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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My Three Thousand Dollar Quilt!



The quilt I sold to a lady from my Etsy store website was put up for a raffle to be a fundraiser.  It is to benefit Safe Haven Rescue Kennel in Nevada.  She bought it from me for $400.00 and donated it to the raffle to bring in funds for vet care expenses. It more than DOUBLED their expected goal!

She wrote to me last night with the good news:
Hi Karen,
I just wanted to let you know that your quilt raised over $3000 for our vet fund. We are over the moon. The quilt is going to the winner, who lives in Kansas, where I'm sure it will be a family heirloom. Thank you so much for your beautiful work and the love you put into this quilt. It has found a home.

This is what she had written up for the listing on the raffle site:

Safe Haven Rescue Kennel is a small, all breed rescue located in rural Nevada. Most Safe Haven dogs come from shelters where they are at risk because of behavioral or medical issues, hoarding situations or failed rescues/sanctuaries. 
We believe our dogs, regardless of age or behavior, should thrive and enjoy a healthy life as though they were in a normal home environment and not homeless. All of our dogs are treated as cherished family companions and live in a home environment as best as we can provide them. Due to the nature of niche rescue efforts, some of our dogs are considered less likely to be companion pets due to their unsocial nature, lack of human bonding, severe behavioral issues or medical needs. Several are permanent sanctuary residents. 
Because of the nature of the dogs we take into rescue, our vet care expenditures are always high. Initial care for one dog often runs as high as $1,000. Because of long term care, we continue to accrue vet cost over and above the initial care. We support our seniors until the end of days, offering the best care we can afford, but always balancing that goal with quality of life. 
To help support out vet care fund, we are proud to offer this handmade quilt "Into the Woods" as a raffle item. The quilt was purchased (to support the artist) and donated to Safe Haven. 
The quilt was created by Karen Pfundtner (KarenInTheWoods). Here is her description of the creation of the quilt: 
"This quilt reminds me of a walk in the woods on a fall afternoon. Lots of browns, maple reds, and flecks of green leaves not yet turned. I start out on my 103 year old treadle machine to piece the blocks in my sewing room in my 103 year old house. Soft Celtic music playing while I stitch away, with my two Sheltie rescue dogs at my feet. This quilt is created with happy thoughts.. I finished it by myself with the free motion quilting stitches that are hand designed. Please love this quilt with as much love as I gave while making it." 
Safe Haven* facility sits on an acre with 11 outdoor enclosures and a 10 indoor/outdoor kennel building with attached caretaker housing. Safe Haven averages about 18-26 dogs on property with 4-6 dogs in foster homes. The outdoor housing provides a home-like atmosphere. Dogs are housed in human size dog cottages within large enclosures. 
Our Mission: Hope from Despair. And sometimes we just provide a place for a wounded spirit to reawaken. 

* Build A Rescue Kennel, Inc (EIN 26-1759463) is the 501.c3 organization incorporated in 2008, DBA Safe Haven Rescue Kennel
Build a Rescue Kennel, Inc. DBA Safe Haven Rescue
28 Highway 95A North
Yerington, Nevada 89447

I had made this quilt, piece by piece, using fabrics I bought at Nancy's Notions Warehouse Sale....  I loved how they combined into a woodsey coordinating theme colorway. I decided to name it Walk In The Woods when it just about matched perfectly with the colors outside in the fall.

I used a pattern template also from Nancy's Notions called Strip N Twist Template and chose one of the nine variations offered with the pattern instructions.

I chose the Mosaic pattern

It was pretty easy....
sew all six colors into long strips, 3 to a strip. 

Then press them smooth and cut around 
with the included plastic template
 into perfect rectangles with diagonal shapes.

I arranged the rectangles 
into a pleasing colorway with the reds towards the middles
and the greens towards the edges

Sewing it all together piece by piece 
on my old Singer treadle machine.

Once all the blocks were together, then I set them in rows with sashing fabric of pretty dark brown fabric that had little leaves printed on it.  I added the cornerstones between each block. Once that was done, I added the borders of all of my leftover scraps. I just had BARELY ENOUGH to finish!

 I had to switch to my electric sewing machine to do 
the free motion leaves and vines 
along the sashing sections.

I was quite pleased with how it turned out, 
if I say so myself! 

My next project will be a labor of love....  two of my grandchildren (Jameson and Whitney) have inlaws with a special project in mind.  Their other grandma, Lisa, had a big black bag of unfinished quilt squares started by HER Grandmother Mary before she passed away. That would make that quilting lady our Jameson and Whitney's GREAT GREAT Grandmother!   I got the bag on Sunday during their birthday party (will write more about that in the next blog)  and I am going to put them together into two quilts, one for each grandchild!  

One quilt is almost ready to be quilted, 
 It is all flannel squares sewn together already, I will add some borders.
The bag in the lower left corner is chock full of squares already 
sewn together in pairs in vintage cotton fabrics to make another quilt!

Imagine the tags on each one reading:

"This quilt was started by your Great Great Grandmother Mary, 
and lovingly finished up by your Grandma Pfun!"


  1. Hi Karen...what a small world this is! I was reading your blog and story of your quilt. I then see it benefits Safe Haven in Yerington, NV. That's where we live! We are a little tiny town about 90 miles southeast of Reno sitting in the beautiful Mason Valley. I couldn't believe that from your place to Yerington and now to Kansas! What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. I am sure the person that ended up with the quilt will love it with as much love as you put into it! It's beautiful! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Very well done Quilt. When you strive for perfection people take notice. The end result is a windfall for Safe Haven Rescue Kennel. Be Proud! Very Proud of your work.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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