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Thursday, July 26, 2018

MOTORH0ME MODIFICATION - Fixing Dash AC and update on My Window Boxes

I figured today I would do a blog post about how Steve fixed the dash air on the motor home during the past two weeks. We had already replaced the compressor two years ago.

Here is the blog post with pictures
from that repair/replacement:

Here is the parts list and numbers from that job:


4526121 8 Groove Clutch New TM-16 AC Compressor
NEW Seltec 4526121 8 Groove Clutch 12 volt Vetical # 8 & 10 fittings 10 cubic inch.435-56121, 2521196, 10046121.  TM-16
$225.00 plus $23.50 shipping

4103052 Drier 3/8 x 3/8 male o-ring fittings.
Replaces: 4103050, 4103052, 4107316, 804-297, 085266-00 , 054-00001.
3/8 male o-ring drier with female & male switch ports.
$38.50 free shipping

This year we noticed the AC wasn't blowing as cold, and didn't seem to kick in the compressor on the last trip we took.  Steve bought a set of manifold gauges and an electric vacuum pump (he had to do our car and the Tracker too).

He went to fill and pressurize the freon. That is when he discovered this little AC expansion valve was leaking and hissing around the edge of the circular section.  He was able to find a replacement from Find It Parts-  link: A/C Expansion Valve

Sooooo he replaced the valve and started to pressurize the system with his manifold gauges and electric pump. 

Our system takes 4.6 lb of R134a freon. (73.6 oz) He bought six 12 oz cans so that amounted to 72 oz.  He had part of a can left over from doing our car so that was enough to top it off.  The filling process has the engine running with the AC on low, and it should kick in as it nears the full level of freon. But---- it wasn't kicking in.  Hmmmmm?

That is when he discovered that this fan unit was not operating properly. He stopped filling and started diagnosing. Steve figured the center hub of the fan was froze up.  The magnetics evidently stopped working and the fan was shot.

 He found one on Amazon that's actually for a motorcycle that was a direct fit!!

After the fan arrived a few days later, and toot-sweet he got the fan on... He then went back to filling the freon using his pressure manifold and an electric vacuum pump.

It filled.
It stayed filled.

We used the rig over the past weekend, and we were very pleased that it was 39.4 degrees at the vents.  Ahhhhhhhh

Although in a pinch, we can run the generator and operate the two roof air conditioning units as we drive down the road.  Having the dash air blowing directly on us as much more comfortable. Especially when the temperatures are up in the 90's and it's humid and the sun is shining on us in the front seats through that huge glass windshield.


Remember back in the end of May, when Steve built two beautiful window boxes from scrap lumber in our garage? If not, here are two blog posts about them:

Well, here's what the window box look like in May when I first planted it:

And here is what it looks like now on the front of the house!!!

Also, the one on the side of the house is just as overflowing and bountiful with blossoms. The flowers have gotten so tall that from inside we can enjoy their colors and watch the hummingbirds and the bees come to check them out.

from the Loom Room:

from inside the front porch

All of the flowers around the yard are doing good, and we finally got some rain last night to fill my rainbarrels.  We went through a dry spurt for about 2 weeks and things were getting brown. I had to use faucet city water (gasp!) on my flowers and tomatoes.  So glad now I have fresh rainwater to take care of them.


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