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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jameson's Excellent Adventure - Camping with Granfaddah and Granmuddah Pfun


My name is Jameson. 

I am 2 and 3/4 years old. 

I am smarter than Granmuddah thinks, 
and I swiped her computer to make this blog post.  

Shhhh don't tell her. 

These are my Best Friends: "Monkey" and "Puppy" 
We are all set for Jameson's Excellent Adventure!

Granmuddah picked me up in the car. 
We drove to their house and got in the motorhome.
Granmuddah and Granfaddah Pfun took me CAMPING! 

All I know is that Granfaddah BROKE the motorhome.  
"Granfaddah, can I help you fix it?"

Granfaddah parked the motorhome wayyy up in the woods

I got to be on Skeeter Swatter Patrol. 
I am a good Skeeter Swatter Boy.

I got to play in a REAL tent! 
But I slept inside the motorhome with Granfaddah and Granmuddah

And I got soooooooo dirty I even got to take a bath in the motorhome! 

Both of my grandparents are very good at reading me stories

Every morning I got to jump on their big bed in the motorhome
I am a very fast jumper! 

Granfaddah bought us little boxes of cereal. 
Each morning I could pick out a different kind.

My Auntie Schmoo brought out a fun game with things to throw

After she taught me how, I taught a little boy named Braydon.
I kept all the blue ones.  He got the red. 

 I took lots of walks, and got to spend all of my time outside when it wasn't raining. 

My granfaddah went out to the lake in a big boat, 
but it was too windy for me they said.
He caught a BIG fish. 

My Uncle Matt threw some big rocks in the lake with a HUGE splash! 

My friend Braydon threw little rocks

We saw a Daddy, a Mommy, and five little babies---

AWWWW it's a Little Snake!   (Granmuddah said it's a "worm"???)

I had my own special dining area.  
Granmuddah said this camping chair  used to be 
MY mommy's chair when she was little! 

I ate watermelon! 

and Do-Do's (donuts) 

It was time to jump on the bed---- again

I spent a lot of time watching the "fireworks" 


After five days, I had to gather my Best Friends and go home.

I helped Granfaddah find the way home. 
He likes it when I help him. 

Granmuddah said I came home very dirty, 
with a collection of mosquito bites, 
and full of junk food.

I sure had FUN! 



  1. Enjoy reading your blog! We will be in Wisconsin in July, so looking forward to seeing it after all your pics!

  2. Great! photos of your little one. Looks like fun.

  3. What a cutie he is. He's going to be a heartbreaker! Looks like he had fun with his Granmuddah and Granfaddah!

  4. Look like a fun weekend all around bet he will be dieing to go again.See ya all in a couple weeks. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  5. Too funny...can't wait until our grandson comes RV'ing with us!



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