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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Packer Pre-season Game at Lambeau

Ok I know this post is a week late about the Packer preseason game. Actually, the Packers are playing again tonight. Tonight's game is out of town.

Last week, Thursday, Aug 10, our son-in-law Waylen and oldest daughter Erin treated us to free tickets. We were heading to La La La Lambeau Field for a pre-season Packer Game!! They were playing the Philadelphia Eagles.  It was an evening game, and we hopped in the car early to beat the traffic.  We also picked up some emergency rain ponchos.  (The weatherman was wrong and we didn't get rained on, so we returned them later)

I caught Steve in mid-blink. 
He doesn't really drive with his eyes shut...

First, we stopped at El Azteca for a nice dinner of Mexican food. We prefer Los Banditos down the road, but they were packed full.  El Azteca is known for fast service and good food too.  After a table full of goodness, and a few drinks, we headed on to the game.

Now we threaded our way through the back streets to get to the stadium.  We KNOW how this Packer Game Day traffic operates.....  Many of the homes around Lambeau make a fun enterprise of seeing how many cars they can park in their yard and driveway. They stand at the edge of the curb with a sign stating how much it costs to park there in their yard. There's not nearly enough parking spots available in the Lambeau Field parking lot.

Houses for blocks on end are full of visitors and tailgating parties and grills and people.  Some even rent portapotties for in their yards with all the people that come over during a game day.  Many people just party in their yards and never even go to the game!

We drove along the surrounding 10-15 blocks in the neighborhood until we found a house with a cute kid at the end of the driveway. He was holding a sign asking for $15 to park. Waylen gave a $20 bill and told the kid to keep the tip!

We walked the last few blocks to the 

A fellow fan graciously offered to take this photo of us 

Waylen had our tickets scanned and we went through metal detectors...
only cell phones and small clear purses allowed, nothing else nowadays.
(gone are the days we would sneak in bottles of booze and beer cans) 

Once inside, we rented stadium seats which would make it more comfortable on our butts. Sitting on the aluminum bleachers for 4 hours is not the most comfortable thing. We can rent the seats with cushions plus seat backs for $6 each. In the winter months these are really handy because those bleachers are dang cold

We found our seats and got settled into place. The beers are quite expensive but worth it for the guys during the game. You can go back in the concourse to buy beers or food or other Novelties. There is a gentleman who carries a very heavy metal cooler around his neck going up and down through the stands selling beers also. I don't think I'd want his job.  People pass along the beers and the money or change back and forth for the folks sitting in the middle of the rows.

It was a lot of fun watching the new players trying to impress the coaches with their very best plays. At one point one of the players, Dupre, got injured and it was quite a while before the game could resume.

During Half Time, an adorable little squad of pee wee football players from Kenosha were allowed to come on the field and run some practice plays. They were sooooo cute! What an honor for those kids, and they will remember this the rest of their lives.  They all lined up during the national anthem and you didn't see a single one of them "kneel down in protest"!  Ahem!

I am happy to say that of course, the Packers won 24 - 9 

It was getting late so we headed on home. We ran into backed up traffic on I-41 for about 15 miles. It was stop and start with many times just sitting in one spot. We would crawl ahead for 50 ft and stop again. We were imagining some horrible accident or something bad up ahead causing the delay. Nope, there was absolutely nothing! It was just stupid people not knowing how to merge where it moved from four lanes down to three and then down to two. From there, it was the dumb people trying to exit off on Scheuring Road south of DePere, not knowing how to move over or merge. Absolute clustermuck!!!!

Once we got down towards Wrightstown, the highway finally speeded back up. It took us almost 2 hours to get home. A total distance of 39 miles. That is average of 20 mph. ARGGHHHHH

But even with all of that, we had a very enjoyable time with our oldest daughter and her husband. 
Thank you so much Erin and Waylen for taking us
... GO PACK GO!!!!

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