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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Replies to last blog - Coupons on the Go!

We are suffering through a big sub zero freeze here in in Wisconsin today.  It's about 3 below right now, and going DOWN ...  should be about 15 below tonight and wind chills of 25 to 30 below.  ACK!   I hate the word *wind chills* !!! When I was a kid in the 60's and 70's we never had wind chill reports.  We just said DANG, IT'S COLD....  

I thought rather than replying to the comments on my last blog back on that blog page, I decided that I would reply here instead. After all, who goes back to see what anyone replied to a reply?  LOL

Judy and Emma said...

Are you coming down through Mississippi on your way to AZ? Sure would like to meet up with you folks and maybe get me some socks!!
(my reply) Judy--- Not sure yet of the exact route yet, we are gonna go south as fast as we can on the first day to avoid any weather.  We normally don't like to drive more than 200-300 miles in a day, but if we get a good break in the weather with dry roads and no ice or snow, we will make tracks for as many hours as we can.   Did you know that you can go to my Etsy store at any time  http://kareninthewoods.etsy.com/ or just email me and order up some socks and I can ship them to you! 


Karen and Al said...

Do you think it might not be a good idea to put your address out in blog land in case anyone reads your blog may decide to rob you blind while you're gone? I don't think you'd have any problem with the regular blog readers, but I know I get some anonymous comments that are just wacky.
Where the heck are you going anyway! Florida??? We'd love to get together if you're in the area. 
(my reply) Karen --  Yes, good idea on omitting our address... I do give out my fiber artist business card for over 15 years without a problem, which has both my address and phone number on it.  But perhaps it's best to just have the email and blog addresses on it.   (p.s. really there is nothing of value left in the house, we are taking the important stuff with us, plus the kids and neighbors are taking care of the house for us)   We are not coming to Florida this winter, instead we are heading south and west...   leaving late February after business and doc appts. are done will be gone for 7 weeks!   Probably end up in Texas, then New Mexico, then Arizona and then S. California.   2 "must-see" things are the Pacific Ocean and the Grand Canyon.  Also a stop at The Slabs is a must to meet up with RV friends there.


Cyndi said...

I like #2; though for either one you need to delete the ' in your name. You're just two of you, plural, without a possessive. It's the English teacher in me. I am soooo glad you've posted this detailed list - there are a few things that I need to put on mine now. I especially like the one about calling the credit/gas card companies. We've never done that - and last summer had our Shell card cancelled in the middle of a trip. We never knew that we were supposed to let them know we were going out of state.
(my reply) Oops thanks Cyndi!  See, I needed a proofreader to help me out!  Yes, one time we had a charge card denied for a larger purchase when on the road, and it was embarrassing and time consuming to get it all straightened out.  It was the first time we ever used that card out of state, and the credit card company was just protecting us and them from a big hassle if it had been stolen.  I just recently paid for my website domain renewal to a company in Australia, and the credit card company called in 2 minutes flat to verify that I was really purchasing something in Australia.  How cool is that?  

Kevin and Ruth said...

Another suggestion for the credit cards, is that you can take a picture of them if you can't photocopy them. Also make the photocopy into a document and then email it to yourself so that if your unit is stolen you are able then to access it from any computer. We have also done this with any other important info, passports, insurance, licenses etc.  Kevin and Ruth   www.travelwithkevinandruth.com

(my reply) That is a great idea!  I am going to do that with the digital camera and then email them to myself---  never thought of that!


And to all of your votes on which version of the RV calling card, 
-I am going to use number 2
-I am going to remove the address and phone number
-I am going to add the pic of the doggers

I also had a few emails asking me about my pressure cooker... so I did a series of photos making beef stew the other night and will do a future blog post about that.


~~Mike~~ said...

Congrats on breaking 100! I knew you would though, you always have cool stuff to post :) I vote for the second version of the card more because I like the layout. I think the picture in the lower left should be of you with the furkids as others have mentioned too. Chelsea looks like she had fun! Great pics of her! Your lists are very well thought out too! Heidi wrote a blog on our other site yesterday that you might be interested in considering the "club cards" you mentioned. Her blog is http://vansteaders.blogspot.com

97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

(my reply) So here is what Heidi from Vansteaders wrote:  (reprinted with her permission) 


Coupons on the go!

Couponing... you clip the coupons for items you use from the Sunday paper, then take them with you when you shop and save money!  What's not to love?  Well, quite a lot actually.

First of all, I don't read the Sunday paper anymore.  Secondly, how do I get those weekly coupons that come in the mail, when I don't always have a mailbox?  Thirdly, do I really want to use expensive ink for e-coupons? Also, I always forget to use that coupon I brought with me!  These are just a few of the issues I have with using coupons!

Click "add" and the coupon is stored in your grocery store's club card

Okay, maybe *you* all knew this, but I was completely in the dark about all the great modern couponing options that are attached to the little club card you pull out at the check-stand!  Then, a few days ago I was looking for the online flyer for the local Port Angeles (WA) Safeway, and I saw the light!  Did you know that you can view local weekly sales flyers online, then click on the coupons area and load the coupons you'd like to use?  The coupons are then "stored" on your card... so if you buy the item before the expiration date the coupon amount is automatically taken off the grocery bill.  You don't even have to tell them you're using coupons! 

There are many stores that have this couponing option... Fred Meyer is another one that I specifically checked on.

If you don't see all the coupons you want at your "regular" store's site, I also found out there are other sites that will add coupons to your store's card: 
Cellfire.com, PGeSAVER.com, Shortcuts.com, Upromise.com...
I haven't used these sites yet, but I'll check them all out before my next shopping trip.

I don't know if I'll ever be one of those extreme-super-coupon-saving-shoppers, the kind that get their groceries for free and speak in a language I don't understand (with lingo like "price matching" and "doubles"), but it's progress!



  1. I'm so sorry you're having such miserable weather, but very soon you'll be leaving it behind!

    Love Kevin and Ruth's idea about emailing a picture of your credit cards..great idea.

    I'll also have to check on that couponing idea..never knew you could do them online.

  2. Yes, I knew about your Etsy store. I guess I'm just one of those shoppers that likes to see and feel what they are buying in person. :)

  3. I stopped putting my address on my art biz card years ago when one of my friends was robbed while at a show. Her cards had her address on them and it was like giving strangers notice that no body was home.

    We also have a friend who's home was robbed during a family funeral. How low!

  4. Good! I liked he second card 2. I alwas wondered if anone noiced hings like las names on blogs, or addresses. I guess I kinda hink whaever happens is mean o be. Love ur blog :)

  5. Hi Karen,

    I love your blog and have enjoyed all your camping stories and photos! But I have always been more of a lurker until now.

    Regarding the suggestion you received about taking a picture of your credit cards and emailing the information to yourself. I wouldn’t recommend this at all – I work as a travel agent, so I have clients all over the world. In the past they would email credit card details to me, but we no longer allow this practice as part of our PCI compliance. PCI is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

    Now, you might think this doesn’t apply to you – you’re not a store, then again, maybe you are with your Fiber Art business. Anyway, by housing this information in your email, you open yourself up to having the information stolen by anyone who has or hacks into your computer. A better idea would be to photograph the information and print a copy for your records. If you need to send this information to your banking institution, fax it to them. Many business, including banks no longer allow you to email them credit card information in an effort to be PCI compliant.

    This would apply to your passport, insurance and license data – any information you do not want in the hands of a stranger should not be sent via email.

    I hope I haven’t scared you, I just want to arm you with the necessary information to keep you and your family safe. Enjoy your travels, I can’t wait to journey along with you!!



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