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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Falling behind on blogging--- new water pump and spending time with Jameson

Whoeewwwwieeee I better get my butt in gear here and start up some motorhome topics, so here it goes. Most of you blog readers are RV folks, so I owe you a post about RVing... right?  

Steveio has been thinking of getting a little bigger water pump for our motorhome, along with an accumulator (pressure) tank.  Sooooo  he found one, a super duper one from what he said, on Ebay.  It came today and is just what he wanted!    It's a pretty expensive pump, called a Par from Jabsco.  In the $250-300 range but he got it for $65 plus shipping!  Good deal----  he hooked it up temporarily to check it out-  it runs quiet and smooth.  He still needs the right port kit of adapters to change it to screw-on threads instead of the barbed ends.  Threaded screw on lines are more secure than the push on barbs with clamps. That is the only reason he is not out there installing it tonight.  LOL

Here are pics from all angles for you geeky RV guys......

He was looking at accumulator tanks (to lessen the necessity of turning pump on and off as often when only using a little water a time)  ... and today I happened to stop at a rummage sale where there was a brand new one in a box!  The lady at the rummage sale said they bought it, but the repairman who came brought a different one along to use, and they couldn't find the slip to return this one.  So it became ours for a mere $5.  On the VERY DAY that he gets the pump in the mail, is when I found the tank he needs!  Too cool

The old pump he is taking out is, of course, 15 years old now, but still works fine.  He is going to rig it up to a bladder to haul extra water and use the old pump to push the water in our fill port on the motorhome..

Our motorhome has the type of fresh water filling port you need to fill with a hose under pressure, not just a gravity fill like they have on some travel trailers.  Those you can just dump in water from a jug or bucket if you run low while boondocking.   But our type of RV needs a pressured hose to fill the tank with extra water.   Seann, our Cannuckie RV buddy at the Slabs had this bladder and pump setup and it worked great for boondocking!

So that, my friends, is the whole reason behind his search for a new pump and tank.  

We have kinda been busy here since we got home from the weaving conference 2 weeks ago.  First we had to catch up on stuff around the house, and then I had a bunch of orders to get done.  A variety of rugs came off the looms, got fringes tied, hems sewn and shipped out to customers or listed in my Etsy store.  Then I had sock orders to get done, and out in the mail too.  Life has been good!

Heather and Jameson came on Sunday to visit us and he spent a little time with me down in my Loom Room.  He LOVES to bang the beater and mush the fabric in tight to the rug.  What a Weaver!

The little guy did a Nature Walk with us around the yard and down to the river.  

Hey Granfaddah--- 
Where did you go????                     THERE you are! 

On the way back up to the house, we walked by the motorhome, and that little 2 year old boy got VERY UPSET!    He said the motorhome was  ***BROKEN***  !!!!  

Seems that since the wheels were covered by white plywood sheets, little Jameson could not see the wheels.. and that meant it was ***BROKEN***....   He was not to be consoled until Granfaddah removed the plywood and showed him that yes, the wheels were still there.  They were still round and black and were definitely not ***BROKEN***    He had to see both the rear and the front tires to be sure they were all good.   It was soooo funny!   Then it was all okay again in his little world.

Once he got INSIDE the rig, he scooted up in the passenger seat and would NOT get out!  He remembers riding in that seat last year (with his carseat strapped down)  and was just sooo intent on sitting in the rig and waiting for Granfaddah to drive him some where, any where, as long as it would GO!   We finally tried to bribe him out with candy corn!  hahahahaa  and it worked. 

But alas.. his mommy had to put the kabash on a ride because they had to leave and be back to Green Bay for his Uncle Tyler's birthday.   Our visit with the little guy was very enjoyable.  

And---- we are taking him next weekend IN the motorhome for four or five days camping somewhere over Memorial Day.   So in the meantime he will have to wait till next week.  That is SO HARD to wait when you are only 2 years old, and all you want to do is ride in Granfaddah's Camper. Seven days, little man, seven days.....

We are loading up the motorhome in the driveway tonight for this weekend. Got the fridge chilling, added some extra clothes and a few items, and soon will load up the cold food. 

Pulling out tomorrow as soon as Steve is off work, and heading up to the U.P. of Michigan.  My sister and her husband (Schmoo and Fuzz) are celebrating their 25+1 Anniversary Party.... see, last year when it was their 25th anniversary, they were in the hospital while Fuzz was battling cancer and undergoing a very complicated surgery.   They removed his cancerous jaw bone and replaced it with a bone from his leg.  They also removed large portions of tissue, skin, cheek, etc to be sure they got it all.  And now, one year later he is Cancer FREE!   So that is a VERY good reason to celebrate!!!!

We are going up early to help prepare foods and get things decorated for the party!  So our motorhome is our moving hotel room in the far flung outlands of the U.P. of Michigan.  Besides, we can take along the dogs and have the fridge available for transporting foods up there and taking home leftovers.  

We will be parking in the lot behind the rented township hall and use our rig for sleeping spaces for us and some of our kids who are coming.  Erin and Mark with little Chelsea are bunking in with us.  (and the two rat dogs, Bommo and Angel)   

We bought a new queen size air mattress for on the floor of the motorhome, instead of using the folding jacknife sofa (which is a very uncomfortable bed, not much larger than a twin.   We are actually considering removing the couch entirely and just getting two nice recliner chairs for in the future.  Not sure yet.  We have already removed one couch and put in a Euro Chair and ottoman. 

So that is about it for motorhome items today...  I promise to get some good pics of the weekend party to post next time.



  1. What a great update! It's so neat catching up on your blog.

  2. Glad to see your getting out for a family camping trip, once our company eaves on Wednesday I am thinking o packing the kid's up for a weekend at the Lake to start this year so far all I have to do is fire up the fridge, and check tires.Aren't Grandkid's neat, that and beer proves God loves us.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I was wondering where you were. Very cool about getting the accumulator for $5, what a coincidence!


  4. Congrats to your BIL for beating the cancer demon. This will be a very special anniversary for them!
    We removed one of our sleeper sofas and replaced it with 2 smaller Lazy Boy rocker/recliners. Best decision ever!

  5. Hello from Ontario,Canada. Love your blog and find it very interesting learning about your weaving. We have a 5th wheel and took out our sofa and now we have 2 recliners and 2 euro style chairs love it and wouldn't go back to a sofa. Safe travels.
    Island Travellers


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