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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Day 56 - Drugs n Dogs n Dirt

Day 56 and counting... All we can do is keep working on our little projects and try to stay as healthy as we can.

Speaking of healthy, we did an online video visit with our doctor last week! The first one we ever did. That's pretty cool. He needed to actually visit with us before he could refill some of our yearly prescriptions. So by having our little visit together, it satisfies that requirement, and we were able to have our prescriptions called into the little local Walmart pharmacy.

I called the pharmacy to make sure all three were filled, there was a glitch with one, so it took an extra day or two. Finally, yesterday we received notification that all three prescriptions were ready. I asked for "curbside pick up" so we didn't have to actually go into the store. The pharmacist on the phone said no problem because they added a "tube" similar to the banking system type on the far end of the store. He said just drive around the parking lot in the car and you will see it?

I thought to myself, this is strange, because the pharmacy is on one side of the store---  how on earth do they have a drive-up on the other side of the store? I could not imagine them shuttling all of those prescriptions over to a drive up window, with a clerk, walking through the entire width of the store, like a cart full at a time???

We drove on up to the Walmart and our question was answered.

On the far side of the building was a little drive up kiosk. It had a TV screen, an old fashioned call telephone, and a regular chute vacuum system (like a bank) with very wide plastic shuttle devices.

We sprayed down the telephone with our own disinfectant that we brought along with us. Steve wore gloves then picked up the telephone. We were able to put our proper ID and credit card into the plastic shuttle chamber and send it to the pharmacist. The amazing thing is that the pharmacy is way over on the other side of the store. So this device went whoosh all the way up around over and across the entire ceiling of the store over to the pharmacy side. We could see him on the camera pick up our shuttle case and take out our credit card and ID.

After a very little wait, our prescriptions were put back in the shuttle case and he asked us a few questions as to if we we're familiar with all three and were they refills or new prescriptions etc etc.

Then we watched him on the screen put the shuttle case back together with our stuff and send it out. Then whoosh whoosh whoosh --- it took a little while to come all the way across the top of the building and back out to our car.

Once the shuttle case came to our car, Steve took the contents out, but did not bring them inside of our vehicle.

While the window was still open he held the bag up on the roof of the car until we could drive forward far enough beyond the kiosk, to a spot where he could open the car door.

Steve got out with the package still in his hand and popped our trunk button. He was able to deposit our package right into the trunk of the car. We sprayed off his gloves and the car door handle as he got back in and proceeded to head on home.

For some of you big city folks, this might be no big deal. Now I know we've used devices like this at a bank. But if that's only for a short distance. What I thought was amazing was that Walmart went to these extra steps in this small community to be able to help us feel secure in receiving our prescriptions by using this device. And the lengths they had to go shoot the packages across the entire building to get to an accessible spot in the parking lot where we could drive up with our cars.

Once we got home, while wearing gloves, we removed the packages from the trunk. We sprayed everything down with disinfectant and set them on the decontamination table in the garage for a day or two before it even comes into the house. We figure the sickest people in Walmart are all hanging out at the pharmacy!!! Lol.

Oh, while we drive anywhere in the car, I work on knitting hats from mulitple strands of pretty yarns.  Just something to keep the fingers busy.

I like knitting on a large circular needle. That way I can just stuff it back into my knitting bag at any time when we stop or start to go places. I leave the knitting bag in the car with these hats so I have something to keep my fingers busy. I decided to empty the bag and bring some of them into the house. I will have to photograph them and put them on my Etsy site for sale before next fall.


Yesterday was an apple pie baking day. We still had some apples left in the fridge, and a couple refrigerated rolled up pie crusts. I love these bigger deep dish pizza pans we bought at Aldi's a couple months ago. It makes such a nice apple pie and the inside filling does not bubble out and over the edges and make a burnt stinky oven...

Boy oh boy, the whole house sure smelled good after baking this. I think a lot of people are doing more baking now that they're home under quarantine. I do enjoy baking all of the time, but it seems that special treats like this just make our self quarantine time more bearable.  Plus, apple pie is Steve's favorite.

Our temperatures here took a big drop from the beautiful weather we were experiencing over the weekend. Hard to believe we are running around in t-shirts and shorts. Because this week our highs are only down in the forties or maybe low fifties. There's a wind blowing in from the north and it's pretty cold. At night it's down in the 30's or maybe even into the 20's later on this week. Spring is definitely not here yet.

It's too soon to plant anything, but I did prep the area for where my tomatoes are going to go this year. Then Steve went out and shoveled up the dirt and really loosened it up well so once we purchase the tomato plants, the ground will be ready.

I think we will do about 10 or 12 tomato plants, probably Early Girls and Better Boys, maybe one or two of grape tomatoes. This year they will be closer to the house within the enclosed fence of the dogs potty yard, away from the deer and other critters.

My rain barrel goes where that downspout pipe is right now....

Another upcoming project is the removal of that basement entrance building enclosure. He is putting in a low slanted foundation with a flat set of metal doors called a "bulkhead" ... so the sun will still shine on the tomatoes from that side.

On Thursday, Steve's brother Mark is bringing us enough siding to redo that whole section of the house.  That will be another upcoming project!  Enough to keep us busy the whole summer if this quarantine continues? 


Yesterday evening, even though it was quite cool out, we took a walk through the big backyard for the dogs. I made another silly slow motion video of them running around. Here it is:

That really helps to wear out their energy, and then they sleep very well for the rest of the evening. Steve and I curled up with a game of cribbage, a couple episodes of American Pickers, and two sleeping doggies.

Today is a big exciting day for us. We are getting two deliveries! A dump truck load full of gravel and another dump truck load full of dirt!!!  I was just telling Pops Pfundtner on the phone about our upcoming deliveries... He said: "You just go and have a Big Dump!"   Oh geesh!

More on that in the next blog. 
Stay tuned.

stay in 
stay safe 
stay healthy


  1. Surprised that the Pharmacy didn't install the Kiosk at their end of the store.
    That Apple Pie looks inviting.
    Nice when the Dogs can play until they are tired like that.
    Reworking the old entrance will help give your plants more sunlight.
    Cute pun from Pops.
    Be Safe and Enjoy keeping busy.

    It's about time.

    1. Past the pharmacy end is the big open lawn and garden area, no room there either, and then it's the end of the parking lot and property line to the street.


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