around the world.

It was so nice to meet with many of these folks, face to face, after years of posting and reading between ourselves.  What a wonderful tool the internet has become to something as hands-on skilled as weaving!

Bear with me... lots of pics here, but hey, we come from far and wide once a year to do this!

Juanita was first up with some rugs and saddle blankets she has done---

After she weaves rugs, totes or liturgical vestments, she sometimes embroiders on them---  such as this rug below, entitled "Searching for a White Horse" or something close to that title--- she told the story of having a small white Welsh Horse as a young gal, and she had wanted to find one again of the same temperament and personality for her own children.   I guess she found one in her loom---  in her weaving!

Can you just feel the joy and fun it took to create this rug?  

(yup---that's an Appaloosa Mule she wove a blanket for!)  Juanita lives in a horsey community and is embarking on perfecting the saddle blanket market with her handwoven creations.

And this silly little was created in double weave, shaping him on the loom to create him..no seams.  Totally tubular weaving   He is a PURSE!   Well, or else you could call him a tote?  She is working on a girl one now too.... How cute!                                (Back and front)

Now for the rest of the group's presentations, I am not going to attempt to put all of the products to the names and faces... I am bad at both.   So here are some of the things that were passed around to ooooh and ahhhhh over!

This gal, Ellen, told about her week long weaving adventure in England... to stay at Jason Collingwood's studio and weave a rug under his instruction at his loom.  What a treat!  Note: he is the instructor for the classes during the three day conference that we are attending.  http://www.rugweaver.co.uk/



These ever-so-soft mohair throws were to die for, and Anne looks like she matches with her rug!  I thought her rug on the right, reminded me of Iris flowers, with the colors and ratio of stems, leaves and then blooms!

Katie (who came the furthest, from Ohio, for this class--) showed us some hot mats and how to weave a flat mat from denim jean seams after cutting off the usable fabric for denim rugs... she lays the seams flat and weaves another thin shot of weft between each layer of seam to lock them into place.  What a great way to use up what most of us throw away! 

Closeups of Katie's mats with double threading for strength....

This was an interesting antique sewing basket!   The top lifts up and then also it is a part of a smaller basket that lifts out as a portable sewing basket, or it can be stowed together as in the photo....

I believe these two rugs are what Juanita purchased when she was in Germany....

 Here are four drop dead gorgeous scarves!!!  (I like soft chenille striped one)

I showed some of my newest rugs I had made, and a tote bag and an 8 harness boundweave wall hanging depicting my life.  (I didn't get pictures on my camera of myself showing my things, so these are from my files that were taken at other times at home) 

We sat around gabbing for a while, and everyone cleared out to go back to their hotels.  Ann had an RV in the parking lot too, so she toddled off to bed.

Just Juanita and I sat and kibbitzed for a while, --- we are two fiber sisters of October births.. sharing into the night and enjoying the restful peace and quiet of the studio.  This place is so full of love and warmth and creativity, I am renewed each time I come here. She can think of a zillion ways to use something, embellish a design, or create a totally different item than what you first envision.  Her flair and frugality bring a whole new meaning to "creating" ....   I look forward to coming here every year with great anticipation!

"Thank you, dear Juanita, for hostessing such a wonderful event each year...." 



  1. Incredible, the things you can make. You must have tons of patience (and lots of time!).

  2. Jorge and I are looking and looking and now we want to try this sort of looming. We just can't get over the different way and pattern and styles - gosh!! Love it..


  3. The weaving is all so beautiful. The rugs are gorgeous, the black one with the white horses and figures weaved/embroidered on it is my favourite. Love the Appaloosa Mule!

    Kevin and ruth

  4. I really love the items pictured in this blog. I understand the amount of work and love that goes into them, as I can remember my grandmother and all the lovely rugs, mats, quilts, etc. that she made. You are so talented.


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