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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Busy Week of Grandkids!

Whew! Sorry I haven't blogged, but this week done tuckered me out.

Last Sunday we had a special birthday party to go to.  Our oldest grandson Jameson turned 10 and his little sister Whitney turned 3.  Their birthdays are only 4 days apart, so they celebrate them together. 

Our daughter Heather and soninlaw Jesse live up in Oconto, just a half mile down the road from our old house.  We tease them that they waited to buy a house just up the road until AFTER we sold ours and moved away! hahaha   

The kids had blast and all of our kids and grandkids were there, along with Grandpa Pfundtner and some family friends as well.  They recently put up a swimming pool in their yard, so the party became a swimming party for the young ones. It was hot hot hot out, but we found shade under the trees in our lawn chairs with the other older folks.  

After a fun taco bar meal, 
and present openings....

It was time for BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!

(each got their own cake)

here a little You Tube of their song: 

Whitney                                       Jameson

I have no idea where these years have gone,
has it really been TEN years since our first grandchild was born?


Then on Monday, we had the chance to pick up grandkids Allegra and Mason from their summer school class, as their other auntie wasn't able to make it. These are the two that belong to our son Dan and daugherinlaw Heather. Their class happened to be held at Heritage Hill State Park in Green Bay.  They were sketching wildlife flowers and learning to volunteer and do chores for the park. That place is very special to us because that is where we got married 21 years ago!  

Yes, we were married in the Moravian Church on the historic grounds complete with carriage and horses and a wonderful family ceremony, surrounded by friends and relatives. 

The kids took pics of us on the steps, and then we peeked in all the windows, as the buildings had been closed up for the day.  It was so wonderful to kiss my husband all over again, 21 years later in the same place we had said our vows. 

After that, we had a couple hours to kill before their parents were coming home from work.  Soooo we took a little stop at Kastle Karts in Green Bay.  Mason was not old enough to drive alone, but he could ride along.  Allegra was able to drive, but preferred to let Grandpa drive her.  So Mason and I paired up in another cart. It was sure fun!  We weren't allowed to take a cell phone on the ride, so the workers snapped this pic for us before we took off. 

After that we went over to Bay Beach... It's a city owned amusement park with only 25 cent tickets for the rides!  Some rides take one ticket, some two, some three.  It was fun and we rode for a couple hours on only $10.  I made a video for them of the day.....

We finished off that visit with a stop at A and W for supper.... (we rarely do fast food) but brought them home all fed and full of sugar... there were FREE root beer floats on that day as well!  


Then this weekend we just had the littlest grandkid, Claire, for an overnight.  Her parents, our oldest daughter Erin and soninlaw Waylen, went to a concert in Alpine Valley (country music.. ick!)  and we got to keep the wee one, not quite 2 years old yet.  She is such a quiet, inquisitive and gentle little girl.  Here she is playing with my blown glass paperweights.  I allow the grandkids to play with them because although they are glass, they are pretty much unbreakable. Unless they drop one on the foot.. ouch!  But they love the idea of getting to touch and handle GLASS.

She played and played so well with the toys and explored the toy closet now that she is old enough to play with the "big kid toys".  Last time she was here, we only took out the "baby toys" ... she sure is growing up fast too.

It was miserably hot outside, but we did manage a walk around the block with her pulled in the little red wagon by her Grandpa.  I followed with Finney and Binney on leash.  Only one block and we were tuckered out.  This heat and humidity are just too much this summer in Wisconsin.  Our central air is running nonstop to keep the house cool.

But that little stinker wasn't worn out yet... so we let her play in the Big Backyard for a while, fetching frisbee and playing ball.  Here is a cute you tube of her antics:

What fun! 

When I got her in the bathtub, she was slowing down --- and by 8 p.m. she was out like a light!  She even slept in this morning until 7:30 a.m.!  That is amazing, because she usually wakes up between 5 and 6 am.

We played around the house until her parents came to pick her up on their way home from Alpine Valley.  She was a sweetie and even helped to pick up all of her toys! Imagine that!

After hugs and waves, they headed on home, and now Steve and I had a shift to do at the Calumet County Historical Museum.  We volunteer there for Sunday during open hours from 1-4 and we also help with maintenance and serve on the board as well.  It was a hot hot humid icky afternoon again.  

I am glad we took along a fan and cooler of ice water, we sure needed it.  But even on a hot miserable day, we had 9 visitors. The buildings are not air conditioned and unless there is a breeze, *which there wasn't a lick of wind*  we do the best that we can.

It is a wonderful place with a collection of locally owned and cherished items... with as much provenance and stories attached as possible.  We love the people who come in and tell even more stories about things that their families did or items they owned as well. It is a fun task to help out, and we learn more and more each time we help out.

I was honestly happy to see 4pm roll around so we could lock up and stow the flag and take down the signs.  I had tossed a pork roast with sauerkraut in the slow cooker before we left, so supper was ready when we got home.  We are now spending the evening sitting on our butts in the livingroom, watching How The West Was Won and being two total slugs! 

I promise to write about PART THREE of It All Started with a Facebook Marketplace Ad....  I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  But it deals with some interesting light fixtures added to Our Old House. 

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