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Saturday, January 1, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And future RV travel plans taking shape



We rang in the New Year at home, while babysitting for little Allegra so her daddy and mommy could go out.  She played and played and had a great time, and got to spend the night.  We will bring her home about noon today and finish up back at home by picking up all the toys she has scattered from one end to the other of our house!  She slept through the big Ball Drop in New York, but met us with smiles in the New Year morning.

Her little cousin Chelsea came over for a little visit too in the morning.
They wrassled around a bit and did their Cousin-ly Thing.

Now on to the New Year....

We are gearing up in our heads for a trip out west ... late Feb, all March and into April a couple weeks....
So making lists and checking them twice.  Planning and thinking and starting to stash a pile by the door of things to take.  This will be the longest we have been gone in our RV.  The last Florida Trip was only three and half weeks.  This is gonna be FUN!   Some of the things we want to see is our friends at The Slabs and Lake Havasu in CA, probably see the Pacific Ocean, and probably swing along the south rim of the Grand Canyon on the way back in April.  So if any of you RVers are reading this and live along the way... give me a shout and I will add you to our list!  Or if you have any great ideas of things to see or places to boondock, (you should know our camping style by now-- no fancy resorts -- no expensive campgrounds)

Well, time to bring this little bee-bopper back home to her parents!


  1. Looks like a Route 66 kinda trip to me.

  2. All the best in the New Year guys & I imagine we'll be scratching around down here somewhere until mid to late March so just may catch you going by somewhere:))

  3. From the looks of your map you are taking I-55, to St Louis and then I-44 west. Since it would be to your advantage to get off I-55 at I-270 ( The bypass west, which is a straight shot to I-44 and you miss downtown St Louis.It also brings you within 30 miles of OUR House, You guys can park your rig just down the street from us on a church lot and stay hooked up and then come and stay the night at our place, the rates are great (FREE) Doggies are also welcome. Let us know by PM if you decide on stopping. Would love to meet you guys.Can I sweeten the deal with a couple of pizza's.Now that that's said, Happy New year. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Wish we had that amount of time to travel, wait, this summer we're hitting the road full time, so we will have that amount of time and then some!

    Enjoy your planning, it makes the trip that much more fun.

  5. Brenda and I will be somewhere out in that desert in Arizona and it sure is big enough for another snowbird to roost somewhere nearby. We will follow the blog and holler when you get close.

  6. I've got some boondocking sites in the Verde Valley (Jerome, Sedona, Cottonwood area) or there is a NICE state park in Cottonwood. Dead Horse State Park. We just came from the Anza Borrego Desert State Park in Borrego Springs, CA...I think you'd like it there! Nice camping at the park too!

  7. Lake Havasu is on the CA/AZ border, but the city is on the AZ side. I can't offer a place to stay, but might be able to act as a native guide in LA. My favorite place to boondock is now officially "no camping".


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